Mass Immigration And The New Tower Of Babel = PART 3

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Mass Immigration And The New Tower Of Babel = PART 3
« on: June 15, 2014, 10:22:39 PM »
The 'Only Whites Are Racist' Myth

 Most of the things that Marr and others consider to be 'racist' do not involve violence towards other ethnic minorities but are merely the expression of the natural feelings of belonging to a particular ethnic group. Feelings that are encouraged amongst other ethnic groups but, according to Marr, require 'stamping hard on' to 'kill them off' when done by any native Briton. The idea that only 'whites' can be racist is a carefully manipulated lie. Other racial or ethnic groupings are every bit as 'racist' as 'whites', some possibly more so. In fact in some of the last figures published by the government, statistics showed that 'whites' were far more likely to be victims of racial violence than ethnic minorities. Although presented in a deceptive manner typical of all British government's, a careful analysis showed that in 1999 the 'white' population were approximately 90% of the population and yet made up 60% of the victims. Put another way, ethnic minorities, despite being only 10% of the population, committed 60% of the crimes, whilst 'whites being 90% of the population committed, at most, 40%. It is probably very likely that a significant number of the racial violence aimed at ethnic minorities were perpetrated by a different ethnic minority.

 These figures shouldn't be a surprise considering that ethnic minorities, particularly children in the education (indoctrination) system, are constantly being told that all 'whites' are responsible for such things as the Empire and the slave trade. The finger of blame is never pointed at the true source of these evils, the worshippers of Lucifer and/or Satan that have suppressed and enslaved us all. Neither is it pointed at other ethnic groups that are equally culpable.

British male deemed 'privileged and
 powerful' solely due to his skin colour
The original dictionary definition of 'discrimination' is the ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.' In other words it is no more than being able to tell the difference between things. Still, we are told that discrimination is wrong and yet there are numerous examples of anti-white discrimination. The large number of 'black' or 'minority ethnic' only organisations, often tax payer funded, are but one example. Another would be the so called 'equality' legislation that makes it legal to discriminate against 'whites' in the jobs market. Bizarrely a poor 'white', working class, youth from a council estate is somehow deemed to have an advantage of some sorts, solely due to the colour of his skin, over a middle class ethnic Indian from a wealthy home. This is sometimes excused by the notion that there needs to be distinct ethnic quotas in the job market. That ethnic Jamaicans, for example, will only respond favourably to police who are also ethnic Jamaicans or even more crudely that only 'blacks' can be policed effectively by other 'blacks'. Ignoring the obvious racism in such an idea it is never operated in reverse where it can be said that only 'whites' can be effectively be policed or have their fire put out by other 'whites'.

 The relentless 'Cultural Marxist' propaganda war inevitably results in staggeringly wrong statements such as the following by left wing comedian and Beeboid, Jo Brand. In an interview on BBC Radio Five Live she said:

" can't be racist towards white people".

 She claims this is because all white people, somehow, have political power. As we've seen, the idea we have a democracy in this country is wishful thinking at best. We have a ruling 'elite' that operates in its interest and certainly not in the interests of the native British peoples of this nation. The ruling 'elite' may have power but the inhabitants of the numerous sprawling council estates up and down this country don't. Sadly the attitude and thinking expressed by Brand is fairly typical of a sizeable section of the media, if not the 'liberal' establishment, in this country. This brings to mind some further quotes by Hal Becker, who was mentioned earlier.

"It can also call on the capabilities of a mass psychological warfare machine, also run by the British and their assets, which extends into key phases of media production, and includes writers and psychiatrists who help shape the content, and the pollsters who fine-tune and analyze the impact on targetted populations. Beyond this interacting network, there are millions of participants involved in the production, distribution, and transmission of media messages, whose thinking, in turn, has been shaped by the content of the media product, and who are, effectively, self-brainwashed by the culture within which they live.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the end result of all this psychological control is, of course the New World Order's world government."

