How many more coming up against a brick wall ?

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How many more coming up against a brick wall ?
« on: May 05, 2014, 11:25:16 PM »
It is my understanding that the policy of governments past and present is that Britain should be a multi-cultural society. So why is everything slanted against the indigenous people of these islands in favour of Muslim immigrants threatening to have an Islamic government and sharia law. How is this multi-cultural? The multi-culturalists want to allow burkas to be worn by Muslim women but want to ban the wearing of the crucifix. Christianity, they say, is not multi-cultural, but Islam is, apparently! And why are the Jews permitted to publish vile and vociferously racist threats about non-Jews in their Talmud, which if published by any other organisation would be a criminal offence?

"Barbarism is never finally defeated, given propitious circumstances, men and women who appear quite orderly, will commit every conceivable atrocity." Robbery under the Law by Evelyn Waugh.

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On 5 May 2014, at 15:15, "William Finnerty" <[email protected]> wrote:

 The excerpts in the sections provided immediately below are from an e-mail sent  on   April 25th 2014 to -- among several other people, using the same e-mail -- Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny TD, Republic of Ireland President Michael D. Higgins, and Republic of Ireland Chief Justice Susan Denham, in their respective capacities as the principal representatives of the Three Main Branches of the present Republic of Ireland Government: i.e. the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches.
 ===   ===   ===

     Crime is crime, and government crime is government crime.     

   In the case of the Republic of Ireland, having due regard for the potential -- if used responsibly -- of the powerfully protective presence of the "Tripartite Separation of Powers" facility that is deeply embedded into the fabric of Bunreacht na hEireann (the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland), for the primary purpose of preventing  "The Government" of the Republic of Ireland from committing serious crimes against  "The People" of the Republic of Ireland, extremely serious crimes of the kind its Governments have been involved in for the past several years -- both by deed, and perhaps much more so by omission in many instances -- all continues to be sustained, and steadily added to by new criminal abuses of "the people" from time to time: by all of the three main branches of its recent Governments: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

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 ===   ===   ===

  UPDATE #7 (April 25th 2014):   

 "To Whom It May Concern"

 The following excerpts are from a "To Whom It May Concern" letter dated October 28th 2005 from Dr Michael McCavert (General Practitioner):

 "Firstly that William (Finnerty's) symptoms and behaviours are the result of traumas and stresses over years and these traumas and stresses have come at the hands of individuals and public officials and bodies that he has encountered in his struggles to try to correct environmental wrong doings.

 He has suffered considerable frustration at not being able to get legal representation and indeed has been refused legal aid as well.

 On reviewing the depth and range of his symptoms he has got   PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Complex as a result of all his traumas.

 I think William's mental health is very much at risk and any attempt to produce undue pressure on his mental state will certainly have a detrimental effect."
 Copies of the above mentioned October 28th 2005  "To Whom It May Concern" were sent to 1) "The Officer in Charge of State Pensions and to 2)  Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton TD (Labour Party), through the registered post, on March 16th 2011, and to   3) The Chief Pension Appeals Officer   and 4) President Michael D Higgins (Labour Party) on November 2nd 2011 (also through the registered post).

 Scanned copies of the two sets of registered letters in question (which include Dr Michael McCavert's letter), together with scanned copies of the associated Post Office receipts and delivery notes, can be viewed at the following two www locations:

  Despite several reminders during the years in between 2011 and the present time,  all four of the people referred to at the two www addresses immediately above continue (from my viewpoint at least) to act as they all  "know nothing"  --  and presumably  "care nothing"  -- about the contents of Dr Michael McCavert's "To Whom It May Concern Letter" dated October 28th 2005.   


 Related Issues ...

"I never got any complaints."

"Consultant Psychiatrists and Government Ministers continue to ignore the global threat for 'humanity as a whole' posed by the Money Power Psychopaths ..."

 And, an e-mail relating to these issues to President Michael D Higgins dated April 14th 2014, which was copied to several other people using the same e-mail:

 === === ===

 The full-text of the e-mail of April 25th 2014 (referred to at the start of the  message text above) can be viewed at:

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 ===   ===   ===

 UPDATE #8 (April 29th 2014):   

The State (Republic of Ireland) is a juristic person ...

 The excerpts in the section below are from a registered letter posted on  April 3rd 2007 to the Finnerty (New Inn) Family Lawyer, Barrister John Glynn, who is the Principal Lawyer at law-firm Patrick Hogan & Co, Dunlo Street. Ballinasloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland.


'As  Minister for Justice McDowell   appears to me to be acting in a manner that  "prevents justice being served",  and as perverting the course of justice is a criminal offence, I am copying this e-mail to Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland): in the expectation that, as I understand is normal practice, the perpetrator of the crime being committed against me will be brought to justice by the law enforcement agencies, rather than by myself (i.e. the injured victim).'
 'If for any reason Commissioner Conroy fails to implement the law relating to "perverting the course of justice", regarding the manner in which Minister for Justice McDowell is blocking an "effective remedy" through which I can receive justice, I would then like your advice on another possible solution to my legal difficulties, which I have found in a book titled "Principles of Irish Law" (by Dublin-based barrister and law-lecturer Brian Doolan). This relates to the following statement from his book (on page 9 the Fifth Edition): "The Supreme Court decided, in Byrne v Ireland (1972), that the State is a juristic person which can be sued for the wrongful acts of its public servants".'


