Letter to David Cameron

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Letter to David Cameron
« on: February 27, 2014, 03:51:17 PM »
To: The Prime Minister the Rt Hon David Cameron

10 Downing Street,





Dear Prime Minister,


        RE proposed changes to our Common Law Constitution.


I understand some more changes are allegedly required to be made to our long standing Common Law Constitution regarding Same Sex Marriage, which, although Governments may go through the procedure of changes as this Government already has done re The Succession to the Crown Bill, without the people's permission the acts remain the same-untouched.


Too many people gave their lives in two World Wars to keep and preserve our unique and long standing Common Law Constitution for future Generations.  This is WHY they have remained so for these hundreds of years-they cannot be changed now or in the future UNLESS WE LOSE A WAR.  They are for all time.  To now ALLEGEDLY allow alterations to THEIR Common Law Constitution when in reality it is because EU Treaties have been ratified without the people's agreement and contrary to the peoples long standing Common Law Constitution plus our sworn Allegiance to the British Crown we ALL make, is also of great importance. 


The Crown too has in mind at all times the solemn Oaths we all make and from the very moment we are born here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, our allegiance, as is all those in our Houses of Parliament, is indeed to the wearer of the British Crown. Before each of you may take up your seats in that House of Commons, even though people have freely elected each of you, you each still have to swear a solemn Oath of Allegiance to the Crown and that Oath ends with "ACCORDING TO LAW".    That LAW is our longstanding Common Law Constitution, and the reason it is has lasted so long is because others before you, gave their lives to keep it, so that others may live, and may also live up to it.  It is according to that Law that our Constitution may not be changed-it is the same laws two World Wars were fought for-to keep us all free from foreign rule, and foreign laws. 




Anne Palmer JP retired.

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