 If the quotas favour ethnic minorities, for example ethnic Indian doctors, there is never a clamour to reduce their numbers in favour of more white or even African doctors. These absurdities exist because they were never about 'equality' in the first place. They were always about disenfranchising the majority native British as part of the process of their destruction as a distinct ethnic and cultural group. It has to be remembered that these things are not being done for the benefit of ethnic minorities who are just being used as pawns in the Satanic New World Order game which will eventually subjugate us all.


 In conclusion, mass immigration and multiculturalism are key elements of the world government agenda that the self styled 'philosophic elites' of the world are slowly working towards. This carefully veiled false utopia will in essence be a new feudal system overseen by a cabal of Lucifer worshippers that will result in the enslavement of humanity mind, body and soul.

As counter intuitive as it seems to those on the 'left', the 'global capitalist' right and large sections of the 'truth movement', the best defence against this proposed New World Order is nationalism. A benign, natural, nationalism that seeks to cooperate with other nations to all of their interests. As we've seen, their greatest fear is that if one single country escapes from their grasp and serves as an example to the rest of the world it will in turn set off a 'domino effect' that sees nation after nation demanding and getting true freedom. This more than anything would thwart the New World Order agenda. If the country that did escape was Britain the ripples felt would, perhaps, be greater than anywhere else due to our association with the Commonwealth. We shouldn't pretend that this would be easy. Indeed one of the reasons behind mass immigration was to make such a thing far harder by destroying the cohesion that is more easily found in ethnically homogenous countries.

 The idea that Commonwealth countries gained complete independence and escaped the clutches of the British Empire is somewhat misleading. All that really happened was that agents of the ruling 'elite' were put into positions of power in Commonwealth countries and are kept there by the similar manipulations of the democratic process that we suffer from here in Britain. The countries of the Commonwealth are no more free or democratic than we are here in Britain and are still ultimately controlled from here by the Crown. As in Britain, Freemasonry and the secret society networks are an essential part of the control structure. Much of the so-called 'foreign aid' budget is used to grease the wheels of this process.

 If the nest of vipers that is the Crown in the City of London, the Royal and aristocratic parasites that feed off it and the puppet politicians who dance to their tune, could be defeated here in Britain we would almost certainly be in a position to help the rest of the Commonwealth to throw off their chains. Nothing would relieve the issue of immigration more than this, nor better relieve poverty. In fact freed from the asset stripping and debt enslavement of the banks (who serve as a proxy for the ruling 'elite') many so called 'Third World' countries could thrive and prosper. Indeed I would guess this would then serve as a catalyst for many ethnic minorities wishing to return to their native countries, if for no other reason than the weather would be better. A reduction in the numbers of ethnic minorities here in Britain  can only be a good thing. This would allow those British, who wish to do so, to continue their centuries old culture and way of life by living in communities of their choice. Those other British who prefer to live in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural communities would also be free to do so. This wouldn't require laws to pass it would just happen naturally if and when the State stopped trying to socially engineer and 'change' us all.

Instead of increasing the already very high population
 density of this country through mass immigration we could
 reduce the number of human battery cages aka tower blocks
 and the associated social problems they create.
This can't be anything other than desirable considering the already existing social problems and the ever increasing population density of England. It is now the most overcrowded country in Europe with double the population density level of Germany and quadruple that of France. England is also among the  highest in the world for major countries, ranking third behind Bangladesh and South Korea. A situation that will only get worse if immigration continues.

 Defenders of mass immigration say we need the skilled workers for our own economy. Leaving aside the spurious economic claims (including the said necessity for constant economic growth, which is only really necessary because of our iniquitous banking system) and the fact that this situation has largely been intentionally engineered, what they are saying is that we needn't worry about enticing skilled workers, including doctors and nurses, from developing countries because our economic needs have to come first. It really is incredible that those on the 'left' can defend such a thing but it perhaps serves as an example of the strength of the 'perception management' (by what Israel Shamir describes as the 'Masters of Discourse) we are subjected to. Sidney Webb, founder of the Fabian Society, which proposes and works towards a socialist world government, hinted at how the real controllers of society operate when he said:

“To play those millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulus, to guide their aspirations without their knowledge – all this whether in high capacities or in humble, is a big and endless game of chess, of ever extraordinary excitement.”

