Into The Slough Of Despondency

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Into The Slough Of Despondency
« on: October 21, 2012, 11:35:05 AM »
Into The Slough Of Despondency

21st October 2012

Violent protests are now a daily event in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The BBC never report the true scale of them- numbers of protesters in the hundreds of thousands. In all countries thus affected, people are sifting through dustbins for food and the real levels of employment across all age groups and classes is nearing 40-50%, especially in Spain and Greece. No civilisation, nor econony can survive this type of situation caused by a political 'progressive elite' with infantile but cruel policies that not only harm their own people but favour aliens with attitudes and practices, that are often anathema to most of us. It is a recipe for open armed conflict- even fools should realise this but now there is another worrying component entered into this dangerous mix- armed gangs of asylum seekers preying upon law abiding travellers and the unwary in the countries they have 'fled' to.

This is a direct result of the Arab Spring that has seen a 300-400% increase in migrants stealing into the EU, most of them headed for the UK. This has been confirmed to me by a friend in British Immigration, who believes these migrants have been deliberately encouraged to enter Europe and that the revolutions in the Moslem world, were stimulated to achieve a huge increase in immigration, to further dilute nation states, as the EU floundering with a failing currency seeks to create a crisis of this nature in order to force closer integration, with access to the wealth and budgets of other countries and an excuse to bring the military onto the streets or heavy handed Police. In other words this is an outright grab for power. There is also a crackdown on freespeech across the UK and EU. We are now seeing the real EU.....The gloves are off.

I still predict the EU will send in troops to Greece to restore order. Meanwhile our own Idiot Class, seeks to penalise the hardworking and already heavily stressed suffering families, by cutting tax credits and penalising the unemployed by stripping them of Job Seekers allowance, if they fail to find work within a few months, or not applying for enough jobs daily, with legal demands that should they go away for even 24 hours, they must seek permission from the local Job Centre. If this is not bad enough, Brussels has issued a decree stating that the UK must assist EU citizens from other countries in the EU and offered them 880 to1500 Euros to do so. What people have not been told, is that these jobless Europeans must take precedence over our own. I cannot think of anything so utterly idiotic and destined to cause already growing resentment to increase tenfold among an already disillusioned British Public, who are treated as third class citizens in their own land.

Any country worth its salt, will favour its own first. We also have a duty of care to the disabled and the unemployed, provided they are genuine. Yet benefits are being cut dramatically and people have already died, with many also resorting to mobile soup kitchens and food banks. I heard of a case where a girl in a coma, was stripped of her state support because she had failed to attend an ATOS job interview. The father phoned the ATOS office concerned and was told the girl had to prove she was unable to attend. Despite the father's pleas, the welfare support was stopped although I now believe the local MP is involved. These stories are legion.

What many of you also perhaps do not realise, is that countries across Europe but especially the UK, have had their welfare systems impoverished by one single prime factor- mass migration. Even Norway with its massive oil reserves is now almost unable to pay its bloated welfare bill. So what does the political class do in the face of this fact- invites in more migrants. It appears too that migrants are not as likely to be asked to attend an ATOS examination, so the Government seeks to demonise British welfare dependents to hide the truth they are scared of accusations of racism. I can also confirm that the Savile scandal was created, to steer public attention and anger from the Pakistani paedophile gangs in the North, who have received jail sentences for raping and murdering local white girls.....

I Switzerland, troops are quietly being put on standby as the EU slides further into ever deepening crisis. Its Airforce too is on alert.

All of these events are the direct result of an incredibly arrogant, stupid political class seeking to form a European version of the defunct Soviet Union. Their collective ineptitude has to be seen to be believed. What they have created, is the almost certainty of a general European conflagration, that will also see Moslem warbands seizing control of 'their areas' and the wholesale establishment of sharia. This is bad for ordinary Moslems but much worse for us. I still maintain the riots in England last year were a preparative test for what is about to descend on us all. And please note, further integration into a European Soviet state, to save the failed Euro, will simply make matters, already bad a jolly sight worse with the very real likelihood of armed rebellion by a pissed off public, sick to death of foreigners telling them how to live in their own countries with demands for sharia and a political class that attack their own people in pursuit of God only knows. Mark my words, blood will flow both sides of the Atlantic, especially if sharia is brought into International law, by the UN forbidding criticism of Islam, which I am reliably told Hilary Clinton and Obama intend to happen by April at the latest.

