End of the English ?

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End of the English ?
« on: April 07, 2014, 10:20:15 PM »
Scroll down to read 'The Elizabeths'

Cranmer: Queen meets Pope Francis, with another outward innovation



Had Hitler managed to invade this country in 1940 we would all be using metric measurements by now. Fortunately in those days we had Englishmen who were proud to be English and they stopped him in his territorial ambitions, which was just as well or by now we would no longer have our own laws and would be ruled by unelected foreigners of Fascist persuasion and none of that would have suited us.


Unfortunately our luck was not to hold. Hitler came to a sticky end and his war machine was crushed but not his ambition which soon emerged as his legacy. With the help of her old ally France Germany soon had Europe under her control in the deceitful guise of a trading arrangement. Twice the German aspiration had been thwarted by the English, it could not be allowed to happen again. This time the English would have to be taken over from within. Fortunately it just so happened that the English head of state and official governor was German and not only sympathetic to the cause but also had leanings towards the old European Roman Catholic Church. By coincidence also at that time the English had a paedophile prime minister with a past connection to the Third Reich. With a deceitful duplicitous political party in power it would not be difficult to lead them by the nose into effecting a political coup.


With everything in place the time was right to act and the stupid and trusting English people stood bewildered like sheep lined up for slaughter as their nationhood and everything they had so recently suffered to protect was taken from them. At last the English were a beaten people without a shot having been fired. After four hundred odd years Rome was delighted, it had been well worth hosting the drawing up of the Franco German treaty of European political unification. The English prime minister and chief of the English traitors was duly honoured by the new Reich with the Charlemagne prize and forty pieces of silver. He had run no real risk of course because he knew he was protected from above by the English German monarch who also honoured him with a knighthood.


All had gone according to plan. The English had at last been beaten and subjugated and proved themselves to be, as anticipated, too stupid to retaliate and would over time be bred out as a race by politically engineered genetic genocide. Meanwhile their monarch would remain in place to give the impression that nothing had changed regardless of the obvious reality that she had become a German citizen and a puppet monarch with treasonous inclinations towards the Fascist German linked Roman church.


End of story?  It certainly looks that way for the English.


The Elizabeths

Elizabeth I was her people's Queen,

Elizabeth II was not what she seemed.

Elizabeth I made her country strong,

Elizabeth II did her country wrong.

Elizabeth I built her fences great,

Elizabeth II left open the gate.

Elizabeth I built a fortress shore,

Elizabeth II pushed open the door.

Elizabeth I did freedom bring,

Elizabeth II kissed the papal ring.

Elizabeth I kept her people's law,

Elizabeth II the Great Charter did ignore.

Elizabeth I the people's rights she did defend.

Elizabeth II brought those rights to an end.

Elizabeth I kept the world at bay,

Elizabeth II gave her country away.


                                                                Lomas. 2005

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