TREASON--- Letter to MOPAC

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TREASON--- Letter to MOPAC
« on: March 24, 2014, 10:55:41 PM »
Stephen Geenhalgh                                                                           Albert Burgess


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Ref Meeting

Dear Stephen

I fail to understand why every one quakes at the knees when it comes to the Commissioner of the Metropolis, the office of commissioner is merely an administrative roll and his job put simply is to make sure his officers have paper to write on and pens to write with. His ability to uphold the law comes entirely from the fact he holds the office of constable and in law all constables are equal, and are all answerable to the law and only the law. 

I also held the office of constable only unlike Sir Bernard I believe no one is above the law not even Her Majesty because it is by the law she became Queen. 

What makes you think my understanding of the law on sedition and treason is any less than Sir Bernard's? I can assure you it is greater having spent since December 2006 researching both treason and the English Constitution and Common law. A period of 8 years constant research. 

As far as your assertion this has been dealt with by the IPCC it has not been possible for them to do that, as yet I have not submitted a formal complaint to them. My letter a copy of which your office holds merely advised the IPCC they might get a request for a dispensation to allow them to dump my complaint, but they were not to grant this as dispensations are illegal under the 1689 Bill of Rights and the ruling on the dispensing power of the King by Chief Justice Vaughn of the Common Pleas in the case of Thomas vs. Sorrel 1674. I did not submit a formal allegation to the IPCC precisely because I had not yet completed the complaints process with the Metropolitan Police and your office. 

Now the penalty for Misprision and Compounding Treason at Common Law is life imprisonment, and that is what you are risking. 

Misprision of treason is for you to know treason has occurred or is being planned and your failure to act to deal with that treason.

Compounding treason is where two or more persons conspire together and agree not to prosecute treason. 

To date both these offences have been committed by your good self and Jason Collins, and why because a bit of tinsel on Sir Bernard's shoulders has overawed you. 

As the holder of the office of constable my understanding of the sedition and treason laws are as valid as Sir Bernard's and in my opinion as I have made an 8 year study of them and related that knowledge to the actions of government ministers it is infinitely more valid than Sir Bernard's.

So let me put this simply it matters not one jot to me whether I convict a Politician for treason, Sir Bernard or you for Misprision either or and Compounding Treason I will have proved in a court of law that treason has occurred at the highest levels of government, and then they all fall like dominos. 

So you see Stephen there is no point in you and Jason putting your necks on the blokes you only go to work like millions of others and you did not take the oath of attestation which Sir Bernard and I took. I would far rather he did the job he is well paid for and investigated Government Ministers for the treasons they have without doubt committed against the Crown, Constitution and people of this ancient Kingdom. Make no mistake I am insisting on seeing you and Jason to discuss this matter and would advise you of the risks you both take by maintaining your present stance. 

Respectfully Submitted

Albert Burgess.   

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