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« on: January 09, 2014, 09:43:43 PM »
Queen Elizabeth II                                                                     
Buckingham Palace                                                                   
SW1A 1AA                                                                                 
As Queen of England you are the fount of all honour, there was a time when the Kings of England reserved this ability to award honours as a means of rewarding those who served them or England.
It was never designed to give honours to some clown who is well paid to hit a ball or write a hit song, the reward they set out to achieve for themselves, I stress for themselves they have no interest in furthering the interests of England. But only for the sake of a tidy bank balance and the ability to sleep with some extremely shallow women.
Now we read an award has been made to the boy David's ( Ashkenazi Cameron) barber. Now I have no doubt whatsoever that the boy David pays his barber an exorbitant amount of our money which he undoubtedly rips off from your Majesty's loyal subjects, I state loyal subjects because that prancing poodle you call your prime minister is loyal to his Ashkenazi masters and has no loyalty to your Majesty or your Kingdom. It is my belief his only interest is to accumulate as much personal wealth as he can and he will do that by grinding your Majesty's subjects into the ground. He and his entire cabinet are a bunch of overgrown incompetent school boys. Hell bent on removing your Majesty's lawful authority. And replacing it with foreign Ashkenazi domination.
Successive governments since 1911 have eroded your Majesty's authority and the authority of the House of Lords. Quite a lot of this has been done on your Majesty's watch. You clearly have only a limited knowledge of the constitution a limited Knowledge which is allowing the destruction of your Kingdom, the wholesale destruction of your armed services and the imprisonment of your service men who have done what your Majesty sent them to do and killed the enemy. Your police service is also being destroyed. As is just about every other thing in your Kingdom.
Now we hear the Boy David's barber is to receive an MBE now had he cut the boys throat I would have no problem with that. It is after all my intention to see him and many others hang for treason against your Majesty. But an MBE for cutting hair when your Majesty is jailing brave men for defending this Kingdom at the risk of their lives. This is the most obscene abuse of the honours system ever.
Now I have worked and paid taxes all my working life all 40 years of it, whilst working for a living I spent 28 years training sea cadets a voluntary service to this Kingdom, I served your Majesty in the office of Special Constable for 13 years during which time I have entered and searched a burning building looking for any one trapped inside. I have removed Knives a sword and a semi automatic pistol from people who could have killed me.
Did I do this for reward? No I did it to serve your Majesty in the office of constable and to protect your Majesty's subjects to the best of my ability.
Now if the boy David's barber is worthy of an MBE I believe my service where I have actually put my life on the line in your Majesty's service must at least be worth a Knighthood, and Sgt Alexander Blackman who has spent a large amount of his time with people deliberately trying to kill him whilst on your Majesty's active service deserves at least the Garter, and a Peerage would not go amiss. Now I must stress that neither Sgt Blackman nor I did what we have done with a thought for personal reward. Only with the desire to serve your Majesty.
If we wanted reward we would take to song writing or politics where we could become extremely wealthy by betraying your Majesty and your Kingdom to the highest bidder. Which is why the constable in me wants to hang them after a fair trial of course I am after all a police officer at heart, were I a Royal Marine like Sgt Blackman I would without doubt just shoot every one in the Palace of Westminster. I would then ask your Majesty to call an election where every MP is an independent. Party politics has been the ruin of your Majesty's kingdom. 
Your Majesty I have for some time been conducting an in depth study into the history and development of the English common and constitutional law, there are those who consider me well qualified to teach constitutional law, Your Majesty I would like an audience with you so that we may discuss the constitution, in the hope that you will assume your rightful place as the Supreme Governor of England, and rescue your subjects from despotic government.

 Respectfully submitted.
Albert Burgess   

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