Media on a mission--the war cry is Putin,Putin,Putin !

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Media on a mission--the war cry is Putin,Putin,Putin !
« on: July 19, 2014, 07:38:00 PM »
The Impeded Pace of 9/11 Truth

The Impeded Pace of 9/11 Truth

 By James Hufferd, Ph.D.,
 Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


 It’s starting all over again with the plane shoot-down in Ukraine! Once again, the alarms are blaring loud and crazy! The much complained-of slow pace of 9/11 Truth, to begin with as slow as the progress of most any other variety of truth (that is, slow indeed) is slowed even further by the whole explosion of the establishment, government, and information industry proclaiming in concert, over and over and over from the start a message contrived to convince everyone of a parallel unsubstantiated message suiting their precise purposes. Don’t wait for the evidence. If it indicates otherwise (as it usually does), ignore it. Talk over it. In the case of the Malaysian plane in the Ukraine, we know who did it – Putin! An investigation on the ground is hardly necessary! And in general in these cases, if you, John Q., don’t want family trouble, marriage trouble, employment trouble, friend trouble – stay far away from any “outrageous conspiracy theories”! We’ll tell you what happened, who did it! You saw it on TV for yourself, in most cases (though not necessarily in this one). What could be simpler? The case of the mis-identified toxic gas deployers in Syria comes to mind, as well as 9/11 itself. But, in this case, it’s Putin! Putin! Putin! That sort of thing has started up again now, the alarms are clanging, the hounds are out – and I find myself overcome by a raging fever of searing, severe doubt.

 What anyone who has paid attention to the bad nightly (not to be confused with the Daly) theatre masquerading as our national/international news these past dozen and more years with no more than normal human skepticism has eventually come to realize is that the government/corporate establishment’s chief behind-the-scenes spinners of its nightly stories, typically purvey identical tales on every highly-financed TV network and outlet, and must really not be all that imaginative. In most instances of mega-events and mass-scale tragedies of whatever sort, the major outlines of the story seem to be virtually unchanged from one to the next, most following the same scenario. And, whenever possible, the story as told over and over and over and over, a hundred or a thousand or a million times a day to the exclusion of practically all else, will have a designated villain who caused whatever it is, who is positively or at least emphatically identified in practically the first five minutes, and whose name is spat out from then on, over and over and over – Putin! Putin! And the pudding’s proof is never produced.

 And now, they’re saying already that the evidence in the field has been “tampered with”! Hedging! Their message? Don’t trust the evidence! Right from the beginning, we are told that the Malaysian plane that went down in that contested eastern part of the Ukraine – still in the absence of physical evidence – was shot down either by actual Russian Federation troops in the area or by pro-Russian rebels using a Putin-provided Russian missile and Russian equipment, and possibly on Putin’s orders. (When I hear – as I have – an “unconfirmed report” of pro-Russian rebels hightailing it out of the area early yesterday towing a missile launcher, it reminds me of the “unconfirmed sighting” of Santa Claus and reindeer I saw announced, with imagery, on the news last December!)

 But no, it couldn’t have been Ukrainian militants who downed the commercial jet, we’re told, because after all, why would they shoot down a foreign airliner over their own country? Duh! Well, why would the pro-Russian forces shoot down a foreign airliner? (And what was a Malaysian Airlines flight doing in a completely verboten piece of war zone sky over there anyway?) There’s really no need for a ground investigation, we’re told. Blame the Russians and their surrogates on the ground! It’s a slam-dunk that they either did it or caused it!

 And how convenient of them to do so, just on the very day the U.S. administration trots out, to a universal chorus of disgusted jeers, new, harsher sanctions against the Russian Putintate after being unable to get them (or him) to rush in and try to annex a large new chunk of Ukrainian territory, which presumably would have been enough to provoke unified NATO action to oust this monster (who, by the way, doesn’t exactly play ball with the international central banking regimes and has threatened to replace the dollar as the acceptable medium of payment for his enormous reserves of natural gas going to the west).

 So, how on earth might one possibly read the situation if not just as the government and its news lackeys have been spending every minute of every hour since the crash contending? Well, try this – I go back to the fate of this Malaysian Airlines jet’s unfortunate likewise U.S.-made sister craft that vanished from the skies back in March, and now seems more likely than not never to be located. In that case, there was rather firm (though, of course, not confirmed) evidence of a mysterious nonverbal signal transmitted from the grid coordinate position of the U.S. base on Diego Garcia in the midst of the Indian Ocean and claiming to come from the lost plane. Suggesting the likelihood that the flight had been diverted there by Global Hawk remote control, presumably to prevent a certain passenger from transferring a critical technological prototype he had with him in his possession. The sophisticated piece of hardware had been developed in China, the subsequent account went, and the authorities wanted it. Certainly, whatever the case, the grand coincidence of a second plane from that same miniscule fleet of U.S.-made commercial jets cannot be overlooked.

 And who’s to say that this plane, likewise manufactured to conform to the plausibility of Global Hawk diversion, was not likewise diverted, this time to a position 33,000 feet over eastern Ukraine, where it became the target of a clandestine NATO ground unit? Such a unit, if it existed (and such seem to be secreted everywhere) could even have been equipped with the identifying Russian BUK missiles, positive identification of which will presumably be regarded as the “smoking gun” tying the notorious shoot-down to the Russians and Putin – who thereby could be transformed fully into a pariah ripe for the usual drill – removal.

 So, is that what really happened? Sitting here in the very midst of the Fruited Plain, with no evidence as yet analyzed in any case, how on earth would I know? But, such would fit the known M.O. of the NWO – and, of course, to hell once again with all those who died. False Flag? It would fit, and so very conveniently just now! Only one thing seems fairly certain – we’ll probably never know.

 My question? Who calls the shots in such cases? Answer: Somebody, for sure, who has full-time to devote to weaving and choreographing harebrained deceitful plots (that at least seem to work), and whose day job must be to do so.

 UPDATE: late tonight, it’s reported that a transmission was intercepted from rebels in Ukraine informing President Putin they had just shot down a plane. By cell phone, I wonder?

 JH: 7/18/14

 Posted by  James Hufferd     at  1:51 PM   

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