Letter written by retired policeman for a gentleman in Northern Ireland

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This letter is for anyone to use or modify if they wish to issue a complaint

 Metropolitan Police
 New Scotland Yard                                                                                                   
 10 Broadway                                                                                                             
 SW1H 0BG 

 I am concerned about the actions, or more properly, lack of action of your officers on duty outside Buckingham Palace, who are charged with the safety of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

 A man of West Indian/African appearance approached them and proceeded to abuse them to such an extent that a Guardsman on duty was so concerned that he left his post and intervened.

 The 1986 Public Order Act sec 4 is perfectly clear, words or writing causing fear alarm or distress to a person of reasonable firmness carry a power of arrest. I think the Guardsman felt sufficiently alarmed at what he was hearing and seeing that he felt it necessary to intervene, and to do so by advancing his assault rifle and bayonet in a threatening manner. I think you will agree with me Her Majesty's Guardsmen are men of more than reasonable firmness.

 To me this is evidence the officers, being verbally assaulted, are guilty of failing to keep the Queen's peace at common law, by failing to make a sec 4 arrest.

 By failing to act they have demonstrated, in public, that your officers are not fit and proper people to protect our beloved Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II, and by demonstrating their inefficiency so publicly have made the likelihood of a serious attempt upon the person of Her Majesty a serious probability.

 As a loyal subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I require your explanation as to why your officers are so badly supervised by you that England's Queen has been placed at risk.

 Yours sincerely

Your Name

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