John Bingley: The British Constitution

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John Bingley: The British Constitution
« on: August 04, 2012, 08:48:12 PM »

In the coming years, one of the key tools that we the British people can and must use in our effort to take back control of our country is knowledge of our history, our literature, our customs and our law. With knowledge AND right on our side, we can beat the traitors decisively and ensure that the Common Law is never again displaced by an alien value-system.

As researcher John Bingley highlights in this talk recorded at the 2nd Lawful Rebellion Conference, London, 13th June 2009, the principles human beings hold most dear, the understandings that protect our liberty and guard against the misuse of power by either Parliament or a monarch, are enshrined in a number of immeasurably precious documents, which together form the written basis of the British Constitution.

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