Front National: France Rising

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Front National: France Rising
« on: April 01, 2014, 04:28:30 PM »
Front National: France Rising

March 31, 2014 in Announcements, Commentary   

"When Joan D' Arc was asked by her judges why as a Christian she did not love the British, she answered that she did love them, but she loved British in their country. In the same way, we do not hate the Turks, we love them, but in their country." -Jean-Marie Le Pen
“When Joan D’ Arc was asked by her judges why as a Christian she did not love the British, she answered that she did love them, but she loved British in their country. In the same way, we do not hate the Turks, we love them, but in their country.” -Jean-Marie Le Pen

The rise of nationalism and the push of self determination is threatening to disrupt the plans of the global elites who are pushing a multicultural and multiracial Europe. One of the quickest rising nationalist movements in Europe is Front National or The National Front in France. After decades of being isolated by a Leftist media and a culture of political apathy, Front National is mobilizing and organizing a new generation of French nationalists to retake their country, and not a moment too soon.

The European Right since the Second World War has faced a series of stumbling blocks to stop any progress of nationalism and tradition against the forces of cultural Marxism. While extremist organizations such as the Communist Party have been able to stand for election in most European countries with impunity, nationalists are continually subjugated by draconian hate speech laws and social pressures. Throughout Leftist terrorist attacks on the political leadership, political oppression, and hard times at the polls, Front National has grown from a small fringe movement to now being a major player in French politics.

Front National was founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972 and by that point Jean-Marie had already made a name for himself standing against the rising tide of color and communism in France. Jean-Marie Le Pen grew up in a devout Catholic home and learned from a young age to oppose the forces of modernity. Breaking into the nationalist movement through distributing monarchist literature and joining other young nationalists to fight communist and anarchist gangs in the streets, Jean-Marie was grounded in Faith, Tradition, and the reality of the culture war.

After serving in the French Foreign Legion Jean-Marie Le Pen went on to work in various nationalist movements before founding Front National in 1972. From the beginning Front National focused to bring together various Right-Wing and Traditionalist factions into a cohesive political party. As Francisco Franco in Spain was able to assemble monarchists, Traditionalist Catholics, social conservatives, and fascists into one political movement, so Jean-Marie strove to bring together a multitude of factions throughout the spectrum of the Right-Wing to defend France and overturn the perversion of the French Revolution that has been poisoning France since 1789.

While leading the Party for almost thirty years, Jean-Marie paved the way for the rise in French nationalism. Although often criticized for pointing out the role of Jewish power and money in both French and international politics, Jean-Marie never backed down from his beliefs. When asked about the then-President of France, Jean-Marie told the media that President Jacques Chirac was “in the pay of Jewish organizations.” The truth hurts and for statements like this and noting that different races have different abilities, Jean-Marie was furiously attacked by his Socialist opponents and the media.

For strong statements on Jewish subversion of the French State and his observations on the criminality of the Third World immigrants who have been pouring into France for decades, Jean-Marie has faced multiple convictions of hate speech laws. The nature of hate speech laws are not based in the authenticity of the claims, only if they are viewed as having offended a group or told a particularly unpleasant truth to the politically correct system. For speaking the truth Jean-Marie was fined the equivalent of several hundred thousand dollars, stripped of his seat in the European Parliament, and even had a communist place a bomb at his home, narrowly avoiding killing Jean-Marie and his family.

Jean-Marie officially handed down the leadership of Front National to his daughter Marine Le Pen in 2011 after she received nearly seventy percent of the Party vote to take the position. Instantly Marine took her fathers message and worked to use social media, youth outreach, and new political strategy to court a new generation of voters. Voters responded to these developments with supporting FN in record numbers in the recent French Presidential elections. Alongside the success during the Presidential race, Front National elected Marine Le Pen’s niece Marion Le Pen as the youngest MP in recent French history at the age of twenty two.

Marion Le Pen’s election shows that the message of Front National is growing among not only older conservative voters, but the newly emboldened French nationalist youth movement. After Marion Le Pen was notified of her victory she announced, “I am happy to be the spokeswoman for this French youth that tomorrow will be spearhead new hope in the shape of the National Front.” The youth movement of France has been mobilized and they are squarely behind nationalists who are fighting for their future, something Front National has a proven track record of doing.

