Jail Tory and Labour War Criminals, not hero Marines!

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Jail Tory and Labour War Criminals, not hero Marines!
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:57:30 AM »
Jail Tory and Labour War Criminals, not hero Marines!
Mon, 15/10/2012 - 13:55

The British National Party demands the immediate dropping of all charges against the young marines over the death of a Taliban insurgent as a result of a fire fight in Afghanistan.
Absurd rules of engagement in the futile war prevent our troops from opening fire first, so the shooting which led to the man's death would have been started by him and his fellow Islamic terrorists.
Further, since the Taliban do not wear uniform, they place themselves outside the protection of the Geneva Convention.
For the police and the ConDem Ministry of Defence to ignore these facts and to prosecute young soldiers for the alleged crime of being reluctant to expose themselves and their comrades to greater risks by helping a mortally wounded enemy combatant, is disgraceful.
Taking together with ruthless defence cuts, the destruction of historic regiments, redundancies for serving soldiers, attempted intimidation of soldiers who dare to protest, continued neglect of family accommodation accommodations and the scandal of homeless veterans forced to sleep in cardboard boxes, it all adds up to a deliberate and sustained attack on the British Army by a treacherous and out of touch political elite.
The only reason for anyone to join the Army under these circumstances is to gain for the indigenous British community the military experience that radical British-born Muslims are now gaining in Afghanistan and Syria.
This week, British soldiers will march on Parliament for the first time since the first English Civil War. Another one is not so many years off.

When it starts in earnest, we hope that Cameron and his ilk will come to regret their despicable treatment of serving soldiers and veterans.

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