An Open Letter To The Dean Of Sheffield Cathedral.

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An Open Letter To The Dean Of Sheffield Cathedral.
« on: October 18, 2013, 11:44:41 PM »
 18 October 13:51 

An Open Letter To The Dean Of Sheffield Cathedral.

 Dear Very Revd Peter Bradley,

 I would like to know WHY you are "very reverend" ?

 Does it have something to do with Jesus?

 Are you "very reverend' because you believe in God and Jesus and act as their representatives in our Nation and City of Sheffield ?

 I am wondering HOW it is possible to represent Jesus and yet, stand AGAINST the people who were driven to camping outside God's Church in protest over 'Austerity' ?

 Is it 'possible' for a British Cathedral to support bankers and corporations beyond the interests of their parishoners, only because THEY provide the funds in return for your 'spiritual' compliance = CHURCH SILENCE ?

 Though really, I should not 'wonder' at all - considering the Church of England invests in and profits from MILITARY ARMS SALES. HOW can this be 'Godly' when those arms are sold to abusive powers?

 Thanks to Church corruption there is no true influence of God in UK society, the people are left confused and defenceless in the wake of religious hypocrisies that have left Church aisles empty = more pay but less work for the clergy. The Cathedral of Sheffield is now, little more than a central venue to be hired for private concerts etc. 1000's are 'earned' via 'charity' in the guise of providing a bit of food and a couple of hours leisure for a mere handful of Sheffield's homeless, addicts.

 Unlike yourself, i have NO formal education in religious theology - i have LIVED the reality of that 'theology' and also, unlike yourself, i have WITNESSED and met with a Light-Being and indeed, i contacted your Cathedral at that time and was duly IGNORED. Perhaps you would like to read about my experience in the article i shared via Spiritual Netwroks ? Though, probably not - i am after all, just a common 'nutter' i.e. like Jesus = only profitable to the rich after i'm dead = when they can usurp my message and twist it into something maligned for a purpose of gaining greater power.

 Yes, i have admonished you because it is TIME you got REAL and LEARNED the TRUTH about what the CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS you claim to preach, really means; no one can be FORGIVEN if they cannot accept their crime, if they cannot make amends, if they cannot FEEL remorse - or do you believe you have a 'free-pass' into Heaven?

 This is your WAKE UP call.

 I have no faith in anything beyond credible belief - i have faith in what i KNOW and i know God is REAL and that LIGHT BEING = TRUTH of Higher Intelligence = COMPASSION = allegiance to Universal Humanitarian Ethics = Earth, Animal & Human RIGHTS, are ALL REAL.

 Regardless of whether Jesus ever was or not, the fact remains that the Humanitarian PRINCIPLES founded via our FAITH in the GOD OF LOVE/the COMPASSIONATE SOUL, are the ROCK on which our Global Human Rights are established and it is truly outrageous to witness the tardiness of those who are purported to follow and uphold that very same faith - people who enjoy high social privilege and social status along with equally high wages i.e. 68,000 a year for ONE Cathedral employee who manages the 'Archer Project' for the homeless = the yearly COMBINED wage of 4 Sheffield Bus Drvers or 4 Sheffield Nurses.

 Is a bus driver worth LESS of a wage than someone who manages a couple of hours provision for a handful of people each day? If you think s/he isn't then WHY hasn't your Church spoken out on the Bus Drivers behalf OR for Sheffield's Nurses who have been told they won't be getting their 1% wage rise next year ? In real terms, this represents a severe wage CUT as nurses wages are already very low in comparison to rapid rises in the cost of living.

 Your present stance suggests that only homeless, addicts are in need of Church help when in reality, ALL the people of Sheffield need the LIGHT of Love and Compassion that EVERY Church in Britain ought to be providing = a stance against austerity, a stance against criminal bankers, illegal wars, national and global poverty, pollution etc.

