?no question? of leaving the ECHR,

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?no question? of leaving the ECHR,
« on: October 19, 2012, 12:24:22 AM »

Well written copy Mr Oborne .... but, do you really think we're taken in by yet another attempt at talking up Tory intent to do anything to rescue us from the Commissars of the EU Политбюро (that's politburo btw).

 All the current hype is no more than a дымовая завеса (smokescreen) designed to deceive.  You know it, we know it!

 BTW, maybe you missed what Attorney general, Dominic Grieve, told the House of Commons yesterday, there is ?no question? of leaving the ECHR, despite justice secretary Chris Grayling last week hinting that withdrawal would be in the Conservative manifesto for the next general election.   

 So, why do hacks such as yourself continue with the fantasy that we can trust what Tory jobsworths tell us?  You're not stupid, so is it simply to protect your pay-cheque, or are you yet another who is as guilty as those in Quisling HQ (Westminster) and hell bent on destroying our country, its heritage and traditions?


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