Britain is not and has never been part of the European Union.

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Here is one hugely important piece of information that you should know about and which is being wilfully withheld by Government,  from the British nation.


Britain is not and has never been part of the European Union. 


The EU has no legitimate influence over our country or how we run it.  Under very real and effective British law,  Britain is still as independent as she has always been.  We have been led to believe otherwise however.


When he signed the European Communities Act in 1972,  then Prime Minister Edward Heath knowingly and wilfully deceived and betrayed the British people into foreign rule by the EEC/EU.  THAT was the most calculating and grievous treason in British history.  Upon signing,  his treason instantly removed him from lawful office and his treasonous act failed to become legally binding because treason cannot do that.  His then treasonous government immediately became an unlawful assembly because a treasonous government is not lawful.  It has no legitimacy.


No parliament can bind a successor.  But no following parliament has ever reversed Heath’s treachery.  Instead, every following prime minister and parliament has consciously and deliberately lied to continue Heath’s outrageous pretence that Britain had knowingly and willingly signed up to foreign rule.  As public servants,  neither he nor they ever had authority to make such a hidden and deceitful undertaking over the people’s heads. 


Every parliament since Heath’s therefore,  has been and is an unlawful assembly committing the most atrocious act of treason against their own people by inviting and imposing foreign rule over their own country.  Having solemnly sworn lifetime oaths of allegiance,  each has conspired in this and continue to deceitfully conceal the truth of these illicit activities from the public as it has always been known that the British people would object most violently were they ever to find out.  But they are finding out.  Considerable documentary evidence of this criminality exists in the public domain.  ( and Hansard).


No law or other binding obligation can result from treason or any intent by an unlawful assembly.  British law and the British nation therefore,  remain as they were prior to signing of the 1972 Act.  By law,  Britain is not and has never been part of the European Union as every Act,  EU Treaty and every statute since 1972 whether or not given the Royal Assent,  is treasonous,  illegal,  null and void. 


A succession of unlawful British parliaments therefore,  having no legitimacy,  illegally and without mandate,  wilfully import and impose foreign rule that has no legality in Britain.  It is treason against their own people.  The European Union has no legitimate influence in Britain whatsoever.  Neither does its Napoleonic European Law.  Such pretence is none other than parliamentary make-believe and pure theatre by Westminster,  designed at the highest levels to deceive and subjugate the people to foreign rule against their will for others’ political purpose contrary to law.  It is wilful TREASON.


There is no lawful obligation for Britain to pay many attention to the European Union or whatever it attempts autonomously to enforce upon others.  It has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Sent in by Rex

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