“I wrote that letter!”

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“I wrote that letter!”
« on: September 29, 2013, 12:32:33 PM »
“I wrote that letter!”

Sat, 28/09/2013 - 17:20

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Nick Griffin reveals his role in stopping Cameron’s push for a UK attack on Syria.

Nick Griffin today stunned and delighted the delegates at the British National Party’s conference by revealing that he personally wrote the letter sent by the Speaker of the Syrian Peoples’ Assembly to John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons and to British MPs.

Sent to MPs on the eve of the historic but totally unexpected Commons vote against David Cameron’s proposed Cruise missile attack on Syria, the letter was privately said by BBC sources to have had a significant effect on a number of waverers.

The resulting wafer-thin margin of just 13 votes – in reality just seven individual Conservative MPs making the brave decision to defy the hysteria for war – makes it highly likely that the letter from the Syrian Speaker, on behalf of Syrian MPs, was the decisive factor in swinging the vote in favour of peace and the diplomatic solution that has now been agreed.

Mr. Griffin told the Conference that, at the height of the preparations for war, he had got in touch with a high-level contact he had made on his first visit to Syria, back in June, and offered to travel to Damascus in order to help develop and propose an appeal for a peaceful solution.

The offer was accepted and Mr. Griffin, BNP National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and party Head of Publicity Charlie Wythe were duly given visa clearance and official transport from the Lebanese border, together with access to senior government officials and advisors.

Together, the Syrians and the BNP team “put meat on the bones” of offers for inspection visits by British MPs and chemical weapons experts, parallel to the UN mission already present.

“Additionally,” explains Mr. Griffin,” we worked to phrase the letter so that it would undo to at least a small extent the deliberate dehumanisation policy of Western pro-war propaganda. We tried to bring home to MPs that a vote for an attack would have been a vote to kill real human beings, rather than some kind of bloodless computer game.”

“The vote we helped sway stopped Cameron from launching a massive strike within hours,” continues Nick Griffin. That would have blown at least £250 million of British taxpayers’ money, probably rising to at least double that within a week. Syria would have retaliated, with the result that the conflict would almost certainly have engulfed the entire Middle East.

“Obama would have been able to involve the USA without a vote in Congress. The closure of the Straights of Hormuz would have pushed the price of oil to $400 a barrel and plunged the entire developed world into a full-blown Depression.

“The systematic destruction of the Syrian Army and Air Force that would have followed would have opened the way to huge gains for the Wahhabi-funded Islamist rebels. As well as beheading thousands more prisoners and innocent civilians, the organ-eaters would also without doubt have seized control of stockpiles of Syria’s chemical deterrent weapons. At which point, rather than face the risk of future Westgate Massacres involving poison gas, British and US troops would have had to be sent in on the ground to try to prevent the arsenal falling into jihadist hands.

“All that was stopped because President Putin used the time bought by Obama’s Congress battle to propose a peaceful settlement. But that delay only came about because Cameron’s bid to launch an immediate attack was thwarted by seven Tory MPS – individuals whose conscience-wracking decision is highly likely to have been influenced by the direct, personal letter from their Syrian counterparts.

“Most British politicians start wars,” Mr. Griffin concluded. “With your help – because if your efforts hadn’t mobilised the support and the votes that made me an MEP – I helped to stop one.”

The 25-minute speech by the North West of England MEP was met with a standing ovation from delighted delegates. The issue is covered in full in the latest edition of the BNP’s Voice of Freedom newspaper.


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