BNP leadership – A personal statement by Nick Griffin

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BNP leadership – A personal statement by Nick Griffin
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:43:29 PM »

BNP leadership – A personal statement by Nick Griffin
Mon, 21/07/2014 - 19:11
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Fifteen years after first being elected to lead the British National Party, I stepped aside from the position on Saturday during a meeting of the Executive Council.

Before doing so I appointed Adam Walker as Deputy Leader, with the result that, on my resignation, he immediately became Acting Leader of the BNP, pending the routine leadership election due under our Constitution next year.

Rest assured that I am most definitely staying with the British National Party as an active member, and I will be there to offer Adam advice and support as and when he needs it as I take up my role of BNP President on the Party’s governing Executive Council. The decision was mine and mine alone, though it involved a lengthy and constructive discussion between the entire collective leadership.

My reasons for this step are threefold:

First, fifteen years is more than long enough. I had initially hoped to hand the responsibility over several years ago, but when a concerted effort was made to destroy the BNP from both outside and within, I decided that it was my duty to stay and steer our movement through the storm and back to internal and financial stability before moving on.

I have done so. At the same meeting on Saturday the National Treasurer, Clive Jefferson, announced for the third year running that the party’s accounts have been submitted on time, with a full audit pass and another hefty operating surplus.  The leadership team is united as to the way ahead and, once again, the British National Party – for all that there are many improvements to be made - is the only effectively functioning, genuine nationalist game in town.

Most of all, by helping Brian Parker win a third term in his seat in Pendle in June, we brought an end to a four-year electoral drought, proving that our ‘brand’ and our machine are again capable of winning. A party which, until I took it over, had only ever held a single council seat for a few months, is now on course to have had unbroken elected presence in British politics for seventeen years – and, of course, now we’ve proven that we can win again, we will keep on doing so.

So the goals I set when I decided to stay on have been achieved, and it’s time for a change for both me and the party. It’ll do us all good.

Second, despite our success in Pendle, we all know that the Ukip surge made the European Elections this year brutally hard for us all in the BNP, just as it did to several other parties. Faced with the pain of electoral defeat, there are some members and local officials in some parts of the country who think that this is my fault.

I know that many others disagree, attributing the results and the failure of our enormous ‘soft’ support to translate into votes to the relentless controlled media campaign to promote the Farage Mirage safety valve. I agree with this analysis, but I also recognise that, in politics, perception can matter every bit as much as reality, and leadership involves responsibility.

And what matters most in a party under constant pressure from so many external threats is internal unity. And to have had months of internal friction, between those who blame and those who support me, would have been demoralising and damaging to our party.

So my stepping aside a year before the scheduled leadership contest in 2015 brings an immediate end to that danger.
I caution those who think that the European Election results were down to the leader personally not to get carried away with a naïve belief that everything will suddenly change under Adam Walker. I believe that, with all our support, Adam will be a fine leader, but elections are won by in-depth community work, talking with and helping voters on their doorsteps and collecting postal votes, not by waving magic wands or switching leaders.

Third, as you all know, I am following up my successful and historic intervention in Cameron’s attempt to drag Britain into war in Syria, with a very much harder campaign to expose and resist the latest neo-con campaign to herd the public into confrontation and conflict with Russia.

During my term as your British National Party MEP, I made many contacts at an international level, connections with whom I am now working to build a pan-European campaign for peace and to resist the utter evil of those who seem hell-bent on plunging us into another world war, against the last bastion of our race on the planet.

This work is going to take up a great deal of my time, so much that I have come to the conclusion that the party I love would suffer from my intensive involvement in this international campaign to build resistance to the neo-con drive to make the world safe for US oil giants, the internal banks, global corporations and Zionist supremacism.

But with Adam Walker at the helm of the BNP, we will have for the next stage of our great voyage a captain who is able to give the party his undivided attention.

I am always here to give him advice whenever he needs it, just as I remain available to speak at party events, to write for the party website and party publications, to help win more elections and to play a very active role with the organisational and educational work on which our future advances depend. I am not going away!

So there you are. Adam’s the leader now. We must all give him our loyalty and every possible support because, in the end, this is not about Nick Griffin or Adam Walker; it’s about the British National Party and the only hope for our race and nation.

Thank you all for your support, comradeship and love over fifteen years-worth of distance run, and all the ‘triumphs and disasters’ we’ve shared along the way. It’s been an honour to lead; it remains an honour to serve.

Nick Griffin

President, British National Party

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