Desperate political police arrest another BNP campaigner

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Desperate political police arrest another BNP campaigner
« on: March 16, 2014, 08:27:48 PM »
Desperate political police
arrest another BNP campaigner 

Last night political police in Liverpool arrested BNP Head of Security Martin Reynolds after a woman called Merseyside police and complained that "a man had made a derogatory comment" to outside the North West's BNP regional fundraising event.

The woman in question is thought to be part of a Labour Party funded anti-BNP hate group.

Martin was led away in handcuffs and spent the night in a police cell before being released without charge.

All our readers will be aware that only last week BNP Cllr Dawn Charlton was arrested on another politically motivated fabrication.

This latest wave of political police harassment comes shortly after the infamous 'peanut gate' fiasco, and it's now clear that in desperation to disrupt our growing momentum in the lead up to the European Elections, the Labour Party is using the British police force as their paramilitary wing.

"The recent arrests for alleged 'crimes' against political correctness by the political police are becoming as routine as issuing speeding tickets," said BNP Press Officer Simon Darby in an official statement.

"Police are trying to disrupt the BNP European Election campaign but have failed spectacularly again.

"Last night's fundraiser went ahead and another 2,500 was raised for the election despite the police handcuffing and taking away our Head of Security for no reason.

"A donor who witnessed the event who wishes to remain anonymous, donated a further 1,000 to the BNP North West election campaign in direct response to the disgraceful actions of the Labour Party's lapdogs Merseyside Police"

Nick Griffin, North West MEP, who was the guest speaker at last night's fundraiser event said, "the people being targeted by the police are not only BNP members, comrades and colleagues, but also our friends, and this kind of intimidation and persecution not only gives us the political high ground, it makes us all stronger and more determined than ever."

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