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« on: October 06, 2013, 12:34:45 AM »
The attached is in response to my letter (below) demanding the Wiltshire Chief Constable forward my Gueterbock treason allegations to the Metropolitan Police.  He’d previously told me to report it to the Met.,  not Wiltshire Police.


Though lengthy,  the following contains possibly helpful paragraphs for future reference.






Dear Chief Constable





Thank you for your letter dated 23 September but I think you will find you are mistaken.


You are the police,  are you not ?  The law demands that I report crime to any police officer and that that police officer will act upon my allegation either by direct investigation or by referring the matter to such other officer who might be better placed to do so.  It does not say that my allegation may be disregarded simply because it is felt that I could have reported it to somebody else.  That will be dereliction of duty,  perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office,  all of which are extremely serious for a police officer.


As the holder of the office of constable,  you have authority to investigate crime anywhere in England and Wales and your authority extends to such places as the Palace of Westminster and Downing Street,  both of which are within your jurisdiction.


If I had witnessed a crime across the border in Hampshire,  I am still required to report it to my nearest police station or,  in this case because of the gravity of the crime I report,  my nearest senior police officer who is the Wiltshire Chief Constable.  I have done that.  It is then incumbent upon Wiltshire police (not me) to refer the matter to such other police station as may be better placed to investigate the matter if it is not one that Wiltshire can properly deal with.


Treason is the most serious crime in English Law.  It adversely affects every person in Britain including Wiltshire police officers,  their families and their homes as it is not a mere local issue.  I have reported a major crime of nation wide impact that has no boundaries irrespective of police service organisation,  particularly since police officers cross force boundaries on a daily basis to assist in dealing with such serious offences.   


If you consider Wiltshire police not best placed to investigate the treason I report,  you are still required to record my allegations as a crime and refer them to such other force you consider better placed to conduct the enquiry.  You are not free however,  to not record the allegations without risking the most serious penalties for Misprision of Treason and Compounding High Treason at Common Law which your inaction would raise.  To avoid these,  it is necessary only to record my allegations with a major crime book number and transfer it.  I shall of course require that number and to know to which office you have referred it so that I may follow it up and ensure it is properly dealt with.  The clear duty placed upon me by the Common Law of England is to report this treason and ensure its proper conclusion.  I have reported it as the law requires of me. 


Please therefore record the crime I have reported to you,  give it a crime number and open an investigation or if more appropriate,  record it then pass it to such other police force that may be better placed to undertake the investigation.  Please also ensure that I am informed of the crime book number and to whom the allegations may have been passed.


Yours sincerely,

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