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« on: October 18, 2013, 11:22:43 PM »

You may wish to read the coverage of the progress on the Private Criminal Prosecution I have started in connection with the Metropolitan Police. Previously I was taking the CPS to Judicial review of their decision to try and stop the prosecution.

The CPS now accept there is grounds for bringing the prosecution, 5 years after events in 2008.

NOTE: There has never been a criminal investigation into the facts of this case, indeed the IPCC (Police Watchdog) took one year to write a report exonerating all involved. This is the 'HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, SAY NO EVIL' policy of Police professional standards and the IPCC.

There is no real accountability in the UK at present and as I say in the article, the best place for these things to be decided, when there is a proven case to answer on the evidence is before an impartial jury of 12.

The failure of accountability compounds the trauma of those affected by police corruption. It is sad to say, as we witness more and more scandals on a daily basis, failures to investigate serious paedophilia, Hillsborough, Daniel Morgan murder, Sean Rigg, Lynette White, Plebgate, Ian Tomlinson,Habib Paps, just some of the most recent scandals we've seen.

Surely enough is enough, for both decent members of society and decent members of the police.

If you are interested, there are more media links below;




Think about making a donation to the work of JusticeNOW

MEDIA COVERAGE- Key articles 2,4,6,7,9

1. [Voice of Russia Radio interview]

2. [Dailymail]





7.   [Private Eye]

     [Russia Today]

9. London: IPCC - No confidence in the Met Police
     [BBC News]

10. [Channel 4 News - 11 mins into piece]

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