Referendums are a demagogue’s dream.

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Referendums are a demagogue’s dream.
« on: October 17, 2013, 07:08:21 PM »
Referendums are a demagogue’s dream. They allow popularist politicians to sidestep complex issues, concentrate on scaremongering and burying bad news.

More referendums would serve to legitimize European integration. Instead of citizens feeling alienated by the decisions of faceless officials in Brussels, referendums would give polices the stamp of popular approval??

Referendum campaigns can energize public opinion and make sure citizens are fully informed about EU policies. With eight EU referendums since voting to join in 1972 (? ) there can be little doubt that Irish citizens know most about Europe.

Debating Europe - Bill Cash MP and John Bruton Full Debate on Vimeo


How it is done!

Scottish Independence:

Swinney said the same rules which applied to the last Scottish Parliament election would be used.

That would mean about 60,000 EU nationals living in Scotland being eligible to vote.

But hundreds of thousands of Scots who are not living in the country would not get a vote under the plans.


A million foreign citizens can vote in all British elections

Commonwealth Citizens who have not yet qualified for British Citizenship, or have not even applied, should no longer be entitled to vote in British general elections, nor in the forthcoming referendum on UK membership of the EU. That is the conclusion of a report issued today by Migration Watch UK.

The report reveals, for the first time, that there are over a million people living in England and Wales who hold only Commonwealth passports. These Commonwealth citizens currently have the right to vote in all British elections but, except for a few Caribbean states, British citizens do not have reciprocal rights in Commonwealth countries. An address in the constituency is required to get on the electoral roll but no period of residence is laid down and there are no checks on immigration status.

Who can vote?

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