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« on: June 18, 2014, 10:25:04 PM »
For thos unaware of the implications of Corpus Juris a very good letter from yesterdays Telegraph   Marilyn


Sir - Magna Carta is to be celebrated by David Cameron's administration, even if Allan Massie(Comment, June 16) says that
it was not a "revolutionary" step in its time.
Yet it was the first, successful attempt to limit the state's power. Clause 29, to this day, deprives the state of power to order
punishment of a citizen, which can be decided only by a jury of the defendant's peers. It inspired the American revolution
Nobody has mentioned that Magna Carta never crossed into continental Europe.
Continental criminal procedures are little known in Britain, even by the Government.
In 1215, Pope Innocent 111 was setting up the Inquisition, which, far from limiting the authorities' power over the individual,
made it absolute. When he heard of Magna Carta, he wrote to the English clergy saying they had done something "abominable
and illicit".  In Europe, only England escaped the Inquisition. Centuries later, Napoleon's new laws adopted and adapted an
inquisitorial method, redirecting it to the service of the state. Napoleon's codes underpin most continental legal systems today.
Brussels aims to create a unified European criminal code. The embryo "Corpus Juris" proposal was unveiled in 1997, and was
denounced in "THE DAILY TELEGRAPH "  It would abolish trial by jury, HABEAS CORPUS, and other safeguards considered normal
by the British, yet ignored by the European Convention.
The European arrest warrant is a stepping stone towards Corpus Juris: a European prosecutor will issue European warrants. Yet
Mr Cameron intends to reconfirm the European Arrest Warrant.  This will trash the foundation stone of our freedoms in Magna Carta
So just what is Mr. Cameron meaning to celebrate?

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