Letter to heads of the three Armed Services

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Letter to heads of the three Armed Services
« on: October 18, 2012, 12:19:40 AM »

Sent: Sunday, 14 October 2012, 9:57

General Sir Peter Wall
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope
Air Chief Marshall Sir Stephen Dalton

Dear Sir,
I last wrote to all three of you on 29 October 2011 regarding the decline of this country, and the treason being committed by the Government, against Her Majesty and Her subjects.
 Today it is much worse and we the public wonder just how far our heads of the Armed Services will allow it to continue.

I am writing to you today, on the same assumption that I speak for the vast majority of the Nation, 152 of whom are co-signatories to this letter. We are appalled at the Government?s plan to make another 8,000 soldiers redundant and sack officers by forcing them to retire at 45, disadvantaging many financially. This must be the most insane action ever taken by a government over its armed forces. To blame it on saving money is evil and utter rubbish. Are we to believe that an officer under 45 years of age has the same level of experience and wisdom as a current senior officer over 45? We implore you not to accept such an order as it will be a ?real and present danger? to the security of this realm and it?s sovereign people. We have laws against this, and to break them is treason. In fact it is a definition of treason to run down the armed forces of this kingdom to such an extent that we can no longer defend the kingdom.
We believe that in spite of the fiasco of the Olympic security and G4S, the Government intend to use G4S to create a paramilitary police force to terrorize the public, even more than they already are in using the black-uniformed, gun carrying, police force to intimidate us. Are you going to stand by and let these thugs loose on us?
 Sadly both the armed forces and the police have stood by, over the last 30 years, and allowed Governments to undermine the security, sovereignty, independence and democracy of this country. We have seen the Queen illegally demoted to a mere citizen of the EU, and used as a rubber-stamp to give Royal Assent to Statute Laws that are ultra vires (illegal). The current Government is completely out of our control but under EU control!
There is a growing movement that have laid allegations of treason, before the police in relation to David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, John Major, Francis Maude and Douglas Hurd. Several police forces have accepted our allegations and passed them on to the Metropolitan Police. We suspect the reason why the police are helping us is because they are feeling threatened by the Government?s privatisation plans. We, the public, do not want to see our police force being driven by the need to create profit for company shareholders. We are now of the opinion that the same may happen to the armed forces. It has occurred to us that there could be an influx of German, and Italian, as well as French armed forces (all previous traditional enemies) being invited to invade British soil! I?m sure you are aware of the size and equipment of the German Army! This army has, on two previous occasions, tried to defeat us in war and lost. Are they going to be lucky a third time? Did we fight the Second World War in order for our Government to ask these traditional enemies to invade us without a shot being fired?

Her Majesty the Queen, if she is still Sovereign, is the Commander-in-Chief of her Armed Defence Forces. How can the EU take control of those Forces without taking control of Her Majesty the Queen who can only be Her Majesty if she is not subordinate to, or subjugated by, anyone else. There are few in the Houses of Parliament who remember when we were a Sovereign, independent and self-governing nation. Those who do remember, like Ken Clarke, are part of the conspiracy to destroy our Sovereignty, independence and self-governing status.
Is it possible that the three heads of our armed forces are part of this conspiracy and that is why they are silent? I am assured that ex-servicemen will not stand by and let foreigners invade this country no matter who invites them. Should this happen would you order your men to fire their guns at their own countrymen? Are we no better than the insane Islam following Muslims who are killing each other and themselves all over the Middle East?
We are sick and tired of being pushed around in our own country by a corrupt treasonous Government. It is the Sovereign people of Great Britain who own Great Britain and not a set of elected representatives who do not represent the wishes of the people who elected them. Those who elected them did so in the mistaken belief they were men of integrity belonging to a political party also of integrity. Sadly any one who believes this today would be branded as being naive in the extreme! We have a Constitution that says the Queen and Parliament hold this country in trust for the sovereign people. Any move to change such a contract is high treason. The constitution has developed over hundreds of years to protect us from despotic sovereigns. Today we need it to protect us from a despotic Government.
Yours respectfully

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