Britain ready to blow

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Britain ready to blow
« on: June 14, 2014, 07:44:36 PM »

Tick…tick…tick! Time-bomb Britain is ready to blow.

Sat, 14/06/2014 - 13:00

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Which means, says Nick Griffin, that self-discipline and well-planned action is more necessary than ever

Thousands of Glasgow women on the march to protest against police failure to act against Roma rape gangs.

Locals in South Yorkshire pit villages tell police to deal with immigrant criminality or face riots.

White lads stand up to Muslim bullies in Manchester as the victims and families of police inaction on grooming reach the end of their tether.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On top of that there are all the incidents no-one’s heard about outside of the area affected, and of course the simmering cauldrons of inter-minority hatred in places such as Sheffield and Birmingham.

Not to mention the ferocious joy with which hundreds of thousands of radicalised young Sunni Muslims living in British towns and cities are watching the TV reports of the successes and brutality of their older brothers on the rampage in Iraq.

So it’s no surprise that Boris Johnson has just ordered three water cannon trucks from Germany.

Anyone with a finger anywhere near the pulse of Britain’s streets knows that a couple more weeks of hot weather could be all that’s needed for the ticking time-bomb to detonate.

It’s still not guaranteed of course, but 2014 could be the summer that Enoch Powell saw coming – and which millions of Brits also know that we’ve been warning about and struggling to stop during years of thankless political slogging.

So what do we have to do now?

First, understand that the moment at which public anger boils over is a very dangerous one for careless nationalists. Because it won’t just be tempers that rise, it will also be the desperation of the police to clamp down on British resistance, and to find white scapegoats which can be sacrificed in an attempt to appease the Muslim community when there have to be arrests of young would-be jihadis.

So heed this warning – and heed it well: A delegation of American police experts recently briefed their British counterparts on how using social media such as twitter and Facebook is now the best source of intelligence leads against gangs.

Putting that together with the fact that the police are already in the habit of arresting people for being ‘offensive’ online and the following is the unavoidable conclusion:

If/when it all goes bang, people posting racist comments, particularly Pavlovian-response words such as P*** and N*****, will get their doors kicked in, will get their computers seized, will lose their jobs and – particularly if they are daft enough to compound the trouble by trying to talk their way out of trouble instead of sticking to ‘No Comment’ - will go to prison.

And, if they are members or sympathisers of the BNP, they will damage our party into the bargain.

So DON’T do it! Our case for the survival of our people is the most moral cause on the Planet. We don’t want or need it dragged into the gutter with crude racism and swear words – even when at times the targets of such comments richly deserve good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon criticism.


So the hotter things get out there, the cooler our people – and I include YOU – have to be. Don’t think of it as bowing to Political Correctness, think of it as having the self-discipline to avoid giving the police the excuse to take you off the political battlefield.

Because you’re far more use free, active and spreading the word than you would be banged up for 23 hours a day in a cell with a smackhead and a moron lowlife who beat his dog to death.

So whatever the provocation, however angry you may feel when immigrant rioters set your town on fire, keep your comments moderated, decent and clean – whether on a demonstration or online, it may well be the thing that keeps you out of prison and in the game.

Thinking ahead

And what will the BNP game be? I can tell you that we’re raising it.

If you’ve been watching our Facebook statistics you’ll already be seeing the impact of our new efforts to harness the incredible power of social networking.

The visit of several key members to the Facebook-organised Women Against Rape demo in Glasgow was just one of various fact-finding and research efforts we’re been putting in to this field.

Behind the scenes meanwhile, we have of course spent a great deal of time analysing the European and local election results.

The controlled media’s Ukip Mirage was of course the decisive factor, but the biggest story of all slipped by unnoticed.

That is that, despite all the hype for and against Ukip, the turn-out was virtually unchanged from last time.

The fact that over two-thirds of the potential electorate weren’t even swayed into voting by all the “Peasants’ Revolt” guff provides the clearest possible indicator of the yawning gulf between the people and the entire political process.

That gulf cannot be filled by any fiendishly clever propaganda message, or by tinkering with policies or image.

The only possible way to break through the “you’re all selfish, thieving scum and I wouldn’t vote if you all caught fire” cynicism is through positive, locally-led community action such as door-to-door foodbanks. Nothing else will begin to do the job, and this is a subject to which I will return in a further article.

