27m in Foreign Aid....to China?

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27m in Foreign Aid....to China?
« on: December 17, 2013, 12:23:51 AM »
This one is again one that has credibility as it was compiled by legitimate media  Discovery Channel.

It explains exactly what we are up against, how the elite must look after their own or perish.

 A good watch.



Subject: RE: 27m in Foreign Aid....to China? - Daily Mail Mon 16th Dec/13


 The US is also " Giving " many billions of dollars to China every year as what I shall call a " Gift " with no strings attached.  The part of

this which concerns me the most aside from giving away much needed money which rightfully should go to our nations needy or for education,

Healthcare etc. is going to a still somewhat hostile foreign power with no

demand or requirement for there eventual repayment.

The worst is yet to come, over the last few years that I have been noting this

particular situation with concern,  The Chinese place this money in an

interest bearing account, and to my current knowledge, the intended use of

this money  will become evident in a matter of 6-8 months or within the 3rd

quarter of the current or following year when the US requires additional funds, it goes to China, and " Borrows " back the money it " Gave " to China at an extremely high interest rate ( Usery ) which the American Peoples must repay.

Why is the US giving away monies it requires along with paying China for

the privilege of holding it and " Lending it back to us at a preposterous

rate ?

In essence I am Giving an acquaintance a huge amount of money for yet

unknown reasons, knowing full well that I will need the money myself in

a short time.

The acquaintance then places the money in an interest bearing account at

at a high return on investment which they keep, and then when I am in need of monies, they " Lend me my money back at an exorbitant rate which

I must make immediate payments on and once the payment of interest has

been paid the repayment of the lent monies principle gets paid and then its

time once more for another billions of dollar cash give away.


I would be a very, very rich man if I could get my hands on that kind of money and play the governments game with my money, but it wouldn't

be the same as I would be in prison, especially if I was using " Other peoples

money " as the government always does.


Again, we are once again, in this all together. Not just English or American

but all of us.



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