BNP Supporters are better informed than Most

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BNP Supporters are better informed than Most
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:53:05 PM »
As  Peter Kellner  remarked on the You Gov site,
‘The surprising thing is not how much support the British National Party commands, but how little’ Of course, the well-heeled  deracinated  cosmopolitans of ‘Nothing British like  Charles Moore (Eton, Cambridge, Daily Telegraph ex- Editor );  Pierce, ‘Littlejohn’ etc  already knew , or at least, they thought they  knew.  According to ‘Littlejohn’, for example, we are ‘knuckle-dragging thugs.’ How fascinating that ‘Littlejohn’ should describe us in untermensch terms which would have been smiled on by Adolph Hitler!! It just shows, doesn’t it, how very careful one must be not to reveal one’s own true character inadvertently!
What a colossal Shock ! BNP Supporters are better informed than Most
Anyway, what  a colossal shock for these  ‘gentlemen’  then,  when the ‘Nothing British’  survey  (fronted with summations under the headings,  ‘politically angry, economically neglected,  culturally traditional, immigration focused’ ) reveals, inter alia, that far from being the ignorant prejudiced ignoramuses which their own ignorant prejudices would have us as being, we are the reverse.  Under the heading ,  5. ‘Politically Angry’ we learn that :
‘Of all the people we spoke to  across the country in our research, the UKIP and BNP voters were some of the best informed in the sense that they read newspapers – reading both the news stories and the columnists –and followed the news closely on TV and Radio .’( the Pollsters should have mentioned that Web-sites such as this one might also play an important part in this process).
Being better informed, it is perhaps unsurprising that it is also the case that these ‘fringe voters’ have completely lost faith in the political process:
‘By 90—7 per cent, they disagree with the statement that ‘British politicians can be trusted to work hard, to do the right thing, and show honesty in their jobs.’.
The expenses scandal had no effect on the development of this lack of trust, which had occurred long before through being let down on policy issues such as immigration, rising crime etc.
‘I have lost faith in Britain and would like to live abroad’
Perhaps also because they are better informed than most, many BNP and UKIP supporters are more pessimistic about the future of the country as a country and its heritage. They also are pessimistic about their own economic future.  Under the heading, 6. ‘Economically Neglected’ we are told:
‘many of these voters are so depressed with the state of Britain that they would consider emigrating if they were able to do so. While there is clearly a big gap between saying that you would like to emigrate if you could and actually doing so, BNP voters agreed by 66-26 per cent ( for UKIP supporters it was 61-33 per cent) with the statement ‘I have lost faith in Britain and would like to live abroad.’
This was particularly strongly felt in the BNP focus groups in Rotherham where many people talked specifically and in detail about how they had seen their wages drop because of immigration (a number worked in the construction industry) but was also a feature of the UKIP groups  too. ‘
In the grandly –named ‘Executive Summary’ the Survey announces that
‘Popular nationalism is on the march in Europe…Less visible but equally worrying, is the steady entrenchment of a similar style of nationalism in British politics. It is in part represented in the growing share of vote for the extreme British National Party and the far more moderate and respectable  (ie middle class) UK Independence Party: combined they got 5% of the vote in the 2010 General Election and 23% in 2009’s European election ’.

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