Revamping BNP activism

Preparations are also under way centrally to give a far more disciplined, professional and smart ‘edge’ to our leading edge activism than ever before. When it all hits the fan, there’ll be no shortage of rough, angry, frankly ugly crowds out on the street. Which is why we need our presence to stand out as highly disciplined, smart, professional and positive.

This is an urgent project because we all know that the time-bomb could now go off at any moment.

Frankly, we hope it doesn’t go off yet because, quite apart from the fact that the media will immediately set about stoning the messenger, we aren’t yet organisationally ready for it.

For a start, we’ve got thousands of election enquiries to call and visit, and a pile of new members to involve and train as new activists.

But when it does all kick off, what then?

When communities turn on each other and fall part, it’s very easy to play to the lowest common denominator and be part of the negative problem. But remember that the people who created the multi-racial disaster knew from the very beginning that it would lead to Balkanisation and hatred.

That’s precisely what they wanted, because such divisions protect parasitic elites from popular anger at their looting and greed.

“Told you so!”

So while our response to the coming crisis (this year, next year, it’s coming, mark my words) can legitimately include an element of “we told you so”. But it must not sink into the gutter of negativity or of hatred of the elite’s immigrant pawns.

Even as we help to organise our community’s self-defence efforts (and yes, those will come too) we need to keep focussed on the fact that the people to blame are the politicians, the media and the police – not innocent members (and there always are some) of other communities.

There are others out there following in the footsteps of the Zionist-created and –run EDL, trying to make money out of juvenile confrontations, invading mosques with the deliberate intention of provoking a reaction that will produce ‘profitable’ martyrs.

They are setting their followers up to be sacrificial lambs, because when the police finally act against the teenage jihad gangs now setting themselves up in every Sunni Muslim ghetto in Britain, they need a white bogeyman group to take out and lock up at the same time.

Lesson learned

This was the most important lesson the British state learned from the disaster than ensued when, at the start of the troubles in Ulster, they arrested only suspects from the Catholic community, while leaving militant Protestants to run free. The perception of bias thus created was the best recruiting sergeant (except for the loud-mouthed bigot Ian Paisley) that the IRA ever had.

They won’t make the same mistake again, so you may wonder if it’s no coincidence that the drive to lure good-hearted but naïve youngsters into becoming the British scapegoat is based in Northern Ireland (though of course, it could just be that Belfast is the safest place to be based when you’re trying to provoke the Mother of All Riots in Bradford, Birmingham and Bow).

There is another reason why the EDL-style “all Muslims are the enemy” or 1970s-style “all immigrants are subhuman” moronic generalisations are deeply flawed. It isn’t simply immoral to fall into the trap set by the instigators of mass immigration by blaming the pawns rather than the player. It also undermines the power of our claim that we have the answers.

And, when the River Tiber starts to foam in earnest, in the midst of all the hate the overwhelming desire will be for solutions, not revenge, for peace rather than perpetual civil war. This despite the fact, of course, that there are people out there who want such endless conflict.

Exposing the Warmongers

Taking the EDL as an example, if you haven’t already read my in-depth study “What Lies Behind the EDL?” please take a bit of time to do so.

And, having read it, understand that sinister manipulators like Frank Gaffney, Alan Lake and Rabbi Shifren don’t pour hundreds of thousands of dollars and vast amounts of time into winding up the British white working class because they actually give a fig about what happens in Britain.

They want our people fighting mad. Mad enough to replace the public hostility to the Iraq war with war fever that makes the middle class queue up to pay their taxes and the working class queue up to send their sons and daughters into the neo-cons’ Last Battle to secure the Middle East for US oil companies and the Zionist-fascist vision of a Greater Israel “from the Nile to the Euphrates”.

That’s what they want. What about us? We want peace. Which means that rather than reacting to the coming crisis by getting ourselves arrested for ‘inciting hatred’, we need to concentrate our efforts on putting forward positive solutions.

Short-term, that means we should be mobilising worried people to demand effective police action, we should be at the forefront of doing deals with “them” for the peaceful exchange of homes between families stuck on the wrong side of a community fault line (don’t think this is wild, it happened all over Northern Ireland in 1970 and it was a whisker away from happening in Oldham in 2001 – I know, I was working on it with one of their Imams.

