Mrs Windsor’s Little Speech

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Mrs Windsor’s Little Speech
« on: June 04, 2014, 11:56:12 PM »

Mrs Windsor’s Little Speech

by Captain Ranty on June 4, 2014

This just in.

From our old pal Bob at the Magna Carta Society:

“Perhaps you saw the Royal charade of the Queen’s speech. The Queen still referring to “My Government” and My Ministers”! What utter nonsense. Elizabeth II was of course referring to the EU’s British administration, we no longer have a government. The monarch used to be the official Governor of the nation until the Queen chose to surrender the supremacy of the Crown to the EU Reich. There is no provision in the Treaty of Rome for a constitutional monarchy, a fact of which she must have been fully aware. The people did not choose to end the monarchy, that was the Queen’s choice and in true German style she decided it best not to inform the ignorant people but instead chose to continue with the dressing up bit and the now meaningless stage performances, trusting that it would be enough to satisfy them.

For some of us however that is not enough. Either we have a proper monarch upholding the responsibilities that go with the office or we must expose the Queen as an imposter and elect someone who will do the job, or we abandon the concept of a constitutional monarchy and form a republic. The third choice is to do nothing and simply allow ourselves to be finished off as a nation state and become political serfs in a German province. Bearing in mind that a republic is a nation in which the people hold the supreme power. In my opinion resurrecting an out-dated and flawed political structure would be very difficult if not impossible so to do. So, becoming a republic, which in common law we have always been, is the most obvious direction to take.

Time and neglect has cultured a dark, overgrown and diseased political wilderness in which sly and dangerous creatures can creep about hidden and obscured by an entangled frith of corruption and dishonesty, an evil royal hunting forest protected by a false monarch. BL.”

We have, over the years, had a great many posts about this fake monarch. I can only assume that the people are just as in love with the idea of a queen and will not hear that she has, in fact, abdicated.

The delusion continues….


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