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« on: October 21, 2012, 09:58:16 PM »
A Fascist party in full cry. Black-shirts smashing migrants' homes. Swastikas on the streets. No, not Germany in the Thirties: Greece 2012

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The above is a headline in the Daily Mail, the newspaper (sic) that is forever warning us of the dangers of Islam and immigration yet screams out, "Nazi's, fascists, thugs", to any nationalist who says the same. This 'rag' is an organ of our present government of real fascists and traitors and its editorial staff must be put on trial for the treason that they have committed against their readers and the British people as a whole.

What would they have the citizens of Greece do when they have no jobs and no way to pay their mortgages, feed their families and clothe their children? This is of no concern to this 'rag' that promotes itself as a paper of the people, their only concern is to promote whatever the government via their Bilderberg masters tell them, even to the extent of withholding news from their readers. Can they honestly ask us to believe that they knew nothing of the Muslim promoted child sex rings in Rotherham, Oldham etc, or can they really be that incompetent?

Golden Dawn or its equivalent is coming to our once green and pleasant land and one can only hope that it comes before the traitors in parliament can completely turn the UK into a Third World country. "Don?t compare these people to the British National Party or the English Defence League," a Greek professor warned recently. "They make the BNP look like Julie Andrews". This courtesy of successive corrupt UK governments ably abetted by the journalists of The Mail, they alone have sown the seeds and now they will reap the whirlwind.

Read below of the life of a 71 year old Greek, dependant upon charity from a soup kitchen run by Golden Dawn. Who runs our charity food distribution centres now springing up out of necessity throughout the UK? A good election plug methinks.



As 71-year-old Doukas Thanassis, queuing for lentils in a smart grey suit at a church-run soup kitchen in central Athens, told me defiantly: ?I voted for the party. They are the only ones who help us in this time of trouble.

?Every Wednesday you can buy the party?s newspaper at the local street kiosk. It prints a list of places where Golden Dawn hand out food and even medicines to the Greek people. They pay for ambulances to take us to hospital if we are ill.?

Mr Thanassis, the former head chef on a Greek cruise line who lives in a homeless hostel, adds: ?These free gifts are only for us Greeks, not for foreigners. The meat in the sandwiches they give us is pork so the Muslim migrants don?t come and scrounge it. These foreigners shouldn?t be here anyway.?  Beside him, others in the queue nod approvingly.
"So what does Mr Panagiotis plan for illegal immigrants? ?We will fly every one of them home,? he says. ?Even Pakistan would not dare shoot our planes down when their own people are on board and would be killed.?"


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