Longer term, it means offering a constructive alternative to the surrender to Islamisation proposed by the conventional left and the equally crazy perpetual world war promoted by the neo-con right typified by the warmongers Michael Gove and Douglas Murray.

Neither appeasement nor war, but peace!

Because we have a far more attractive alternative. Neither surrender nor war but a negotiated peace on the simplest lines possible – we leave their lands, and they leave ours. The Muslims can have their Caliphate – as long as it’s in the Middle East and not in East London!

So no halal slaughter of animals in Britain, and no UK collaboration with US drones slaughtering wedding parties on the Afghan/Pakistan border. No mosques here, no British troops there. It’s simple, logical, attractive and practical.

On the subject of practicality, it must also be understood that it is tactically very bad to make enemies of people who could and should be allies. When Britain’s streets explode it needn’t be “us against them”.

Remember Birmingham in 2005 when deadly rioting broke out between blacks and Muslims over allegations of the grooming and rape of black girls, and watch Sheffield, where the Pakistani community are finding out exactly how our people felt when they arrived but aren’t set to be so tolerant about it. Very often it could be “them against them”.

The BNP’s regular, friendly and productive contact with Sikhs is a matter of record and rightly valued.

Less well-known is the fact that large numbers of people within the Shia minority living in the UK (many of them genuine refugees from Sunni Muslim intolerance and violence in places such as Pakistan) are also staunch admirers of the BNP on account of our long effort to warn about the dangers of Islamist extremism.

Not “all the same”

Our role in helping to stop the neo-cons turning the RAF into Al Qaida’s Air Force in Syria last summer was also much appreciated by the Shia community in Britain. So why on earth would any genuine nationalist succumb to the poison propaganda of the Zionist and neo-con internet trolls that “all Muslims are the same.”

They are not, which is why in Lebanon (which – if we do not turn things around - is a more accurate blueprint for the future of multi-racial Britain than the Balkans) the peace is now kept primarily by a strong alliance between Maronite Christians and Shia Muslim militias linked to Shia Iran.

Despite the two sides uneasy past, they recognise co-operation between them as the only way to see off the threat they both face from both Wahhabi Sunni and Zionist aggression.

Even within the Sunni community in the UK, there is still a large (but shrinking) minority who are more aware and alarmed about the Saudi-financed spread of jihadi ideology than any of the fools, crooks or even warmongers in the Establishment.

I spoke at length with one such individual in Birmingham several months ago, when he sought our advice on how to break the Islamist Trojan Horse plot story at a time when the media and authorities were trying to hush it all up.

He told me that more than half of the youths in his community are already fully radicalised, but that many of their parents, and especially the parents of the unradicalised ones who are being bullied and pressured to conform and turn to Jihadism, are desperately worried about the future.

Whether there would remain any possibility of cooperation with such people once the trouble really starts and our two communities segregate completely amidst ethnic cleansing violence is a very moot point, but it is surely worth trying to keep open lines of communication in order to discuss disengagement by negotiation rather than by petrol bombs.

If we treat the moderates the same as the radicals, we will radicalise the whole lot. That’s both unfair and deeply stupid, so let’s not do it. To those from that community reading this, we are always ready to talk and to listen.

Action not talk

Overall, however, for the BNP this summer needs to be one not of talking abut of action.

We’ve licked our wounded pride over the way in which a million and more of our supports (for the number has grown, and continues to grow) held their noses and voted Ukip in the mistaken belief that it was the best way to send the Powers that Be a message.

We’ve taken heart from the fact that we won our first seat in four years, proving that we can beat all the others AND Ukip where we do the intensive work needed to prove that the British National Party really are different.

We’ve given a lot of thought to how we can do things better, and what kind of party we really need to be.

We’ve watched and learnt from others and done a hidden mountain of research into ways to up our game.

And now we all know that events out there are just one spark from transforming the external circumstances in which we work.

I hope you understand all this too. I hope you appreciate that we remain the Only Hope.

And I hope you are refreshed and ready, both online and on the streets, to throw yourself back into the struggle, shoulder to shoulder with me and our BNP comrades.

VITAL FURTHER READING. Two important online booklets by Nick Griffin

What Lies Behind the EDL?

Arrested! Fighting for freedom, resisting police oppression

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