Yet it was the Europeans who finally rose up at the polls

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Let's see. Our Western 'values' lead us to intervene in Ukraine to help a nation sign an association agreement with the EU, which is failing, even though though Ukraine is deeply indebted to an indulgent nation that doesn't bother to collect its debts, whereas the EU subjects its debtors to grinding austerity. And we threaten this more indulgent nation that gives Ukraine the easiest possible terms because we somehow consider it evil. Further, the West threatens to attack Assad, the last Middle Eastern leader who protects Christians. Yet, the governments of the 'Christian' West sit around like bumps on logs as the most evil government in the world hangs Christians just because they are Christians.

Republican Senator McCain rushed to Ukraine to 'help,' meeting with a Nazi whom he wants as an ally. McCain has not uttered a peep about Sudan. He's fine with a government that hangs Christians. So is the rest of the political class.

Democrat Kerry is in perfect agreement with the neocons in this.

And a large percentage of Americans think we can save our country by electing a Republican? My fellow Americans, many of you are confused. Many of you keep reminding me about American exceptionalism and insist that the Europeans and the Russians are our moral inferiors.

Yet it was the Europeans who finally rose up at the polls and stood up to the EU tyrant...while Americans still fret over rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, in the firm belief that one group of World Masters--or supranational elitists--is somehow more benevolent than the other.

Our thanks to G. in the UK for this tip.

Don Hank

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