Jean-Claude Juncker tells Britain: There is NO hope of limiting immigrants into

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Jean-Claude Juncker tells Britain: There is NO hope of limiting immigrants into UK

BRITAIN has no hope of limiting free movement of workers around the EU, the likely future European Commission president said tonight.

By: Alison Little
Published: Thu, July 10, 2014 

jean-claude juncker, eu, boss, european union, row, brussels, euopean commission, president, uk, stay, mepsBritain could struggle to limit the freedom of movement of workers in the EU according to Mr Juncker[EPA]

Jean-Claude Juncker said EU member states could combat abuse of their systems but the basic right of workers to be able to move around the union was fundamental and not up for negotiation.

He was quizzed in the European Parliament by members of the UK Independence Party and its sister eurosceptic parties including from Italy and Sweden as part of his campaign to win MEPs' support as next Commission president.

David Cameron last month tried to block Mr Juncker's nomination for the post by the EU's 28 member governments, arguing the former Luxembourg PM was a politician of the past and a pro-centraliser who could not deliver the reforms Europe needed.

But the British leader was out-voted with only one country, Hungary, voting with him.

Mr Juncker has this week met the European Parliament's different political groupings ahead of a vote next week to confirm him in post.

Tonight's meeting with the Ukip group was conspicuously polite and good-humoured, despite the eurosceptics' opposition to him and some dramatic past confrontations between Ukip figures and Brussels officials.

Mr Juncker sought to convince his audience that he was not the arch-centraliser he was portrayed in Britain as.

He showed himself to be completely out of touch by saying migration within the EU was a 'marginal issue'

Nigel Farage

He did not want the EU to "poke its nose into every aspect of British life", he insisted: "I don't want to gather as many powers as possible centrally in Brussels."

To him, federalism - the philosophy he is associated with - meant decentralising powers to lower levels if that would be more effective and he conceded there was no such thing as a "European People".

But in comments Ukip leader Nigel Farage said made Britain more likely to leave the EU, he indicated he had no sympathy with British calls to restrict the free movement of people around Europe which has led to massive immigration to the UK and which Mr Cameron wants to limit when he comes to renegotiating EU rules ahead of his 2017 in-out referendum.

"I don't believe everyone moving around the European labour market are parasites or criminals trying to abuse the welfare systems," said Mr Juncker.

Free movement was a "marginal issue" because only 2.5 per cent of Europeans moved countries, he insisted.

"There are instance of abuse and those have to be tackled. I don't want to facilitate those who want to abuse free movement," he said.

"It's up to member states to make sure abuses do not occur ... (but) there is no reason to move away from the European principle of free movement."

Ukip leader Nigel Farage pressed him: "It's clear, you were saying it's not up for negotiation?"

Mr Juncker replied: "Yes - but it is up to member states to take care of the fight against abuse."

Earlier this week, however, Mr Cameron was offered some hope after Mr Juncker reportedly told another group of MEPs that any UK proposal to take back powers from Brussels would be considered, and that Europe needed "common sense" Britain.

After tonight's session, Mr Farage said: "We had a polite exchange of views but Mr Juncker made it absolutely clear that on the question of the free movement of peoples across the European Union, there was no question of any negotiation of that position.

"He showed himself to be completely out of touch by saying migration within the EU was a 'marginal issue'. In saying this, he will take the UK closer to the EU exit door.

"He also shocked us and is clearly trying to charm the sceptical vote in the Parliament by denying the existence of a European people. This runs contrary to everything I have heard here after being a member of the European Parliament for the last 15 years."

Speaking in French and English, Mr Juncker seemed keen to charm his potentially hostile audience, and several times made them laugh with jokes.

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At one point the veteran eurocrat commented about his long experience of EU affairs: "I'm a dinosaur, aren't I?"

He backs EU education in schools. When a Ukip MEP asked if he would offer Mr Cameron a course on EU negotiation and elections, Mr Juncker quipped: "It would depend on the price you would offer me."

He also joked that when he has spoken to Mr Cameron about EU matters it was "a Sunday evening, when we were both in a good mood, which meant we could avoid the subject which would have provoked the most bad temper".

Members of the House of Lords called for radical overhaul of how Brussels budgets are set to stop the kind of "significant" cashflow problems that have led to the UK being out of pocket by 1 billion.

Peers on the Lords' Economic and financial Affairs EU Sub-Committee said the method of planning long-term spending was "groaning under the weight of seemingly intractable" flaws with emergency funds having to be dipped into to make ends meet and an extra 3.67 billion now being sought by the EU from member states for this year's budget.

The committee has complained to the Treasury about the failure to foresee the problem.

Comments from the ECG Group
Please see below from Jack which I am forwarding as requested as it relates to the treasonous actions and inactions of the government and the continuing plan of the powers that be to completely destroy our nation.

Telling us that we are doomed! Who the F--k does he think he is?
 More to the point is that he knows he can say that because we have gutless, traitorous leaders who will not oppose it.

 Can this be forwarded on to the ECG list?


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