SPAIN 2012---Police State out of control

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SPAIN 2012---Police State out of control
« on: October 21, 2012, 11:24:57 PM »
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Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 11:53 AM
Subject: Spain - Whats really happening

I wonder why we are not shown the below on our TV or covered in our media to any meaningful extent??.

Whats the message that we are not exposed to??.

In whose interest is it that we are not exposed to this message or images??

It does not require an Einstein to fathom out whose economic failures have led to these scenes and therefore will benefit from limiting their exposure. - The EU !!

So, is it not right to ask who is pulling the strings of the Beeb & media?

and?? is it not right to insist on a satisfactory answer from our media as to why these momentous events are not given the exposure they deserve??

Spain's police state has spiraled out of control as riot police are now running throughout the streets beating everyone in sight, men and woman, young and old. When the people demand democracy from?


Added on 07/10/2012


UK Police 2008, wonder what they would do today. Don't ask the police for their number!

Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America  Spanish Police here. They used to make these as horror films !!
This is a 5.52 min video - needs 50% sound - showing the Spanish police "dealing" with rioters in the streets. Those sticks, batons, hurt!
Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To AmericaClick here
This film shows what we are not being shown on our TV - commentary by Alex Jones. It also shows the perils of living in a hot climate - Greece and Spain, so - as we are in a more moderate, cooler climate, we are far less likely to react like this - so far...but it's coming!

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