We Few, We happy few,we band of brothers

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We Few, We happy few,we band of brothers
« on: September 23, 2013, 06:32:36 AM »

We Few

By David Hobson

Sun, 22/09/2013 - 14:00

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We Few, We happy few,We band of brothers

 By David Hobson-Once again the destiny of Britain may depend on a few Saxon men and women who will not surrender to the invading forces camped on our island, and led from Brussels. 

Through our long history we have been invaded many times up until 1066. From then on all attempts to conquer us have met the Saxon shield wall that has protected us until now.

It is time to accept the truth that we have been invaded, and the real danger is not so much from the rabble army arriving daily, living off of our taxes, raping and abusing our daughters, destroying our wildlife, and plundering whatever they can.

They behave as the Vikings of old, and like the leaders of old ours are bulling us into accepting them. However; the real danger to us is from the foreign influences in Parliament, the EU bastards in Brussels, and from the native quislings.   

Until we clean out this rabble we will not be triumphant.

We have allowed our political system to become infested with people who have no right to call themselves British, hold power over us, and less right to decide our destiny. 

The likes of the leaders of the Labour party, and  many members of the other two , and many from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and else were,  now occupy  seats of power which they should have no right too, and  they are undermining our interests in favour of their own.

 They have not been here long enough to win the privileged to call themselves British, or to know what is best for us.   

 It makes no difference if they were born here. Just like a person born in a barn does not make him a horse, or a cow, or one born in a garden make him a worm. Being born here does not make you British, and that is where the problem lies. 

Being born here should not guarantee political power. 

There are members of the quisling elite who brazenly champion the idea that one of these people should become our Prime Minister. 

How can we in God’s name allow such a thing?  Never in our long history have there been a black, brown, or yellow tribe living in these isles. 

They are all descendants of foreigners who were given haven by us, and now pay us back with ingratitude. There is one, as an example, who has been recorded as saying we weren’t worth saving, and he was in government at the time.   

Let us be honest with ourselves.  We are the plum in the pudding, the prize of Europe so to speak, as we have always been. 

The EU knows it must destroy our culture and heritage if they are to have their wicked ways in all of Europe. 

These foreign usurpers, and the quislings, have sold themselves to the agenda of this EU band of wicked politicians without given a thought to the price the common Saxon is now paying for this deceit. 

The knowledge of our daughters being abused, our soldiers being attacked in their homeland,  our wildlife killed off as food, our elderly needs ignored,  the whittling away of all that is good in our way of life, that took a thousand years to build,  and what made this country great,  has all been met with a pregnant or subdued silence.

Our education system changed to ignore the greatness of our island people, dumb down our youth, and fill them with a complex of inferiority, and into believing that multiculturalism is a good thing. How can it be when it is robbing them of their national identity, dignified work, and a future in their homeland?   

Our Judicial system no longer provided justice as we once knew it.  It has become a tool of these politicians to further their agenda of Saxon genocide.

Britain must belong to the whole world this lot seems to say, without asking us our opinion. What pass for justice when a foreigner is involved is a joke, and an insult to our intelligence. 

Our judges have sold their honour and soul to this corrupt political agenda. They are no longer worthy of respect.

It is not the first time in our history that the common man finds himself in danger of losing his homeland.

However, we must learn from our past how to defend our future.  King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta when he could not break the Saxon shield wall, and from then on all who tried to defeat us met the same fate.

The time has come to say enough is enough. It is time of the Saxon common men to take charge of our future.

We must call upon our people to band to-gather as brothers, defeat these people, and banish the foreigner from our shores. 

The quislings must face the gallows, including the whole of the labour party, and the EU told to clear off.

We must not let ourselves be intimidated any longer by the draconic laws passed by them, and championed by the quislings.

 The only laws we are obliged to, and should obey, are our common laws.  It is treason not to do otherwise. It is time to mutiny aboard HMS Treachery, and sink her with all the rats aboard.

Once we do, we must change our political systems to ensure that us and only us the indigenous people of this island rule, and no foreigner be allowed political power to decide our destiny. 

Our House of Lords must be cleaned of the foreign infestations put there by the corrupt parties to further their interests, and given back to true British Lords whose duty is to defend us from abuse, and ensure our common laws are obeyed.

Our Royal family needs to be taken to task. They have become a laughing stock, a puppet of the EU, a tourist attraction, and have been found wanting. 

We need them however: if we are to continue our traditions. If they cannot mend their ways and truly serve us, champion our common laws, and defend Britain’s political independence, then they must go, and we will find another king or queen who would. 

Our future king must be reminded his duty is to protect our Christian faith, British values, and Britain herself.  He is not to be protector of all faiths, and foreigners, and their culture.  His duty is to us his Saxon people. 

If he cannot accept that then he should not become king.  Our police force, civil servants, and armed forces must be made up of members of our people only, with no foreign membership. The radical extremist Muslim faith should be banned and expunged from our shores.

If we don’t learn lessons from this present day invasion that the foreigner cannot be trusted and needs to be detained our island will forever be in danger. All access to this island must be carefully controlled. 

A visa must be required by all visitors, the punishment for not abiding by our laws must be harsh. Our youth must be taught the truth of our history.  We are an old nation, older than Germany, France Belgium, Italy, and many others. 

It is saddening, and maddening to see that the only example our brain dead Prime Minister could think off in defending Britain’s many gifts to the world while in Russia, was to say we gave the world the Beatles.  He must have Beatles in his brain. 

 He, as well as our youth, should be reminded that no country has given as much to the world as small Britain. 

The Russian remark that we are a small nation is true, however; while their gift to the world has been Vodka and a huge headache, they should have been reminded that we pack a huge punch. We led the world in discovery, literature, championing freedoms, Christianity and democracy, inventiveness; we gave the world the industrial revolution. 

We led the world in seafaring and ruled the sea for two centuries.  Our language is universal. Our laws, ideas of government, and justice, have helped shape many of the world’s new countries to-day.   

Our armed forces are respected and envied.  Any nations will think twice before challenging them. The list goes on and on. We are not a little people, and we demand respect.  It is not an easy thing to be British. 

There are nine values that distinguish us from others, and they are not easy to live by. Our youth must be taught this, and taught our history, and to take pride in their inheritance. 

All foreigners who wish to live amongst us must as well. It must be their test of acceptance into our Saxon ways. Meanwhile while here they should tip their hat and say thank you for all the benefits received from us when meeting any of us. Gratitude in any culture is appreciated.

We should remember and take heart from the words of Winston Churchill our last great statesman, and Lion.

“We must recognise that we have a great inheritance  in our possession which represents the  prolonged achievements of the centuries; that there is not one of our simple uncounted rights to-day for which better men than we have not died on the scaffold, or on the battle field.   

We have not only a great treasure; we have a great cause.  Are we taking every measure within our power to defend that cause? “


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