It's my contention that on the issues of mass immigration and multiculturalism, perhaps more than any other, we are being 'played' by the Sidney Webb's of today.

 If any ethnic minority did want to return to their roots a grant, along with an apology from all those who contributed to this 'brain drain' from the Third World, would seem to be the least that could be done. A less populated Britain would eliminate the increasing pressure to build on limited green belt land. Even better would be the chance to have more green spaces in the (unhealthy) concrete jungles that are our major cities. People are not meant to be living like battery chickens surrounded by the noise and pollution that is the common characteristic of British cities. Surely more green corridors, urban farms, parks and gardens would be better than ever increasing numbers of high rise blocks of flats that pack us in like sardines?

 The raft of organisations dedicated to 'diversity' and 'tolerance' and the promotion of political correctness are no more than 'elite' funded social re-engineering tools. Their roots are in the Cultural Marxism that seeks to destroy us all in the process of creating a global 'communitarian' monoculture. In highlighting our 'differences' and making this seem to be the root cause of the world's problems, the goal is to erase them all together. When we are all 'one' and 'united' the Satanic elite will be close to their goal of a hive-minded slave race who are unaware (due to the 'dumbing down' of the education system and other methods) of the extent of their slavery. The promotion of 'diversity', 'tolerance', 'anti-racism' and multiculturalism' is intended to destroy all of the wonderful and precious ethnic and cultural identities of the peoples of the world, with those in 'white' nations being just the first. It literally breaks my heart to see what is happening in Britain today. Even more so when you fully realise the true reasons behind it.

 There is nothing particularly moral about mass immigration and multiculturalism. In fact the point of this essay is that they are quite the reverse. They are the conscious misuse of ethnic minorities to bring about the genocide of the peoples of Britain and Europe in order to enslave us all, left, right, 'black', 'white', UAF or EDL. As Israel Shamir pointers out the vast majority of immigrants 'do not want to act as the bridgehead of an invasion.' Enforcing mass immigration and multiculturalism on an unwilling population is every bit as 'fascist' as the 'fascism' the likes of the UAF claim to resist. Despite the evidence provided here about the true reasons behind mass immigration and multiculturalism, there will inevitably be some who still wish to support these things. If they do they should remember that it is their choice and it is not something they can impose on other people.

 As stated earlier, at least in the early stages, this is the oldest trick in the book, 'divide and rule'. Whatever your feelings on this subject it's imperative that we avoid falling into this trap. It's worth repeating that our 'enemies' are not each other they are the same as they have ever been. We all need to focus our attention on the Satanic elite and their minions and their plans for a New World Order. Our differences can be much more easily resolved when we are free of Their brainwashing and manipulations.

 This isn't some plea for false unity though. There'll be plenty of that in days to come as They seek to create ever more chaos and confusion in order to get us to 'unite' into 'oneness'. A psychological attempt to manipulate us into their new global system. This is about recognising the self evident fact that as races and even ethnic groupings, we have our differences. At the same time we are all members of humanity and these differences needn't be the cause of strife and conflict. All too often they are exploited and manipulated in order to serve the interests of the ruling 'elite'. That's who our real enemies are, not each other.

 Resisting all this, peacefully and nonviolently, is the moral right of all those who don't wish to see the destruction of their race, ethnicity and culture and their subsequent subjugation in the new Tower of Babel that is the Luciferian/Satanic New World Order.

 Posted by  Harry J     at  5:27 PM           

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 Anonymous said...
Brilliant RH.
And I thought I wrote long articles!

I'm up early in the morning, but will comment on this well researched, well written article for beginners, intermediaries and the advanced in their search for the truth and understanding of just what's really going on.

Well done Harry


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