Devastating news about the British Parliament. London UK

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Devastating news about the British Parliament. London UK
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:11:00 AM »
Devastating news about the British Parliament. London  UK

London : United Kingdom | May 31, 2011 at 3:14 PM PDT

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View of Parliament in London
The Statute in Force "Bill of Rights" 1689: "The Said Rights Claimed".
If you are British take a good look at these few words, they are your Statutory ‘protection'; against the ‘abuses' of Parliament.
Sadly, hardly any of the British People, know a thing about it.
 I accuse the entire educational establishment of Great Britain, with failing miserably, in not educating our young, and, our People, so they understand properly, how they should participate in our democracy. Teachers, Tutors, Professors, Schools, Colleges and Universities have failed completely in their educational curriculum, to teach, how the People are governed; and, how, they, should participate both in Government and Parliament in order to protect the very ‘system of government' responsible, for virtually every aspect of their lives. DEMOCRACY is not just the placing of an ‘X' on a piece of paper once in every five years or so. DEMOCRACY, true, DEMOCRACY, requires, the monitoring of both Parliament and Government in, full ‘participation', twenty four hours, of each day.
 The British People fail miserably in this regard. I, assert, that hardly any of the British, have any understanding of how they are governed, and, how they should ‘participate' in that governing. And, any, that doubt this assertion; I challenge them to put it to the test.
 I challenge them, or any ‘opinion poll' organisation, to select 1,000, 10,000, or a 100,000 sample of British People, chosen at random, in the streets; to answer the following questions:
1.What is "Article 9"?
2.What are the three principal instruments by which you are governed?
3.What is, "The Said Rights Claimed"?
Question 1; hardly any would know.
 Question 2; few could name all three.
 Question 3; virtually all, would stand ‘open mouthed' before you. Not having a clue.
 Yet, the knowing everything about, all three of these questions, is absolutely ‘paramount' in understanding how Parliament both acts and, works; and, how, the People, should be involved, in that circumstance. The British People cannot be truly involved in our DEMOCRACY, and, ‘participate' fully, in  the way ‘in which they are governed'; if, they are wholly ignorant about how parliament works. And, knowing, the ‘true legality', thereof.
 As things are now, and, as they have been in Great Britain for most of my 83 years of life, I have never heard, once, any, word, mentioned, in respect of, "The Said Rights Claimed".
 No teacher ever taught me about it, not one, of the ‘profession of law' has ever mentioned it; Governments, Parliament, and politicians, if ever they knew of its existence, have never spoke once of it, throughout the whole of my lifetime. If there are those who know of it; they have kept it a ‘secret' for their own vested interests. The People, have been deceived, by the way it has been continually hidden. Until, I reveal it here today.
 Both Judiciary and Parliament have continually conned the British People, and, all of Press and Media, as well; that Parliament cannot be questioned or challenged in the courts. And, for this deception, both Parliament and the Judiciary, for this, "Supremacy of Parliament", rely upon "Article 9" of the "Bill of Rights 1689". This reads:

"That the Freedome of Speech Debates and Proceedings of Parlyament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any Court of Place out of Parlyament".
 Firstly, it will be obvious to all that, ‘ought not', is not a lawful command. It is, mere instruction: "You ought not to do a thing"; but, naught in, ‘language or law can prevent you from doing it'. Had the learned Gentlemen and Lawyers who created "Article 9" intended that "Article 9" must not be questioned or challenged in the Courts; they would have used the words ‘may not' or ‘cannot'. But, they did not do this, they used the words ‘ought not'; and, that has no lawful validity, as a lawful command.
 Furthermore, there is a far more serious anomaly in respect to the interpretation of the "Bill of Rights 1689". For 322 years both Parliament and the Judiciary has been interpreting the "Bill of Rights" incorrectly. In all  this time they have interpreted the Bill, always assuming that "Article 9" is a ‘stand alone' piece of legislation, not requiring any other consideration. But, by, interpreting this ‘Act' incorrectly, they have both wholly not seen, or, they have purposely ignored, the ‘conditions', applicable, for the application of "Article 9".
 The application of "Article 9" is wholly reliant upon, the ‘conditions' applicable, as set out in, another paragraph of the same Bill, The Statute in Force: Bill of Rights 1689: "THE SAID RIGHTS CLAIMED". This reads:
"And they do Claime Demand and Insist upon all and singular The Premises as their undoubted Rights and Liberties and that noe Declarations Judgements Doeings or Proceedings to the Prejudice of the People, in any of the said Premises, ought in any wise to be drawne hereafter, into Consequence or Example"
 To proceed further at this point requires historical explanation.
The 'Rights Committee' of the CONVENTION (Parliament) of 1688, who created the Bill of Rights and, the list of 'rights' Parliament was claiming from the King; Prince William of Orange; realized, that the intention of the Bill, was to protect Parliament from the King. They realized that the Bill was never intended to protect Parliament from the People.
 So, they, inserted, another paragraph in the Bill, making this intention very clear.
 This, paragraph, "THE SAID RIGHTS CLAIMED", was inserted directly below the list of 'rights' that Parliament was claiming from the King. Making it, abundantly clear, that in Parliaments application, of any of the ‘Premises' (Articles) of the Bill, so listed; that, "Nothing should ‘prejudice' the People".

This protection of LAW protecting the People from the ‘abuse' of Parliament has been hidden from the British People for 322 years.

The British Judiciary has deceived, and, indoctrinated, the People, telling them that they cannot question or challenge Parliament, from within LAW.

Successive, Governments, and, politicians have never even mentioned it at all.

The Profession of LAW, even, if they knew of it, has purposely kept it secret for their own vested interests, for all this time; and, if they were not aware of it; it says little of their being, in that profession, if they cannot read and interpret the "Bill of Rights" correctly.

As for the ‘teaching' profession; in, their task, of educating the young and our People; they have miserably failed.

What are the three principal instruments by which the British are governed?
1.All born to the shores of Great Britain are bound in subjugation to the Reigning Monarch for as long as a Monarch shall reign.
2.The Supremacy of Parliament.
3.The Offices, Procedures, and Practises of the WHIPS in Parliament; that provides the political parties, in Parliament, with all the power and influence. Taking away, and supplanting, all the rightful influence of the People. The WHIPS ‘prejudice' the People; and their activities in Parliament, infringes virtually every ‘Article' of European Human Rights Law.
Gordon J Sheppard

gordonj is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.

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