The Villain in the Woodpile

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The Villain in the Woodpile
« on: March 17, 2014, 07:59:59 PM »
A Case for Treason
The Villain in the Woodpile

England has been the victim of black bloody villainy, and villainy of the worst kind. This villainy started after the restoration of King Charles II Charles had just been handed his fatherís throne, and was somewhat indebted to the House of Commons so he did not argue when the Commons told the Lords they could not originate a bill or amend a money bill. The Upper House resisted this for some time but eventually gave way; there is nothing in the English Constitution which allows this. As a direct result of this 1666 nonsense the House of Lords accepted that they would not amend a money bill. After the death of Queen Anne in 1714 we inherited a King George I who did not speak English, so unlike every King or Queen who went before he did not attend Parliament or cabinet meetings. This allowed the politicians a free run George I signed everything put before him not knowing what he was signing. King George II was told he should not attend Parliament and cabinet meetings and spent his life complaining that his ministers were kings in his kingdom. George III fought a twenty year battle with the House of Commons as to where sovereignty lay, with him as the Anointed King or with the House of Commons, after a vote in the commons it was decided that sovereignty lay with the King.


This is the legal constitutional position today. Parliament tell us that the last time the Royal assent was refused was in 1707 by Queen Anne over the militia act, this is untrue, Queen Victoria refused the assent to a bill on homosexuality because it referred to lesbians, she did not believe women would engage in these deviant practices, the bill received the assent only after all references to lesbians had been removed. As a result of believing that they could not amend a money bill the House of Lords rejected the 1909 budget; this made the Prime Minister Asquith present to the House of Lords a bill to prevent them rejecting a bill. When the Lords said they would not give it the assent, Asquith said he would put 500 new peers into the House who would vote it out of existence, faced with this threat the Lords caved in and gave it their assent, Asquith presented the Parliament Act to King Edward VII. King Edward refused the assent on the grounds it was unconstitutional and removed a protection from his subjects; he said Asquith would have to go to the country. Asquith went around the country telling the electorate that those nasty Lords would not let them have a pension, when in fact the Lords said nothing of the sort. The reason for rejecting the budget was that the extra tax imposed upon the working man would be more than he could afford on top of the tax he was already paying. Asquith was re-elected and King Edward VII DIED of an illness. When King George V came to the Throne he was told by a government Minister that he keeps all his prerogatives but may not use any of them unless he has the backing of a government minister. King George V was never due to be king he had an older brother Prince Edward who died of pneumonia, Edward was betrothed to Princess May of Tech in spite of its sound she was an English Princess, May however was in love with his younger brother Prince George, George also loved May.


The death of Prince Edward left the way clear for them to marry. The point is that Prince Edward as heir to the Throne would have been taught in depth about the English Constitution. Prince Georgeís constitutional education would not have been more than rudimentary as he was unlikely to need the knowledge. So when a government minister told him he could not use his prerogatives he was unlikely to believe he was being told anything but the truth, when he had just been the victim of an act of high treason. Particularly as he had just lost his father and in all probability was not thinking to straight. King Edward VIII would have been told the same thing government by now having neutered both the King and the House of Lords. Edward was in the end not King for very long being forced illegally to abdicate, The English Constitution and Common Law having no mechanism for changing a King otherwise than by his death. His successor his Younger Brother the Duke of York afterwards King George VI like his father would not have spent a great deal of time learning the Constitution. His daughter Princess Elizabeth was taught from the age of 12 to 22 years of age by one Henry Marten a Fabien and we know the Fabienís want to destroy all that is good in this Kingdom. So an impressionable young girl was handed over into the hands of someone we would consider to be a traitor. The rest as they say is history with the King and the House of Lords the victims of acts of treason which prevent them fulfilling their role as protectors of the people, and with a House of Commons with far more traitors and crooks than any conventional company could employ and hope to survive, This United Kingdom, this England is well down the road to extinction.


Our legal system has been surrendered to a more corrupt foreign power than our own House of Commons. Our industry has been destroyed on the orders of traitors in the House of Commons working under the directions of a corrupt foreign power the European Union.  Common Purpose a Soviet style infiltration tool is at large in our land making certain than nothing works, the Health and Safety Act has stopped our emergency services from doing their job which is to preserve life, now our police must check over 200 items on their check list before they can move. Which is why they donít move and innocent people are dying.  We the people of these Islands must rise up and take them back by whatever means available, and those who have betrayed this Great Kingdom must suffer the full extent of the law.


Albert Burgess

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