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This parliamentary Bill has huge implications for everyone in Britain who values their countryside, access to it, the security of the land their houses stand on, and ultimately who owns that land.

Could it mean that the country’s security is at risk if rich Islamic people are able to buy our land?

From: Bob & Jane

Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 12:28 AM

To: PERCY, Andrew MP

Cc: Mark Harper MP

Subject: Infrastructure Bill (HL Bill 2), Schedule 1 continued Part 2 continued


OPEN LETTER for circulation

Dear Andrew Percy MP, cc: Mark Harper MP,

I am alarmed that the government is failing to protect one of our most precious assets i.e. Land and Forests from the greedy corporations, who would rape and pillage our countryside without a second’s thought.

This is totally unacceptable to me and I suspect many of the people, who see their much loved country being picked over and dismantled, before their very eyes.


A very big NO to this policy, and as my representative in Parliament, I request that you ask questions in the House on my behalf, over exactly who is responsible for thinking this plan is acceptable, and if they are benefitting in any way from it.


Why wasn’t this sleight of hand mentioned in the Queen’s Speech?


I am of course talking about the innocuous sounding:

Infrastructure Bill (HL Bill 2), Schedule 1 continued  Part 2 continued

SCHEDULE 3  Transfer Schemes   and it’s enabling clause.


For public rights of way, the proposed law allows any of them to be extinguished. There is no need for permission for easements (ie roads, powerlines, railways. drilling, tunnels, etc). And any existing laws that protects land and prevents it being built on, appear to be overriden by one simple enabling clause (quoted from the Bill, see


"SCHEDULE 3 Transfer schemes...

2 (1) The property, rights and liabilities that may be transferred by a scheme
(a) property, rights and liabilities that would not otherwise be capable
of being transferred or assigned;"
So, while the Public Bodies Bill came to the attention of forest campaigners because it specifically mentioned the Forestry Commission and forests and proposed changes to the Forestry Act 1967, for the Infrastructure Bill there is no need to list this act or others (such as Rights of Way and other protections for other pieces of land), because in one fell swoop, it enables every statute to be ignored and overriden!
The Government briefing

on this aspect of the Bill states:
Public sector land assets

The bill would permit land to be transferred directly from arms-length bodies to the Homes and Communities Agency ( HCA ). This would reduce bureaucracy, manage land more effectively, and get more homes built.
The bill would make sure that future purchasers of land owned by HCA and the Greater London Authority ( GLA ) will be able to develop and use land without being affected by easements and other rights and restrictions suspended by the agency. Sometimes land owned by HCA and GLA has easements or rights and restrictions from its previous use. At the moment HCA and the GLA can suspend these, but not pass that suspension on. The bill would make sure that purchasers of this land would also benefit from the suspension.

Land Registry

The bill would also allow Land Registry to take on statutory responsibility for the Local Land Charges register and an extension of powers would also allow Land Registry to play a wider role in the property market. Consultation on these measures took place between January and March 2014...
You may be aware there is already a campaign against the privatisation of the Land Registry. Not only will it be privatised, the newly-private entity will have extra powers over who owns what land!

Please protect this country and it’s assets from stripping by powerful corporations.


yours sincerely

Mrs J.B.

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