What is going on here then?

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What is going on here then?
« on: October 13, 2013, 05:33:29 PM »
What is going on here then?

Air Force fires commander of land-based U.S. nuclear arsenal 11 Oct 2013 The Air Force on Friday fired the general in charge of all land-based nuclear missiles, the second time in a week that a senior commander of the country’s nuclear arsenal has been let go for allegations of personal misconduct. Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, commander of the 20th Air Force, was removed from his job "due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment," said Brig. Gen. Les Kodlick, an Air Force spokesman. Carey’s firing comes two days after the Navy announced it had fired a three-star admiral from his post as deputy commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees all nuclear-armed missiles, bombers and submarines.

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13 Oct 2013
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Western-backed Syrian 'rebels' accused of killing hundreds of civilians 11 Oct 2013 Syrian 'rebels' killed at least 190 civilians and took more than 200 hostage during an offensive in Latakia province in August, Human Rights Watch said on Friday, in what it calls the first evidence of crimes against humanity by opposition forces. HRW said many of the dead had been executed by militant groups, some linked to al-Qaida [al-CIAduh], who overran army positions at dawn on 4 August and then moved into 10 villages nearby where members of President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite sect lived. In its first government-sanctioned trip into Syria during the two-and-a-half year conflict, New York-based HRW has documented a series of sectarian mass killings by Assad's foes during a broader campaign in which Western-backed rebels took part. In some cases, entire families were executed or gunned down as they fled, according to the HRW report You Can Still See Their Blood.


Iraq Hangings 'Obscene', Says United Nations --Iraq also executed 23 people during two days in September, 20 of them convicted on 'terrorism' charges 11 Oct 2013 The United Nations has condemned the "obscene" execution of 42 people in Iraq this week, saying the country's justice system is too flawed to use the death penalty. Iraq's justice ministry claimed those hanged on Wednesday and Thursday had been convicted of terrorism charges. But Rupert Colville, the UN human rights spokesman, said: "...Large-scale executions of the sort that have been carried out on a number of occasions over the past two years in Iraq are not only obscene and inhuman, they are most probably in contravention of international law."


Iraq Hangs 42 Convicted on Terrorism Charges --Verdicts based on testimony obtained by torture, coercion 10 Oct 2013 Iraq has hanged 42 prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges, including a woman, the Justice Ministry said Thursday, in Baghdad's latest use of capital punishment despite international appeals to have it abolished. With violence mounting since April, the government defends the death penalty as a way to face down insurgents bent to destabilize the country. More than 5,000 people have been killed over the past six months, including nearly 200 so far in October. Human rights groups have questioned trial procedures in Iraqi courts, alleging that some verdicts are based on testimony obtained by torture or forced statements against the accused. [Hopefully, a well-organized insurgency will rise up and overthrow the US-installed corporate dictatorship in Iraq -- and here, too. --LRP]


Mission accomplished! Iraq lands first refinery investor 11 Oct 2013 The Iraqi Oil Ministry has signed a "binding MoU" with Switzerland-based Satarem to build southern Iraq's first new, large-scale refinery in 30 years. The 150,000 barrel per day (bpd) refinery in Missan province, to be located near the capital, Amara, is to be contracted under a 50-year, Build-Own-Operate (BOO) model that will see Satarem spend nearly $6 billion and, by 2018, produce fuels that can either be sold on the domestic market or exported.


Air Force fires commander of land-based U.S. nuclear arsenal 11 Oct 2013 The Air Force on Friday fired the general in charge of all land-based nuclear missiles, the second time in a week that a senior commander of the country’s nuclear arsenal has been let go for allegations of personal misconduct. Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, commander of the 20th Air Force, was removed from his job "due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment," said Brig. Gen. Les Kodlick, an Air Force spokesman. Carey’s firing comes two days after the Navy announced it had fired a three-star admiral from his post as deputy commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees all nuclear-armed missiles, bombers and submarines.


20th Air Force commander relieved of command 11 Oct 2013 Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, relieved Maj. Gen. Michael Carey from command of 20th Air Force today due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment. Kowalski made his decision based on information from an Inspector General investigation into Carey's behavior during a temporary duty assignment. AFGSC vice commander Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein has been named the interim 20th AF commander. Headquartered at F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., 20th AF is responsible for the nation's three intercontinental ballistic missile wings.


