The Plans of the Elders of Zion

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The Plans of the Elders of Zion
« on: May 26, 2014, 07:25:55 PM »

The Plans of the Elders of Zion

 Written by Albion

Muslim colonisation 140 x 93I will refrain from using the corrupted adjective ‘British’ which used to be a Noun and use the collective word English. When I refer to the English I naturally include people of Welsh, Scottish and Irish ancestry; the fair skinned Caucasian people of Celtic origin of these cold northern islands. Today the word ‘British’ has a new meaning which is somewhat of a misnomer as it now describes any person who holds a UK passport, but not actually a resident but a person who qualifies as a permanent resident of the United Kingdom which in practise can include a person from Angola or Zanzibar plus another 193 countries in between A to Z which the United States' State Department recognises around the world.

With the disclaimer out of the way I will attempt to answer a question that plagued the hell out of me and a question that has been asked time and time again. The question being what the hell is taking place in the Western World and for what purpose? The English shopper in the high street unable to understand the myriad of exotic languages being spoken around them or unable to recognise the ethnic origins of the passers-by might wonder if by chance they have strayed onto a BBC film set about the life and times of famous explorers or perhaps witnessing the Right Honourable Lord Richard Attenborough rehearsing a nature programme on the Origins of the Species and ask the same question.

There are a number of conspiracy theories as to what is taking place in the First World, though a number might be a gross understatement.

I had not completed this article and I was on the 7th draft and on checking the word count it showed I was nudging 1532 words. I realised ones attention span is not that long so I decided I needed to do some serious culling, I will return to the subject of culling later. The problem I was faced with was that I really needed to write something like 12,000 words just to begin to explain my theory as to what I personally believe is taking place in the First World as nothing was making any sense. I will be frugal with my words and try and keep the word count down and somehow squeeze 12,000 words into approximately 1,000 and still retain some sense to this article. Here goes.

After WW2 nations began to rebuild their shattered infrastructure and economies. Boundaries were redrawn; it was a replay of the aftermath of WW1. But an event happened during WW2 which did not happen in WW1, that event was the ‘Holocaust’. No-one knows the true figure of the number of Jews that died in concentration camps but some extremely wild, unsubstantiated claims have been bandied about and due to the turmoil of internment, death and blind hate exaggeration is quite understandable.

The Holocaust cannot be denied or refuted simply because it cannot be debated on threat of incarceration. It might explain the Jews obsession with National Security and the paranoia of being surrounded by hostile Islamic nations. 

In 1917 a Mr. Jim Balfour decided to write to a Mr. Baron Rothschild, leader of the Jewish community in Great Britain and offer the Jews the lands of the Arabs with a covering letter which stated “His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country”. This was the Balfour declaration. 

They agreed but at the time sneakily avoided telling this Mr Jim. Balflour they did not agree to the last bit about “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the Blah, Blah, Blah, Palestine” which would have caused the agreement to drag on and on. Naturally the Arabs expressed deep disapproval, well they would wouldn’t they.

The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a proposal developed by the United Nations to carve up Palestine for the creation of independent Jewish and Palestinian states, this was in 1947, in exchange for the Jewish Terrorists Irgun and the Stern Gang agreeing to stop blowing up hotels, killing British soldiers and things and generally committing mayhem in Palestine. 

By coincidence but not by design it was the year prior to the commencement of colonisation of the UK by the Third World. 

The people who are invited to the Bilderberger meetings and later get to frolic around an enormous Owl at Bohemian grove in fancy dress know only too well the dangers facing the world. These people are the influential King Makers and the Elders of Zion who control anything and everything that is of any importance and own anything and everything that is anything of importance. 

We in comparison are ordinary fellow travellers on this inconsequential dying blue/green stellar piece of flotsam floating aimlessly in space against a star studded ebon cyclorama apparently without purpose…… I will read that again, iss good innit.

Now Global warming is the bedfellow of overpopulation, or is it the other way round and the culling which was once achieved by regular wars has ceased as we have not had any serious conflicts where everyone has been invited to partake for quite some time which does not help overpopulation which in turn does not indirectly help Global Warming. I won’t dwell on this but the connection is obvious, it is all about sustainability.

I would like to finish this in 55 words as I am up to 945 words already.

So the plan is this, the faceless people I speak of who pull the strings flood the West with the help of the United Nations to cause enormous disquiet ignoring the anguish of the European people, eventually civil unrest breaks out, NOT civil war and the swarthy interlopers that intend to rape and conquer the lands of the Christians are driven out or killed without a home to return to. Ironic justice you might say a bit like the wandering Jew I suppose. They did a great job on Palestine. 

It will overnight alleviate two very troublesome worries, firstly it will once and for all remove any fears Israel may have about insecurity and save the heaps of money and lives invading Iran and sorting out Lebanon and no Jewish lives will be lost as it will be Europeans driving Islam into the sea and at the same time reducing the world’s population. 

1114 words, sorry about that.

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There's no advantage to Jewry to have Europeans defeat and cleanse the world of moslems and Islam. It only serves their purpose to foist major conflict between Islam and the Goyim which leads to assured mutual destruction. Thereafter, the ashes may be ruled over unopposed...
Sven  · 5 weeks ago

How about using the word 'Briton' instead of British? As in the descendants of the ancient Britons.
+8    gtrman's avatar - Go to profile 
gtrman 1p  · 5 weeks ago

David Attenborough, surely?

+3    albion's avatar 
albion  · 2 weeks ago

Yes.................... one of the Attenboroughs.....................,

+11    stressedoutidealist's avatar - Go to profile 
stressedoutidealist 81p  · 5 weeks ago

Glad to see you back posting again. I only found out by accident that the best WN website was up and running again so I hope others do as well.
the Jews practice one scam after another in their puppet-play to lead the white race to their destruction and one of their big lies was the threat of total financial collapse, an event which many of us were looking forward to an opportunity for us white people to get our nations back once the dole money dried up that 80% of Muslims and probably all blacks in Europe are living on. But as usual it was the paid shills putting out an Hegelian mass-psychology message to deceive:

 The Great Economic Financial Collapse Scam:

+6    's avatar - Go to profile   
@EyeOfWoden  · 4 weeks ago

"When I refer to the English I naturally include people of Welsh, Scottish and Irish ancestry; the fair skinned Caucasian people of Celtic origin of these cold northern islands."

The Welsh, Scottish and Irish are English now are they? I think the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, AND ENGLISH would have something to say about that.

+3    Revimp's avatar 
Revimp  · 4 weeks ago

The Christian-Zionists Problem - Khazar DNA.

+4    Revimp's avatar 
Revimp  · 4 weeks ago


.Deconstructing the Fairy Tale of Saint Albert The Genius.

+5    Ron's avatar 
Ron  · 4 weeks ago


 "Sooner will a camel pass through a needle's eye than a great man be 'discovered' by an election.

0    john b's avatar 
john b  · 2 weeks ago

Very Good, if only he had a word to say about Gods take on all thgis and His plans??? Ooops cant mention our Creator and the fact that He might have a thought or two about all this. ATCHUNG!!!! GOTT IST VERBOTTEN !!!!

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