A Line in the Sand

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A Line in the Sand
« on: June 29, 2014, 09:22:45 PM »

A Line in the Sand


Wars are long, drawn out, hard and bloody events and like the British in the North African campaign that lasted from 1940 until 1943 the British won one major battle that changed the direction of the war.

The BNP are in a war, do not doubt that fact, and until 22nd May 2014 the tired hard-pressed but resilient troops of the British National Party had had no victory for a three year period and the commander of local elections in the North West Theatre of war made a decision to draw a line in the Sand, Clive Jefferson looked for a defendable position and found a local commander that had a solid track record of defending against the odds and Brian Parker was chosen to be the man on the ground.

But as we all know that would not be enough to turn this battle as since the British National Party had smashed its way onto the Continent in 2009, with a small but initially strong bridgehead in Brussels achieved by Nick Griffin in the BNP’s epic Battle of Britain in 2008-2009.

This instantly prompted a counter attack of unprecedented fury and the Nazi-Anti British forces all combined to launch attack after attack against the BNP, and during the hard years between 2009-2014 the Axis forces (as the combined anti-British coalition became known) were created and funded with a view to destroying the BNP at the earliest possible moment.

The elite "ladies  division" of "Parker's Patriots"

Supported by Field Marshal Adam Walker, and under the overall command of Jefferson and his team - a team which soon became known as "Parkers Patriots" - they drew their line in the sand of the hard fought North West M65 corridor of Lancashire, a stronghold for the BNP with pockets of resistance still holding out.

Troops and equipment, as well as ammunition (paper and ink in this war) and supplies were moved into position in the nearby BNP Burnley office which was a crucial marshalling point in the build up period leading up to 22nd May 2014 and deliberate counter intelligence helped by drawing enemy fire into different areas, with brave Patriots taking the flak in wards that were all but abandoned to give "Parkers Patriots" the best possible chance.

Careful planning, with much work done under the radar, using both concealment and deception, covered the intense preparations for the attack, groundwork had been done meticulously over the four previous years by Parker and he was know amongst locals as a competent and dedicated local Cllr who "got things done".

But in a period when the BNP were on the back foot, being a good councillor and a competent local commander was not going to get this job done so Field Marshal Walker moved his forward command post to Burnley helping in the EU push there as a deception that worked tremendously well.

Enemy forces surround Joanne, one of "Parkers Patriots" outside the count at Pendle.

The infantry completed their moves by the night of 21/22 May and at daylight on the Election Day all was ready. 7am came on 22nd and the final push was on, with only two polling stations, a deliberately selected ward having such easily defended areas of weakness where the enemy had grown used to changing the odds of any fight by abusing such weak positions - if left unmanned - but today there would be no easy fix for the Nazi anti-British Axis forces and try as they might they could not budge our crack polling agents from inside the polling stations.

With "Parkers Patriots" being a small expeditionary force, Field Marshal Walker had to save the strength of his small, yet highly trained band until fully committing every single soldier at approximately 2pm when overall Commander Jefferson released the final whipping in sheets to the patriots, who having been selected for their training, knowledge and perseverance swung into action with a sweeping set of devastating targeted mobile movements of allied electors to the polling stations and right up until two minutes before the close of hostilities the decision of the battle was under doubt, but a few full last minute mobile sweeps brought in the numbers needed and finally the "longest day was over" the positions where secured, making sure that the ballot boxes having been so hard won were left secure and all that was left was the meeting with the enemy the following day, an intense round of negotiations know as the count ending in the final surrender of the enemy at 10:37am on the historic day 23rd May 2014 a tired but jubilant group "Parkers Patriots" were victorious.

Defeated- The Axis forces mass outside the epic count to harass the winners

History will look back at the epic struggle of "Parkers Patriots" when a small but determined team said "No more", dug in and made a historic defence of a vitally strategic area-known as Marsden Ward locally- became the place where the tide was turned and the so far unstoppable onslaught of the enemy was halted.

The enemy can be beaten, yes it is a small skirmish in a huge war but we WON and we will continue winning when we put the right amount of pressure at the correct points, we will pick our fights carefully and slowly but surely we will turn the course of this war as failure is not an option!

Archive footage of the epic declaration of victory, and the well earned celebrations of "Parkers Patriots" still exist in full colour and extracts can be seen below.

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