No. 2 Pentagon official to step down --Carter was chosen to lead reviews of Pentagon's budget and strategy and security in light of last month's shootings at Washington Navy Yard 10 Oct 2013 The Pentagon's No. 2 official announced Thursday that he will leave office on Dec. 4, capping a career with several top Defense Department posts except the top job. Ashton Carter, who spearheaded efforts in the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to speed needed gear to troops, had been considered a contender earlier this year for Defense secretary. In his resignation letter, Carter told Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that he had long planned to leave in December.


Pentagon admits to holding phony arrival ceremonies for soldiers' remains 12 Oct 2013 The Department of Defense unit charged with recovering servicemembers' remains abroad has been holding phony "arrival ceremonies" for seven years, with an honor guard carrying flag-draped coffins off of a cargo plane as though they held the remains returning that day from old battlefields. The Pentagon acknowledged Wednesday that no honored dead were in fact arriving, and that the planes used in the ceremonies often couldn't even fly, and were towed into position. NBC News writes that the ceremonies have been known among some of the military and civilian staff at the base as The Big Lie.


US forces shoot and kill civilian in eastern Afghanistan 12 Oct 2013 US forces have shot and killed a civilian in Afghanistan's eastern province of Khost, local security sources say. Local security officials said the US troops opened fire on the Afghan man as he was approaching their convoy in an area of the troubled province. The security sources did not disclose identity of the victim, nor did they provide further details on the exact whereabouts of the incident.


'Weapons Watchdog Wins Nobel Peace Prize' 11 Oct 2013 A global chemical weapons watchdog has won this year's Nobel Peace Prize, according to television reports in Norway. The broadcaster NRK says it has learnt the award will go to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The OPCW, which is based in the Hague, was founded in 1997 to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention signed on January 13, 1993. [*So glad* 'CIA Project Malala' did not win.]


Forensics of the Malala False Flag Operation 23 Oct 2012 ...Just two days after a protest against U.S. drone strikes killing innocent civilians in Pakistan, along comes the fake Taliban to claim credit for shooting little innocent Malala [Yousafzai] in cold blood. The fake Taliban spokesman in Pakistan, Ehsanullah Ehsan, took credit for the attack on the schoolgirl by a "phone call" claiming they did it because she liked Barack Obama and because she supported "Western Ideas". This, by the way, is the same fake Taliban spokesman who told the drone protesters to basically "f*ck off" after the protest was turned back. This is the same Ehsanullah Ehsan who took credit for a double bombing in 2011 claiming it was in response to the killing of bin Laden. That confession was also by phone from an "undisclosed location." ...Then there is a picture of Malala with bandage on the RIGHT side of her forehead and another picture of Malala with a bandage on her LEFT. There is one picture of her on the stretcher with RED clothes and another with a BLUE dress. Now we have pictures of her recovering in a hospital in UK with NO scar on her forehead or any other sign to show that she had been shot in the forehead. So not shot in the neck, nor in the forehead, where was she shot? Also, banners and posters printed in English, were ready in such a short time, within 24 hours in protest against the Malala attack and were displayed in protest demonstrations the next day. Were they prepared beforehand?


FISA Court: NSA can keep spying on phone calls 12 Oct 2013 The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in the US has ruled that the National Security Agency can continue its secret collection of phone records of all American citizens. The secret court ruling was announced late Friday by the Office of James Clapper who is the Director of National Intelligence [and perjurer]. "DNI Clapper has decided to declassify and disclose publicly that the government filed an application with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court seeking renewal of the authority to collect telephony metadata in bulk, and that the court renewed that authority," Clapper's spokesman Shawn Turner said.


Press group: Obama is worst since Nixon in going after leaks 10 Oct 2013 Despite a promise of transparency, President Barack Obama has run a secretive government that's chilling the flow of information to reporters while it tries to channel its version of news through its own government media, according to a new report from a journalists' group. The report says the Obama administration has curbed the disclosure of government information, limited the use of the Freedom of Information Act, launched a program of internal surveillance to stop people from talking to reporters and conducted an unprecedented number of investigations of journalists. The search for leaks, the report's author said, is the most aggressive since President Richard Nixon.


