The Dice Are Cast……. WW3? Probably!

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The Dice Are Cast……. WW3? Probably!
« on: February 26, 2014, 11:06:04 PM »
The Dice Are Cast…….

WW3? Probably!

I cannot sufficiently express the futility I feel in the face of events in Ukraine. The names that pass before my eyes are enough to make one shudder- Soros, McCain, Kerry, Ashton, Van Rompuy, Hague- a right ragbag assortment of meddlers and collective criminal arrogance, pig ignorance and stupidity…

The arch question is, “Who in God’s name gave these cretins and their ‘peers’ the “right” to create the world in their own narrow minded ‘image’?” The answer is….. nobody did. They are part of what is euphemistically termed “Globalists”- another rag-bag assortment of collective “interests” and “families” that simply based upon their excessive wealth or political attachments feel they should run the human race and takeover the planet in order to ‘save it’, as in Agenda 21. 

So money and political posturing are qualifications for deciding to play God with humanity? Since when did “money” equate with talent or intellect?

Most of these vile creatures are where they are simply because they were born into it, or ‘got lucky’ on the London or New York stock markets. The ‘ability’ to trade cash is not a sufficient qualification to run the world. It amazes me just how much, people who ‘get rich’ start to see themselves as ‘superior’ to the rest of us. “Afur Daley” the British TV screen “spiv” made money through similar illicit practices and the “elite” are no different. 

They may live in grand houses, educate their spoiled offspring in private schools in Switzerland, wear designer clothes and

much more and they include the Banker families, that have more than a smatter of Jewishness and in truth this is what a particular type of Jew has always done throughout the ages but there are also the ‘non-Jews’, who far outnumber the former as in the over wealthy Arab oil houses and their offshoots like the ‘Bin-Ladens’ and even British ‘Aristocracy’, or what is left of it. 

The “cream” died out years ago in two world wars, thanks to the activities of the same class of scoundrels….but they still resemble “Arfur” and ‘Daley’s Car Emporium’ than a responsible, able and intellectual but above all, a practically minded historically aware leadership, necessary to run a world of 8,000,000,000 people….

These entrenched ‘Urban elites’ are so incredibly unworldly. In short they know nothing outside of their metropolitan cocoons of ignorance. Some of the worst do know, like the ones I met at a gathering aimed at raising awareness of female genital mutilation. The ‘Cake’ was a facsimile of a Moslem woman in a burka with wide eyes and a screaming mouth that every time the host cut into it to serve her guests, it screamed. This was thought to be “funny”. I turned to one of the guests and asked “Is that your idea of humour?” Absolutely tasteless…..and obscene. Half my family live in the Third World and poverty is not funny.

I have been telling you all for years what we face- an “elite” that is made up of emotionless freaks and arrogant psychopaths. Do you think I call them this simply to abuse them? “FGM” is simply another ‘Rent-a-Cause’ like all the rest of formerly discarded clients of our Left leaning rulers. It amazes me that these wealthy dilettantes tend to be “Socialists” politically…But why, when it should be the enemy of everything they actually are?

The reason is simple- “Being Socialist shows they have a conscience”……to quote a pal in Academia. However, does ‘having a conscience’ allow these bloody fools to interfere in the affairs of Sovereign countries like Egypt, former Yugoslavia, Egypt, Libya, Chechnya, Syria and now the Ukraine, or a hundred other countries?

Russia is not some tin-pot country. This is who the dilettantes are “messing with”. The civil war now underway in Ukraine is aimed at toppling Putin and Russia from its return to global status. She still has a massive conscript army, massive armour concentrations, air-force, navy but above all else 1300 times the number of nuclear missiles the US and NATO have.

Vladimir Putin is a strategic genius compared to the ‘know-alls’ like Senator McCain, “Baroness Ashton High Representative of the EU” and “President Van Rompuy”, or John “fake it” Kerry, who collected his war gongs off a pack of Kellogs’ cornflakes. In strategic matters the above are children…prodding at the Russian Bear….

