Email to IPCC regarding misconduct of Staffordshire police

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Email to IPCC regarding misconduct of Staffordshire police
« on: July 07, 2014, 05:33:33 PM »

Monday 5th May 2014
IPCC Ref: 2013/016730
Dear Sir/Madam

I wrote to the IPCC on 3rd February by email with reference to my report to Staffordshire Police about my former home being unlawfully sold by my estranged wife.
I first submitted a written statement to police detailing my report in November 2013.
After writing to you I received a letter from a Detective Tomlinson of Burton-On-Trent CID stating he would be in touch with me soon. I did not hear from Mr Tomlinson again until I complained further.
My complaint was that Mrs Flynn, the person responsible for unlawfully selling my home was being protected by Staffordshire Police who were ignoring my statement and report of a serious crime. Mrs Flynn has connections in Staffordshire police though her partner Mr Lear, whom a Detective Sharratt failed to investigate correctly some 6 months before.
When Detective Tomlinson finally contacted me at the end of February 2013 he disclosed that instead of contacting me he had spent the preceding two months trying to find reasons why not to progress with my report. He had contacted Mrs Flynn who obviously denied the allegation, he then tried to uses Mrs Flynnís verbal disclosures to him as a reason not to process my report of a serious crime in the normal manor.
Mr Tomlinson stated he has to conduct a video with me so he can obtain a staement, something I objected to on the grounds that I wanted my report treated in the normal manor and I had already provided him with a written statement.
Even though I pointed out to Detective Tomlinson that I will not be taking part in his video interview for the reasons stated above, he continued to harass me sending numerous repetitive emails all stating the same, some obviously written by another person and then forwarded to me by Detective Tomlinson.
When my complaint was passed on to the Professional Standards department of Staffordshire Police I was contacted by a Julian Ziemann. I confirmed to Mr Ziemann that I wanted to complain about the conduct of Mr Tomlinson and the fact that he had decided to liaise with the person who was the reported offender to fabricate reasons why the reported crime should not be dealt with in the normal manor.
Detective Tomlinson then told Mr Ziemann that I had refused to provide him with a statement. This is a complete lie by Detective Tomlinson, I had provided a written statement when I first reported the crime to Staffordshire Police.
On 24th April 2014 I wrote by email to Detective Tomlinson, attaching a copy of my statement I had already provided him, stating that I will be happy for him to write the statement up in another format if required and I will also be happy to answer any questions he has in writing to save any misunderstanding.
I have not heard from Detective Tomlinson or Julian Ziemann since.
Can you please assist in getting Staffordshire police to deal with this matter properly and lawfully.

Kind regards

Andrew Flynn

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