Snowden honored by U.S. whistleblowers in Moscow 10 Oct 2013 On Thursday, four whistleblower advocates from the United States met with Edward Snowden to give him an award and his father arrived in Moscow for the first time since his son received asylum. The four activists, who said they met Snowden on Wednesday, gave him an award for truth-telling on behalf of Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence, an organization of former national security officials. They ridiculed U.S. government assertions that Snowden has caused grave damage to national security. The Sam Adams award was announced in July but presented in person Wednesday.


C.I.A. Warning on Snowden in '09 Said to Slip Through the Cracks 11 Oct 2013 Just as Edward J. Snowden was preparing to leave Geneva and a job as a C.I.A. technician in 2009, his supervisor wrote a derogatory report in his personnel file, noting a distinct change in the young man’s behavior and work habits, as well as a troubling suspicion. The C.I.A. suspected that Mr. Snowden was trying to break into classified computer files to which he was not authorized to have access, and decided to send him home, according to two senior American officials. But the red flags went unheeded. Mr. Snowden left the C.I.A. to become a contractor for the National Security Agency, and four years later he leaked thousands of classified documents.


Calif. Man Pleads Not Guilty in Terrorism Case 11 Oct 2013 A California man pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of attempting to provide material support to al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] and lying on a U.S. passport application to facilitate an act of terrorism. Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen, 24, of Garden Grove, was arrested earlier in the day in Santa Ana while waiting to board a bus to Mexico, the FBI said in a statement. An American citizen, Nguyen briefly appeared in federal court during the afternoon and was ordered detained on the grounds of danger and risk of flight.


10 News Investigators find memo warning about terrorist 'dry-runs' on airplanes 10 Oct 2013 The 10 News Investigators have obtained an internal memo that details a frightening incident that brings back memories of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks [inside job]. According to Wolf Koch, who flies Boeing 767s for Delta Airlines and is the Aviation Security Committee Chairman for the Air Line Pilots Association International, many other flight crews are concerned the planning may already be underway. A memo obtained by the 10 News investigators from the union that represents pilots for US Airways says that "there have been several cases recently throughout the (airline) industry of what appear to be probes, or dry-runs, to test our procedures and reaction to an in flight threat."


New York Set to Reach Climate Point-of-No-Return in 2047 --The global point of climate departure will be 2047, with tropical areas reaching it earlier. 09 Oct 2013 Temperatures in New York are increasing, and after 2047 they won't return to the historical average of the past one and half centuries, according to a study today in the journal Nature. "Climate departure," when the average temperature for each year is expected to exceed historical averages from 1860 through 2005, will occur in Jakarta and Lagos in 2029, Beijing in 2046 and London in 2056, according to the study. New York will match the global departure 34 years from now and tropical areas will get there sooner. The research highlights the urgency of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions because the warming climate may drive some species to extinction, threaten food supplies and spread disease, according to the study.


5.0 earthquake strikes not far from Fukushima 11 Oct 2013 A 5.0-magnitude earthquake has struck near the east coast of Honshu in Japan not far from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant. The tremor hit some 18 kilometers southeast of the city of Hitachi and 125 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, at a depth of about 50 kilometers. The epicenter is some 150 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. On Wednesday, the radiation at the crippled facility reached 1,200 becquerels per liter, which is the highest indication recorded since late 2011.


High radiation reported near storage tanks at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant 11 Oct 2013 Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Friday that high radiation levels have been detected near three water storage tanks at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. The highest reading was 69.9 millisieverts per hour near one of the three tanks holding radioactive water to the west of the building housing reactor 1. It is the same area where high radiation levels were detected in early September. The highest reading at that time was 2,200 millisieverts per hour.


U.N. panel says Fukushima nuclear workers may have got higher radiation: report 12 Oct 2013 Japanese authorities may have underestimated by 20 percent the radiation doses workers got in the initial phase of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, a Japanese newspaper reported on Saturday, citing a U.N. panel. The U.N. Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) raised doubts about the dose estimates of the government and Tokyo Electric, or Tepco, in a summary of a report on October 12, according to the Asahi Shimbun. The U.N. committee determined that the tests used on workers did not take into account some types of radiation.


