Dear Chief Constable

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Dear Chief Constable
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:52:31 PM »
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 Dear Chief Constable,
 The following was written by Albert Burgess who was a Special Constable, holding the Special Constabulary Medal, with 13 years of police experience, 10 of which were with the MET. It is Mr. Burgess who is the driving force behind the treason allegation campaign against past and present Government Ministers. His knowledge of history and Constitutional Law would put any barrister to shame. He was prompted to write this out of despair at the falling standards of policing and in their failure to do their duty.

 Although I was never a policeman I too share his concerns about what was once the best police force in the world. Therefore I would like a comment from you as to why this decline has happened?


 Your name

 What has happened to our police service?
 At the age of twelve I went to a residential boarding school on Hayling Island in Hampshire. The dormitory supervisor, who looked after twenty boys age twelve to sixteen, was a Mr Driver known to us as ‘Screwy’. He was anything but screwy he had been a three badge able seaman in the Royal Navy and a Sgt in the Metropolitan Police. Every night before we went to sleep he would regale us with his adventures in the Navy and the Police Service.
 From the age of twelve I was brought up to believe in an incorruptible Police Service where adherence to the oath was something you did without thinking and where service to the people was the order of the day. These ideals were with me when I joined the Metropolitan Special Constabulary on the 19th May 1986. For the next thirteen years I held the office of Constable and in those thirteen years I made 200 personnel arrests some of these were violent people. It is a source of great pride to me that not once did I consider it necessary to draw my truncheon.
 Today I look at what has happened to the service that I loved more than life itself, indeed my colleagues frequently told me that I was mad and they would never do what I did. I firmly believe that when you are on the side of the Angels, the Angels tend to look after you.
 Today as a trained police officer of the old school I am appalled at what I see. Ian Tomlinson was in all probability killed by an unknown police officer and not the one who went on trial. Blair Peach, who was a teacher, was struck over the head and killed by an unknown police officer. Jean Charles DeMenzies was shot several times in the head after being mistaken for a terrorist.
 One might say this was just a tad careless on the police’s part. Sir Ian Blair's attempt to cover this up was inexcusable. Welsh officers managed to get themselves filmed beating the crap out of some poor soul on a bridge and then the two officers who stopped a seventy year old man in his Range Rover and without any attempt to talk to the man, smashed out the driver’s side window whilst the other jumped on the bonnet and proceeded to kick out the windscreen and these incidents were witnessed by the public. The resultant enquiry said it was reasonable force. I would have arrested them for criminal damage and S4 1986 Public Order Act for causing a 70 year old man fear, alarm and distress.
 We now know officers have covered up the abuse by Saville and a rake of other prominent people since the 80's, They covered up the death of 96 and the injury of 766 people at Hillsborough, they covered up the Muslim rape and prostitution of our young girls because they thought they would be branded as racist.
 So much for, ‘without Favour, Fear, Malice or ill will’.

I and my colleagues accepted, as part and parcel of the job, being sworn at and disrespected. Now our police have grown so soft they arrest if you even look sideways at them.
‘Screwy’ I know would have emptied parliament over the expenses fraud by our MP's and some Barons. Yet it took a major national outcry of disgust to force honest John Yates to make 5 specimen arrests out of the 310 members of Parliament who set about systematically looting from the public purse. Did I say HONEST JOHN? Sorry about that because it is not true. He fraudulently misappropriated air miles which was the property of the Metropolitan police. But should that surprise us when his boss, the highest ranking police officer in the Kingdom, had to resign over a £12000 freebee? Corruption seldom starts at the bottom the reason being is that those at the bottom have supervising officers looking at what they are doing, corruption starts at the top and wends its way down.

 Why I ask did the officers ordered not to investigate child abuse not arrest the senior officer who gave that order? I know for a fact that I would have, but what I would not have done was leave our children to suffer at the hands of the rapists. If necessary I would have arrested so many senior officers I would have been the highest ranking officer in the MET but the children would have been rescued.

 Who is responsible for this decline in standards? The Government of course but we, the people, must also accept responsibility - we get the standard of policing we demand. If we do not insist on a high standard then we should not be surprised when we don’t get a high standard!
 But I ask, “what is the point of just one person insisting on a high standard because they won’t listen to him? So a residents association should be formed and invitation extended to the local Borough Commander along with the local Inspector and the Home Beat Officer to the meeting. It should then be made plain to the Borough Commander that if they don’t get a very high standard of policing it will be his job and pension that they will be going after. Back at the police station the Borough Commander will kick the Inspector all round the police station and the Inspector will kick every one else. It must be remembered that there is strength in numbers.

 Albert Burgess

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