The full text of the April 3rd 2007 registered letter, which was copied to several other people, can be viewed at:

 To date, William Finnerty has never received any reply of any kind from Barrister John Glynn to the April 3rd 2007 registered letter referred to above. A scanned copy of the Post Office registered letter receipt can also be viewed at the www address immediately above.

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List of Related E-mails:

 ===   ===   ===

 UPDATE #9 (May 1st 2014):   

"Pensions: the UNELECTED elephant in the Judicial Branch of our Government ..."

 Excerpts from e-mail to United Nations at:  ...

"I am now very rapidly growing more and more concerned about the way Chief Justice Susan Denham appears (from my viewpoint at least) to be COMPLETELY IGNORING all -- repeat ALL -- of the several attempts made by me -- which includes at least two registered letters that I have sent to her earlier this year -- to try and communicate with her (in writing) since she took on her present job on July 25th 2011."

 "Ireland’s Chief Justice John L Murray has finally been removed!. Amidst the   ongoing exposure of corruption and fraud in Ireland's Justice System a new Chief Justice   – a position which includes responsibility for the Courts administrative function (including the ability to choose a Judge for a case) – was given this time to a woman!"

 "In addition to his €295,000 salary, he draws two pensions from his time as attorney general (Republic of Ireland) and a member of the European Court of Justice. His total remuneration comes to around €450,000."


Tyranny, and the role played by unconstitutional legislation ...

 Excerpt from e-mail at:

'Last Friday, an effort was made (by e-mail) to draw Minister Gormley's attention to the very disturbing relationship between "unconstitutional legislation", and, the kind of "government-driven tyranny" many of us have all too often observed in recent years in the Republic of Ireland ...'


High Court Opinion ...

 From Indymedia (Ireland) comment at: ...

"Our Chief Justice (Supreme Court Judge Mr. John L. Murray) was informed directly again today that, in all probability, our National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL: or ILLEGAL in other words."


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 ===   ===   ===

 UPDATE 10 (May 2nd 2014):   

 The Anti-Social Curse of Impunity   

"I have a very strong feeling -- the product of lengthy personal experience and a mountain of hard evidence -- that in relation to the particular Republic of Ireland environmental issues in question, the consultant psychiatrists, and the judges, are all 'swimming in the same tank' more or less: and, that (generally speaking) both of these groups of people are at the very forefront of the largely invisible (but totally overwhelming) set of grossly corrupt forces which are fiercely sustaining and reinforcing the social curse of impunity".

 "By way of I providing evidence of this particularly nasty brand of 'mental health-service corruption' (of all things!!), please note the way that  Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Anne Jeffers is refusing to read the letters I sent to her through the registered post: which contain irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing "at the hands of individuals and public officials and bodies that he has encountered in his struggles to try to correct environmental wrong doings" (as described by Dr Michael McCavert GP in his October 28th 2005 letter at ). A copy of the February 25th 2009 letter in question from Dr Jeffers (containing a 'truly amazing'' message,  written on Health Service Executive headed notepaper and signed by Dr Jeffers, for William Finnerty, and sent to him via his half-sister Marjorie Dolan, can be viewed at the following address: "

 The two excerpts just above are from a comment dated March 14th 2009 at:

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"Impunity, United Nations, Ireland, William Finnerty ..."

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"Impunity, Unconstitutional Legislation, Republic of Ireland ..."

The United Nations Definition Of Impunity:

"Impunity means the impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account - whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings - since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims".

The excerpt immediately above is from a United Nations document titled "Updated Set of principles for the protection and promotion of human rights through  action to combat impunity".  The full text of the document in question can be viewed at:

  ===   ===   ===

 UPDATE 11 (May 4th 2014):   


 "Preamble ...

 "Recalling the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes that disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind,

 "Aware that there is an ever-present risk that such acts may again occur,

 "Reaffirming the commitment made by Member States under Article 56 of the Charter of the United Nations to take joint and separate action, giving full importance to developing effective international cooperation for the achievement of the purposes set forth in Article 55 of the Charter concerning universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all,

 "Considering that the duty of every State  under international law to respect and to secure respect for human rights requires that effective measures should be taken to combat  impunity,   

"Aware that there can be no just and lasting reconciliation unless the need for justice is effectively satisfied,

 "Equally aware that forgiveness, which may be an important element of reconciliation, implies, insofar as it is a private act, that the victim or the victim's beneficiaries know the perpetrator of the violations and that the latter has acknowledged his or her deeds,

 "Recalling the recommendation set forth in paragraph 91 of Part II of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, wherein the World Conference on Human Rights (June 1993) expressed its concern about  the impunity of perpetrators of human rights violations   and encouraged the efforts of the Commission on Human Rights to examine all aspects of the issue,

"Convinced, therefore, that national and international measures must be taken for that purpose with a view to securing jointly, in the interests of the victims of violations, observance of the right to know and, by implication, the right to the truth, the  right to justice and the right to  reparation, without which there can be no effective remedy against the    pernicious   effects of  impunity    ..."


 The original of the above United Nations text on  impunity  can be viewed (in full) at:

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"Republic of Ireland Chief Justice Susan Denham,  Impunity,   William Finnerty ..."

 Later today a copy of this e-mail will be placed at the following www location:


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