 To claim that Church and politics must be kept seperate is simply a lame excuse for Church IGNORANCE of Universal/GOD-GIVEN Human Rights abuses, and fundamentally TRASHES the very concepts of God and Jesus as HUMANE beings: God & Christianity always were and always will be, a SOCIO-POLITICAL REALITY.

 For the Church to accept this sharp divide between God & Politics, is to claim a self-given 'right' to IGNORE, which, actually undermines the WHOLE concept of Divine Being as a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE set as a GUIDING LIGHT for INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUSNESS: An intelligent consciousness that chooses ignorance is DOOMED because the whole point of 'intelligence' is in the learning and the KNOWING about the difference between right & wrong: Humanity is our RIGHT = to BE Humane and to live in a Humane world; anything less than this is WRONG = INHUMANE.

 According to the bible, WE as Human Beings are meant to be LIKE God. In what way are YOU 'like' God? Surely, as God's representative you should be be MORE like God than any member of your Parish - would God have stood against 'OCCUPY' ?

 If you sincerely believe s/he would, then i need you to explain WHY, because as far as i am aware, both God AND Jesus are against Banking Usury, they are against persecution of people for reason of their gender, age, race, religion, ability or class, they are against the glorification of gold and objects-of-desire above the needs of a child, they are against slavery, social imbalance and unfair division, they are against every form of cruelty and abuse AND, they are against ILLEGAL WARS i.e. war for purpose of Political PROFIT & LOOTING.

 In the Bible, it says "God is Love" - WHERE is YOUR Love as God and Jesus' representative in Sheffield? WHAT are you being PAID to DO? WHAT is your JOB in this City ?

 You may feel i am picking on you, that i am 'shaming' you - but NO, the shame is ALL of your own religious, misinterpretations - i cannot help it if the light reveals the filth of your 'de-education' - shall i be KIND and keep it hidden - is that a 'kindness' of light to hide the truth and deny people the benefit of it?

 Were you not the DEAN of (supposedly) God's Cathedral, then i would be exceptionally kind in a way that is commonly recognised as 'kind'. However, since you claim to be a Professional, God-Person, your social status demands the ONLY kindness capable of actually giving you the help you need to GROW, is the KINDNESS of Honesty and the TIME & EFFORT spent in writing this letter to you, which by necessity, is publicly shared because yourself and God are pubic figures with public influence and i am part of that public and you need to publicly CHANGE your thinking before it is too late for yourself and your clergy and even, for the people of Sheffield.

 Compare this letter, which at LEAST offers you a way forward and in no way, immediately denies you home & income, with the unfortunate people who are sick, unemployed and disabled - left with NOTHING - driven to 'suicide' but in TRUTH, murdered, via Government, legislative MANSLAUGHTER. How is this discompassionate approach to the poorest and most vulnerable of our nation, in keeping with God's Law i.e. the same LAW our Queen swore an Oath and signed a written, legal Contract, to UPHOLD on behalf of her subjects?

 Is THAT 'kind' to just DUMP people because bankers committed FRAUD and theft ? The people of Sheffield need YOU to be KIND = EMPATHIC to our collective and socio-economic needs: You were NOT 'kind' to Occupy. You have shown no kindness of spirit and attitude toward addressing the real problems that real people are struggling with: WHY hasn't the Church of England called this Government and our Queen to TASK in terms of HONOURING the Coronation Oath and the principles of Democracy ? It was the Church who crowned her and it is the Church's responsibility to demand that she honours the terms of her Oath & Contract.

 Given present day circumstances and faced with the people driven to camping outside HIS Church, simply to be SEEN and HEARD as an OPPRESSED people speaking out against ECONOMIC TERRORISTS & WAR-MONGERS; what would JESUS do ?

 I think you need to ask yourself that question because, in the words of our Judge and Comforter in these days of TRUTH & REALITY i.e. Robert Nesta Marley;

 "Every man got a right to decide his, own destiny
 And in this judgement there is, no partiality..."

 In the battle of evil/insanity against good/sanity, we all need to choose a side - which side do you choose ?

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