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British polls increasingly suggest "British politicians not fit for purpose."

 British politicians have people trafficked in huge numbers of foreigners by claiming the British people won’t do the work and are lazy, this hate statement has been used since the end of W W II as an excuse to import in huge numbers of people, for soldiers and servicemen leaving the armed services after W W II with no jobs and few homes this government statement infuriated them, and led to them forming the National Front, a nationalist political party to gain economic equality with incoming migrants and to stop further needless immigration.

 In the North of England in 2011 several long term unemployed Big Issue sellers began putting in for jobs using foreign, mainly Polish names, and in almost every case they got a job interview which was denied to those same applicants using English names, when complaining to the Race Relations board they were told if they spoke of it again they would be prosecuted for malicious racism.

 Sir Anthony Blunt blackmailed Tom Driberg the head of the British labour party who became a paid informant to Israel and Russia, and informed on many British politicians right up to the Harold Wilson cabinet office.

 MI5 gossip at the time said 13 British Labour MPs were known to be meeting with KGB handlers; other political figures such as Rothschild agents Leo Abse and Lord Goodman were instrumental in using Rothschild pressure and the law to protect these spies and those who were giving them vital info.

 As Britain’s industry was intentionally exported and economic adversity became more common, yet still more foreigners were brought in until the country’s infrastructure is now crumbling and creaking at the joints.

 Several Soviet defectors told us that this was part of the plan to destroy Britain through these foreign invasions, and British intelligence insiders warned of newspaper publishers Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch intentionally out to break down the country assisted by the BBC, the patriotic politician Enoch Powell who was aware of the Rothschild agenda predicted 35 years ago," the Englishman will soon be a second class citizen in his own land."

 The traditional nature and culture of the UK developed over centuries had to go, and beautiful ancient buildings were ripped down and replaced by as Prince Charles called them "monstrous carbuncles" English foods and music was replaced by foreign foods and rap music as the United Kingdom was being broken up, pushing Scotland back to the Scots, Ireland back to the Irish and wales back to the welsh, grants were even made available to bring back the almost extinct Welsh language, in every UK country independence and nationalism was encouraged and funded, except in Britain where it was called racism or extremism.

 The Israeli dissident Moshe Solomons warned of the Mossad manipulation to descredit non-Jew senior politicians, and David Abrahams contributed Mossad money to New labour in made up names, New Labour was a Mandelson/Lord Levy creation to enable the Iraq war, and when the Labour Member of Parliament Phil Woolas was Home Office Minister of State for Borders and Immigration and he was also Minister of State for the Treasury, because he then knew just how much it cost the nation for every person imported in, and could hide it up.

 In 1984 the London Deputy assistant Police Commissioner Sir John Smith sent a memo to the Labour Party HQ warning that Phil Woolas was involved with dangerous foreign nationals, Phil Woolas was a BBC producer and alleged to have slanted news programmes in a racist manner, a member of the pro Zionist Anti-Natzi league, he used hate as a broadcasting tool, Woolas also was alleged by BBC staff that they reported Jimmy Savile and he kept quiet, it must be remembered that Woolas was MP for Oldham which was part of Jimmy Saviles stomping ground, MPs usually know everything thats going on in their constituency and the Oldham mayor for 1984-5 Brian Mather alerted the labour party that Woolas was not answering constituents worries over rumours of Jimmy Savile and boys at a local school.

 In November 2010 he lost his seat in the House of Commons and was barred from standing for 3 years, over being found guilty on several counts, Shona Woodfine his assistant shredded much documentation before any scrutiny’s could occur, fellow conspirator Harriet Harman inferred it was Peter Mandelson who was heading the plot to discredit Prime Minister Gordon Brown and replace him with fellow Jew David Miliband, part of this plot was to use votes of deceased people and nonexistent votes in a vicious hate campaign against the popular Lib/Dem candidate Chris Davies, in part this consisted of faking up photos of his political opponents with smears of corruption and homosexuality, fake inflammatory racist pamphlets were delivered to white areas about Muslims, and in Muslim areas about whites and Michael Crick from the BBC said it was the nastiest election of modern times.

 My small London home is near the BBC and I asked several staff members and most were disgusted at the twisted non-democratic BBC broadcasts, friends in intel had divided opinions on this.

 Woolas also had interests in a Parliamentary lobbying firm where contacts and gossip were used to further non British but Rothschild interests, this was covered in a Daily Mail investigation in which only a small part was published, Special Branch police wanted to prosecute with documentation in their possession but could not proceed.

 In 2003 Woolas became deputy leader of the House of Commons, and in 2005 moved to the Office of deputy Minister of State with responsibility for local government, for a man who would stoop to criminal acts to then gain such important national positions disgusted many Britons, however in 2006 Woolas was involved in the case of disability in intermarriage between Pakistani relatives and wanted marriage between relatives banned, Muslim teaching assistant Aishah Azmi also refused to remove her face veil in school which meant Jack Straw, Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair and Phil Woolas ( the Jew hard liners ) wanted her sacked and the law changed against the masking of faces in public.

 T Stokes London


 Below is taken direct from Wikipedia

 Election leaflet used by Woolas during the 2010 general election and subsequently ruled to contain deliberate false statements attacking Elwyn Watkins' character.

 In his 2010 re-election campaign, Woolas's campaigning methods were criticised by his Liberal Democrat opponents and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK). Critics accused him, among other things, of "inflaming racial tensions" in an area that has already known race riots Trevor Phillips head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and former Labour politician, and himself quite racist on some aspects criticised some of the language used in the party’s leaflets.

 Woolas and his agent, Joe Fitzpatrick, were also responsible for photo manipulation of images in his election addresses. In one case they manipulated an image to show his Liberal Democrat opponent Elwyn Watkins in front of armed police, allegedly to imply Watkins had been arrested. This was a composite image, consisting of a portrait of Watkins and a photograph of armed police patrolling London. The Metropolitan Police insignia was also airbrushed from a female officer's flak jacket.

 Woolas won the election and was returned to Parliament with a majority of 103 votes – down from 3,590.

 Following the election of Ed Miliband as the Labour Party Leader, Woolas was reappointed to the immigration brief on the shadow front bench team The New Statesman mag said it was a "bizarre decision" as Woolas had "run one of the m


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