All of this is TREASON

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All of this is TREASON
« on: October 14, 2013, 08:40:55 PM »
What a good letter - if only they cared enough to read it!

Dear Mr Cameron,  Mr Clegg and Mr Miliband, 

 This issue should concern each of you deeply. 


The current Sky TV poll and special report on immigration to Britain ( is purely an indication,  not the true picture.  The survey polled only 1508 people out of more than 62 MILLION.  So it misses some important points that only asking the entire British population will make clear. 

Your predicament is this. 

If in response to public criticism you promise to cut immigration,  then you are admitting that EU law has no influence in Britain.  You have all claimed for years that immigration is out of your hands due to EU rule and you can do nothing about the monstrous immigration that Britain has suffered deliberately.  By all account,  it has in any case been actively sought and invited by British politicians. 

If however,  you each do nothing about immigration as you have over the last 20 or more years,  then you are outright traitors.  Blair and his government committed treason in endorsing mass immigration and you perpetuate it by allowing continued foreign rule (which purports to oblige immigration) in our sovereign country.  You also allow continuing destruction of the British culture with swamping political correctness for foreign ethnicity.  What is more serious still,  each one of you has solemnly sworn a lifetime oath of allegiance to Her Majesty,  the people and to your country. 


Your other major problem is that not one of you has ever had to fight for your country.  If you had,  you would comprehend its value.  You would never have then followed Heath’s most outrageous betrayal and treason in British history (the European Communities Act 1972) or the Bilderberg world-rule agenda you all so blindly obey.  All of this is TREASON.


Your next major problem is that nobody will believe any pre-election Party promises (whichever Party) because David Cameron has utterly exhausted all credibility with repeatedly reneged “cast iron guarantees” that have proved pure hypocrisy when not one of you can make a sincere,  believable and honoured undertaking.  Not one of you comes across as truthful,  honest,  genuine,  believable or sincere  -  and most certainly not patriotic.  Your public appearances convey cynicism and psychopathy.  Indeed,  a majority of the electorate see all three parties as the same “elected” Bilderberg dictatorship as no change ever occurs with new government.


Your only course is to STOP immigration,  period.  In fact,  you should reverse it.  Britain has for years been over-full.  Your paid job as public servants of the sovereign British people (in law,  it is the people who are sovereign) is to protect and ensure the welfare of Britain.  That does not mean flood it with foreign nationals on the bogus pretence that they help the economy.  That has been disproved many times.  Our health and welfare services are frittered needlessly on undeserving foreign nationals when elderly Britons in need and who have actually earned the right,  can only dream of such pampering.


So, please.  Do your paid job.  The one you became party leaders for.  HALT immigration.  REVERSE it.  Think of your own country and the British people for a change.  EU law has no legitimacy here anyway because of Heath’s bungling treason.


Yours sincerely,

 Rex xxxxxxxxx

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