Robbed of our Sovereign Independance

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Robbed of our Sovereign Independance
« on: March 24, 2014, 11:10:04 PM »

Dear Editor,


British soldiers giving the Nazi salute. Perhaps the offenders believed they were acting in anticipation of their possible future. We the British people have been robbed of our sovereign independence and against our will made citizens of the EU, which many honest scholars see as the Fourth Reich, the leaders of which are obsessed with power, control, anthems and the subjugation of all to the dictates of its unelected political corps, people who do not understand, let alone believe in the basic principles of democracy as European history testifies.


It wasn't just a handful of extremists that attended the great rallies of the Third Reich and gave the salute, it was an entire nation and they were not alone. History has a habit of repeating itself simply because the human condition is constant and unchanging. Europe's great problem which was recognised by the Romans has not gone away.


Deceit and duplicity thrive on ignorance and incredulity. At the present time the newspapers are making much of the speculations on future kings of England, yet the newspapers must be fully aware that the monarchy was ended with the surrender of our national sovereignty and the imposition of a status of foreign citizenship, not only on the people but their former monarch. There can be no sovereign head of state in a country that is no longer sovereign and no one can be both monarch and citizen at the same time.


Yours Faithfully,  Bob Lomas.

Written some time ago,still of course valid

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