They will never take our freedom!

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They will never take our freedom!
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:47:26 PM »
They will never take our freedom!

Thu, 03/10/2013 - 14:45

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Greeks demonstrate support for freed Golden Dawn MP

 You won't see it on the controlled BBC, Sky or Fox News, but here's a glimpse of real life in Greece. Straight after his release after being arrested on trumped up, fantasy charges, Golden Dawn MP Ilia Panagiotaros receives a hero's welcome back in a working class party stronghold in Athens.

If this was a scene from, for example, some South American or Arab country where a popular politician had been released after wrongful arrest by a repressive regime, the controlled media would of course show you such footage - in fact, you wouldn't be able to escape it!

But because it's about nationalist resistance to EU/bankster-imposed austerity, and to undemocratic Zionist-instigated repression, this striking footage will be consigned to the Memory Hole by the media prostitutes at the BBC.

It's just the same as both the BBC and ITN knowing all about Nick Griffin's central role in swinging the House of Commons vote against war on Syria (ITN even filmed his Conference speech about it, but have not broadcast one word of it) but refusing to publicise the Inconvenient Truth.

The reality is that the so-called Mainstream Media are nothing more than propaganda mouthpieces for the ruling liberal-left big business elite. If you want the truth, stop buying their newspapers and turn off their controlled news puppet shows.

Watch - and help to spread the word about - online nationalist alternative news sites such as this one, BNPtv, Altermedia, Golden Dawn International Newsroom.

And, of course, RT, the only international news channel that you can trust!

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