Over the years since its inception Front National has worked to spread a message of Tradition and French identity to a large audience. Developing an economic policy that protects French industry and workers, the opposite of what the supposed American Right does, is a message that resonates with the French blue collar workers and their families. Strong checks on immigration to keep French culturally and ethnically French is a platform that more and more French citizens rally around as the flood of African immigrants has begun to transform French cities and countrysides into pieces of the Third World.

Front National has pushed for France leaving NATO and other entangling foreign alliances that have cost France both financially and in blood. Marine Le Pen made it clear that France should be free to chart her own destiny, without other nations having troops on her soil and influencing her politicians. The French nation and the French people gain nothing from a NATO alliance other than American occupation with a smile, something that has to be reversed in the eyes of any nationalist. Prior to the French Presidential elections Marine was asked about NATO relations and she told French media that, “I have opposed France’s involvement with the Alliance since the very beginning. In this sense, I fully agree with the opinion of General de Gaulle, who was against the idea of subjecting France’s national interests to any other foreign power – including the United States.” A Front National government would be able to steer a course for France, free from American influence and control.

Alongside working to remove France from the sphere of influence of Brussels and the United States, Front National has made a move towards solidifying relations with Russia. As Russia grows to be the defender of Christianity and a bulwark against globalism, Marine Le Pen has publicly supported Russian moves over the past several years. Given the push for globalism by the elites of Europe and America, Le Pen told reporters that a nationalist France aligning with Russia should be done for “obvious civilization and geostrategic factors.” As Professor Dugin of Russia has pointed out repeatedly, the worldwide struggle is not one limited to mere political labels and ideologies but one where nationalists “must create strategic alliances to overthrow the present order of things, of which the core could be described as human rights, anti-hierarchy, and political correctness – everything that is the face of the Beast, the anti-Christ or, in other terms, Kali-Yuga.” A growing alliance between French nationalists and Russian nationalists can only benefit both sides by taking a united stand in defense of the fundamental right to self determination and Tradition against the forces of modernity and globalism.

The tyranny of the European Union has put Front National at the forefront of the eurosceptic movement in France because of the Party’s push for French self determination and nationalism. As the European Union works to use free trade to smash local industry while shipping in millions of migrants to uproot the local population and culture, Front National has increasingly took a stand against France’s involvement in the European Union. Current Party leader Marine Le Pen told reporters that the EU was “the Trojan horse of ultraliberal globalization” and that the European Union was turning the continent into “a European Soviet Union.” The policies of Front National are built upon the strong foundation of true nationalism, resistant to the economic bribes and threats of the EU leadership in Brussels.

One large issue of contention between Front National and the EU is the fight over Traditional marriage. While the EU proclaims that homosexuality is a “human right” and has threatened sanctions over countries who refuse to follow the leftist line, Front National has organized hundreds of thousands of French citizens to unite with their churches and other nationalist organizations to march against the legalization of homosexual marriages in France.

The growth and development of Front National has been one that shows a development in style and rhetoric, without changing the core message of asserting Traditional French and Catholic values. While there is some controversy among White nationalists and Traditionalists around the world on the fact that Marine Le Pen has not been as strong on issues as her father, a justified criticism in my opinion, we cannot dispute that the growth of Front National as a viable political party is a two-fold benefit to nationalists in France. As the Overton Window shifts towards French nationalism in the psyche of the French electorate, more hard-line views and values are becoming increasingly accepted.

The growth of youth movements such as Generation Identitaire that have declared war upon liberalism and modernity in French society shows that the decades of work done by Front National to pave the way for resurgent French nationalism is paying off huge dividends. The stand for Traditional marriage and opposition to Islamization of French culture led by Front National has also led to a growth in Traditionalist Catholic organizations vowing to fight for their Faith alongside their nation.

A rising tide lifts all boats and while a more moderate Front National led by Marine Le Pen may not be the final solution to the battle for the salvation of France, it is still a force to be reckoned with and respected for the contributions the organization has made in planting the seeds of a more nationalist France.

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