Do these “Kids” recall Napoleon or Hitler when they provoked the Bear? Then there is the lesson of King Croesus who destroyed his own empire by invading Persia. There are other legion examples like Roman Emperors Trajan or Julian, who likewise ignored the limits of manpower and the absolute need to equate them with practical logistics and political goals….

Putin is playing the Ukraine ‘card’ for all its worth……

Russia will win this believe me. Ukraine and Russia have been closely interlinked for nigh on a 1000 years. Kiev is the home of Russian spirituality and we know what happens when aliens interfere with that. As Christ said- and Globalists please note-

“Man cannot live by bread alone!”. Ukraine is also the bread-basket of Russia…..Think about that perhaps? Ukraine was the ‘lebensraum’ desired by Hitler too… So what does that tell you about Russia’s determination to keep Ukraine- a Slavic land close to its heart as a ‘client-state’? Ukraine has far more in common with Russia than a ‘wannabe’ Western European Soviet with billions of funny money Euros, printed to keep the “Soviet” entrenched.

Russia still has large parts of her armed forces there, like the huge naval bases on Ukraine’s Black Seas coast. The Eastern part of the Ukraine is Russian and ‘Russophile’ and they are, exactly as I predicted backing the regime deposed by US/EU- Soros paid National Socialist troublemakers, through modern day ‘Gladio’ ops- the snipers on the Kiev city roofs are a clue. 

Like ‘9/11’ , “7/7” and Madrid 2004,  Syria and Egypt, all these events are “Deep-State” ‘op’s obsessed with Russian global power and “Communism” only Putin isn’t “Commie” any more. The EU is, although it will not admit it, as are the Globalists.

My guess is that Putin will allow Ukraine to split in two, with the eastern industrial part kept within the Russian sphere. This will relieve Putin of having to worry about an already unstable western Ukraine, that will be ‘saved’ by the already politically and money challenged EU…….already tottering under the problems in the “PIIGS” along the Inner Sea- Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland. Ecomomics are like an elastic band- stretch it too far and it snaps- and as I said above…

“ignore(d) the limits of manpower and the absolute need to equate them with practical logistics and political goals….”

Is the EU prepared to defend the Ukraine, if Putin annexes the eastern part? That means Germany and France will fight it!

The UK Army is laughably small, deliberately made so by the very sane ‘Europhiles’ who know only too well what a powerful British Army traditionally does to European despots. At the last count Russia can still mobilise millions of men- it will take three months- but Germany can muster around 3000 tanks and 500,000 troops. 

The trouble is, modern European “Yoof” are so brainwashed by years of cultural Marxism, the results are predictable. These European forces have not fared well in Afghanistan or Iraq- too full of multicultural dogma. Just like the French Army in WW2 ruined by Marxism.

The EU “elite” like the US “elite” are fantasists. They do not have the popular support to wage such a global war, as the lessons of the British Parliament show over Syria. So what they “gonna-do”? Wave a bureaucratic fiat at Putin? They have already failed to quell the riots in Kiev over their ‘agreement’….

What I think will happen is what I call “The Croesus Moment”. 

The EU will “Get” the Ukraine, or at least that western part of it-….for now……but not the wealthy industrial part that will support the failing Dollar and Euro, both of which are political currencies and like the Roman currency of yore need imperial expansion to maintain itself, ‘vis a vis’ the Ukraine and Syria but also to militarily outflank Russia. 

The West is bankrupt financially as the increasing numbers of Banker suicides show. However, we are also spiritually, morally and militarily bankrupt too. Guess what that means? 

Are we prepared to use nuclear weapons?

By “annexing” the Ukraine, the EU will have guaranteed its demise. Putin knows only too well that he is the key to EU survival. He can allow it to fall into violent financial, material and physical chaos, or he can ‘prop’ it up using Russia’s vast natural resources as a ‘weapon’ to do so. 

Russia stands to benefit both ways. Putin can allow the dangerous factional and ethnic poisons already bubbling to the surface across Europe, to explode under the impetus of an unstable Ukraine, upon which the EU will be forced to spend itself into final oblivion through even more massive money printing and baleouts, or he can do the above, leaving Russia the new power in chief of not only Western Europe and a puppet EU  but a fast failing US across the Atlantic. Either way Russia is “quids in”…


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