Things are going to get rough as the state tries to stifle dissent, as they are doing with a vengeance in both Europe and the USA. This is why we have people prosecuted for expressing opinion on the Internet, like myself or Nick Griffin of the BNP and why thugs in Police uniform feel it, fine to 'tazer' a blind crippled, dying pensioner. If the elite persist in acting like this, then I can guarantee they may receive back far more than they ever bargained for, even from the usually bovine British sheople. The Greeks are already on the verge of open rebellion, and the Spanish are not far behind.

Julian Farmer

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Re: Into The Slough Of Despondency
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2013, 09:57:59 PM »
AGENDA 21 in action...
Comment under an article about thousands of Ill and disabled people dying because of the ATOS 'Back to Work' tests.

 Remember what David Cameron said/promised on television during The Final Televised 2010 Election Campaign Debate Live : I (David Cameron) believe that a good test for any Government is judged upon how it cares for it's most vulnerable in society in good times as well as bad times. He then went onto say : If you are sick, disabled, frail, vulnerable or the POOREST in society you have nothing to FEAR if I (David Cameron) becomes prime minister because I will protect that group of vulnerable people in society.
 What a pack of despicably evil lies that has ALL turned out to be because once David Cameron and company got into Downing Street within two weeks he embarked on policies to do the complete opposite to what he promised the most vulnerable in society.
 David Cameron and company have deliberately discriminated, prejudiced, lied about and slandered the sick and disabled to justify their unfair cutbacks to the most vulnerable in society because they cannot find the savings anywhere else including the fact that they are to frightened to chase the money from the multinational companies that fleece this country of billions of pounds of tax revenues a year with their clever lawyers and clever legal loopholes.
 In addition to this David Cameron and company have deliberately pushed out false and misleading information regarding this entire matter to also justify their cutbacks to the sick and disabled. They have deliberately done this to the weakest in society that do not have a voice and cannot protect themselves.
This Tory Led Coalition is full of cowards that now has

? blood on it's hands.
 Look at what Cameron and company have done over the last few months alone : People begging for mercy and many committing suicide. Many thousands of people over the last few months now having to go to food banks/charities begging for free food handouts whilst Cameron and company gave an enormous tax break to the richest in society in the budget before the last. The list goes on and on and on and on.
 People need delivering from this EVIL !

 A Silent Genocide is really unfolding within this country.
 Thousands of vulnerable people that are sick and disabled have died or commited suicide due to Cameron's barbaric welfare reforms.
 Cameron could put a stop to this suffering today but chooses to stand back and watch MORE and MORE vulnerable people die or commit suicide due to their policies.
Cameron knows full well, that if he does not act THOUSANDS MORE vulnerable people will die or commit suicide for MANY years to come.
 This is definitely A Silent Genocide unfolding within modern Britain and this Government just stands back doing nothing.
 Surely it is a crime to do nothing when you can do something.
 This Government really can stop this Silent Genocide today if they wanted to !
 But Don't !

CharlotteAnthony Cooper ? 3 months ago

 Hopefully everyone will realize that the sick and disabled are being scapegoated. What we need are people refusing EN MASSE to attend these work capability interviews; they can pick off the odd few people but they couldn't do anything against a tidal wave of people refusing to comply. We're led to believe that the ones in government are the ones with the power but in reality it is we, the people, who have the power, we're the ones who put them where they are and they are only able to do what they do because we acquiesce.

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 12:33:43 +0100

Subject: Easy Targets - wear a nappy...

Of course the French firm ATOS will hit on easy targets rather than those who know the system inside out and play it for all they can get and;

 those who get help from immigration agencies.

Foreign companies have no sympathy for anything British, neither have those who believe that they are European citizens rather than people of a Nation..

 A citizen has no empathy for another person, their first duty is to the 'community' which has been stripped of humanity..

Thousands of sick or disabled people have died after undergoing assessments to find out whether they were fit to work.......cases of people who had committed suicide after being stripped of their benefits under the process and of an incontinence sufferer who was told she could return to work wearing a nappy.

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