Tesoro oil spill: over 20,000 barrels seep into North Dakota wheat field 10 Oct 2013 More than 20,000 barrels of crude oil have spewed out of a Tesoro oil pipeline in a wheat field in northwestern North Dakota, the state health department said Thursday. State environmental geologist Kris Roberts said the 20,600-barrel spill, among the largest recorded in the state, was discovered on 29 September by a farmer harvesting wheat about nine miles south of Tioga. "The farmer was harvesting his wheat and started smelling oil," Roberts said.


Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 building workers 12 Oct 2013 Police officers across the country supplied information on workers to a blacklist operation run by Britain's biggest construction companies, the police watchdog has told lawyers representing victims. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has informed those affected that a Scotland Yard inquiry into police collusion has identified that it is "likely that all special branches were involved in providing information" that kept certain individuals out of work. The IPCC's disclosure confirms suspicions voiced by the information commissioner's office last year that the police had been involved in providing some of the information held on the files, as revealed by this newspaper.


Protesters rising to new heights against Trans-Pacific Partnership 26 Sep 2013 In terms of size, the protest Monday against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a huge 'trade agreement' being negotiated at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in Washington, was no big deal. Eight "construction workers" in blue coveralls and "Stop the TPP" yellow hard hats somehow made their way up an unsecured scaffolding -- the building is undergoing some exterior work -- to the top, where they unfurled a 10-by-30-foot banner condemning the proposed 'treaty' as a corporate giveaway. Then five of the eight "workers" moved onto a lower balcony -- on the same floor as U.S. Trade Rep Mike Froman’s office -- and hung two more banners.


Information sought after federally protected bird shot in Capitola 11 Oct 2013 (CA) Officials are seeking information on the shooting of an elegant tern, a migratory seabird protected by federal law and found recently in Capitola. The bird was located by a Capitola police officer and transferred to a local wildlife group, Native Animal Rescue, which has experience nurturing birds back to health. It has been moved to Fairfield-based International Bird Rescue. "These are beautiful creatures and there's absolutely no reason to do something like this," said Jay Holcomb, director of International Bird Rescue. "Anybody that does this and gets caught should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It's ridiculous."


Democrats Are Winning - Must Be Time to Cave, Say Democrats 12 Oct 2013 For Senate Democrats, the surest sign the party is on the brink of handing significant concessions to Republicans is that Democrats are so clearly winning the struggle. "We are so totally, completely winning this thing that naturally it means we're gonna cave, right? I mean they're [the Republicans] getting hammered," a Democratic Senate aide said. "So when are we going to give them what they want?" A Senate Democratic leadership aide, who has been buoyed throughout the showdown by the toughness displayed by the president, said he was getting signals that the White House is going soft. "I do fear the White House is up to something bad. [Obama] says over and over, 'I won't negotiate', but we know he loves to cave," the aide said.


Senators seek to end US government shutdown and avoid default 12 Oct 2013 Two senior senators have taken on the fraught process of finding a congressional deal to reopen the US government and raise the country's borrowing limit, just four days before the Treasury is scheduled to run out of money. The Democratic Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and his Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell, long-time adversaries, met on Saturday morning after it became clear that a separate attempt to broker a deal, between the Republican-dominated House of Representatives and the White House, had failed. Focus shifted to the Senate when President Barack Obama rejected a plan from House Republicans to extend the so-called debt ceiling by just six weeks and made no offer lift the US government shutdown.


Obama Rejects Republican Proposal for Short-Term Debt Limit 'Plan' 10 Oct 2013 President Obama on Thursday rejected a proposal from politically besieged House Republican leaders to extend the nation's borrowing authority for six weeks because it would not also reopen the government. Yet both parties saw it as the first break in Republicans' brinkmanship and a step toward a fiscal truce. Twenty Republicans, led by Speaker John A. Boehner, went to the White House at Mr. Obama's invitation [of course, lol] after a day of fine-tuning their offer to increase the Treasury Department's authority to borrow money to pay existing obligations through Nov. 22. In exchange, they sought the president's commitment to negotiate a deal for long-term deficit reduction and a tax overhaul slashing 'entitlements' and giving more tax breaks to corporations, billionaires and millionaires.


Republican Party's Rating Plummets to 'Record Low' 10 Oct 2013 There may be plenty of blame to go around for the nine-day government shutdown, but the Republican brand is taking the harder hit in public opinion. Just 28 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the Republican Party, down 10 percentage points from last month, according to a Gallup poll. The polling firm called it a "record low," noting that "this is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992."



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