House of Saud Axis of Terror

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House of Saud Axis of Terror
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:07:54 PM »
Bandar the Enabler
The Likudnik-House of Saud Axis of Terror

The double suicide bombing targeting the Iranian
embassy in Beirut – with at least 23 people
killed and 170 wounded – was a de facto terror
attack happening on 11/19. Numerology-wise,
naturally 9/11 comes to mind; and so the case of
the Washington-declared war on terror
metastasizing – largely conducted by oozy forms of Saudi “intelligence”.

Yet don’t expect the “West” to condemn this as
terror. Look at the headlines; it’s all
normalized as “blasts” – as if children were playing with firecrackers.

Whether carried out by a hazy al-Qaeda-linked
brigade or by Saudi spy chief Bandar bin Sultan’s
(aka Bandar Bush’s) goons, the Beirut terror
attack is essentially configured as a major,
Saudi-enabled provocation. The larger Saudi
agenda in Syria implies getting both Hezbollah
and Iran to be pinned down inside Lebanon as
well. If that happens, Israel also wins. Once
again, here’s another graphic illustration of the
Likudnik House of Saud in action.

Nuance also applies. Bandar Bush’s strategy,
coordinated with jihadis, was to virtually beg
for Hezbollah to fight inside Syria. When
Hezbollah obliged, with only a few hundred
fighters, the jihadis scurried away from the
battlefield to implement plan B: blowing up
innocent women and children in the streets of Lebanon.

While Hezbollah welcomes the fight, wherever it
takes place, Tehran’s position is more cautious.
It does not want to go all out against the Saudis
– at least for now, with the crucial nuclear
negotiation on the table in Geneva, and (still)
the possibility of a Geneva II regarding Syria.
Yet the House of Saud is not welcoming Geneva II
anytime soon because it has absolutely nothing to
propose except regime change.

On Syria, the main pillar of Bandar Bush’s
strategy is to turn the previously “Free” Syrian
Army into a “national army” of 30,000 or so fully
weaponized hardcore fighters – mostly supplied by
the “Army of Islam”, which is nothing but a
cipher for the al-Qaedesque Jabhat al-Nusra. King
Playstation of Jordan, also known as Abdullah,
collaborates as the provider of training camps
near the Syrian border. Whatever happens, one
thing is certain; expect Bandar Bush’s goons to
be carrying out more suicide bombings on both Lebanon and Syria.

The Zionist/Wahhabi/Salafi axis

The dodgy al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades
in theory exist since 2005, placing the odd bomb
here and there. One sheikh Sijareddin Zreikat
tweeted responsibility for the Beirut terror
attack. Curioser and curioser, the claim was
“discovered” and translated into English by the
Israeli disinformation website. [1]

Yet another Israeli intelligence disinformation
site, DEBKAfile, claimed the terror attack was an
Iran/Hezbollah false flag, based on a “Saudi
warning” reaching “Western intelligence agencies,
including Israel”. [2] The rationale, according
to “Saudi intelligence”, was “to convince
Hezbollah fighters consigned against their will to the Syrian battlefield”.

This does not even qualify as pathetic. Hezbollah
is basically defending the Lebanese-Syrian
border, and has only a few hundred fighters
inside Syria. Moreover, no string of suicide
bombings will deter Hezbollah and Tehran from
regaining control of what really matters in the
Syrian strategic context; the Qalamoun area.

Qalamoun, ringed by mountains, is a 50-kilometer
stretch bordering the Bekaa valley in Lebanon,
between Damascus and al-Nabk, and right on the
absolutely critical Damascus-Homs corridor of the
M5 highway. The Syrian army is on the offensive
in Qalamoun. Recapturing the whole area is just a
matter of time. This means controlling the
northern approach to Damascus. Hezbollah is
helping in the offensive out of Bekaa valley.
This does not mean they will camp out in Syria afterwards.

Now for the false flag accusation. As far as real
false flags are concerned, one just has to
re-examine three recent international bombings
that supposed victimized Israel. In India the
bomb had no projectiles; it barely injured an
Israeli attache. In Azerbaijan the bomb was
miraculously “discovered” before it went off. And
in Thailand, the bomb exploded too soon, injuring only a nearby Iranian.

Crass Israeli disinformation is unmasked when it leaps into this conclusion:

If Tehran is capable of such atrocities merely as
a diversionary tactic, then perhaps Presidents
Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin ought to take a
really hard look at their negotiating partner
across the table before signing a major deal
Wednesday, Nov. 20, which leaves Iran’s nuclear program in place.

So this neatly ties up with the current Israeli
hysteria about the Geneva negotiations, which
also includes the umpteenth report by a News
Corporation outfit, London’s Sunday Times, that
Saudi Arabia will help Israel to attack Iran. [3]

It also ties up with the proverbial US shills
spinning, gloating rather, that, “strategically,
this de-facto Israeli alliance with the Saudis is
an extraordinary opportunity for Israel”. [4]

Even such shills have to admit that the House of
Saud is “blocking formation of any government in
Lebanon, for example, to obstruct Iran’s ally,
Hezbollah”. “Blocking” of course is a euphemism to normalize suicide bombing.

And then comes the ultimate wishful thinking
disguised as “analysis”; Israeli Prime Minister
Bibi Netanyahu “bidding to replace the United
States as military protector of the status quo”.
Translation; the Likudniks dreaming of becoming
the new military Mob boss of petrodollar Wahhabis.

The enablers

Bandar Bush’s strategy – weaponizing and
providing cover to Salafis, jihadis and every
patsy or mercenary in between – will go on
unabated. After Bandar Bush convinced Washington
to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood-friendly
Qataris, the Saudis are the supreme warfare go-to
channel. The Bandar Bush machine has ties with
virtually every jihadi outfit in the Levant.

It certainly helps that Bandar has the perfect
cover; the fact that he knows and has cajoled
every significant player in Washington. In the
US, Bandar Bush remains a dashing hero, even
eliciting fawning comparisons with Gatsby. [5]
Right. And my name is actually Daisy.

Even with its own embassy attacked in Lebanon,
Iran is maintaining an extremely calibrated
approach. The number-one priority is the nuclear
negotiations in Geneva with the partner that
really matters, the US. This explains Iran
blaming the Beirut terror attack on the
proverbial “Zionists”, and not Saudi-enabled
jihadis posing as “rebels” and part of the whole Bandar Bush nebula.

For the moment though, enough of Orwellian
newspeak. What happened in Beirut was a terror
attack, cheered by Israel, and fully enabled by
Saudis; a graphic display by the Likudnik-House of Saud axis.

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How
the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid
War (Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: a
snapshot of Baghdad during the surge. His new
book, just out, is Obama does Globalistan (Nimble
Books, 2009). He may be reached at [email protected]

This column originally appeared on Asia Times.


1. Al-Qaida-linked group claims responsibility
for deadly Beirut attack, Ha’aretz, November 19, 2013.

2. Incredible! Beirut bombings killing 25 people
were self-inflicted by Iran and Hizballah as a
diversionary tactic, DEBKAfile, November 19, 2013.

3. Israel, Saudi Arabia Unite For Attack On Iran, RT, November 17, ’13.

4. The stakes of an Iranian deal, Washington Post, November 15, 2013.

5. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s
Gatsby, Master Spy, The Daily Beast, November 16, 2013.

Tony Gosling via "Marlborough Research Group" group.

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