Ashley Mote - Facts Wikipedia Refuses to Publish‏

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Ashley Mote - Facts Wikipedia Refuses to Publish‏
« on: July 26, 2014, 05:37:13 PM »

  Ashley Mote - Facts Wikipedia Refuses to Publish‏

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I know I’m not the first, and sadly won’t be the last, to complain about the misuse of Wikipedia to attempt character assassinations on living people.  Political opponents and busy-body malcontents blatantly and routinely use it as a vehicle for distortion and personal abuse. 

But I have now had enough.

The management of Wikipedia – if you can call them that – have consistently refused to accept corrections of fact, nor the addition of any information that might paint a complete and balanced picture on their website allegedly about me.  It does not reflect my life and work.   In my case their site focuses on one specific and hotly disputed court case.  Much of the so-called ‘information’ about me is wrong, incomplete or inaccurate.  Wikipedia, of course, wash their hands of any responsibility and make it impossible for victims of systematic abuse to contact them for help.  All my approaches over the years have been totally ignored, as have my attempts at corrections.

Wikipedia’s editors (as they choose to call themselves) are careless amateurs who ignore the essentials of editing – a passion for accuracy and balance, facts not opinion, completeness not partiality.

Worse, they and their sources all hide like cowards behind a cloak of pseudonyms.  While they claim to provide ‘information’ about others, they lack the courage to reveal anything about themselves.


They act like whores, as does Wikipedia itself….power without responsibility. 

Freedom of speech is paramount.  But so is personal responsibility.

So this weekend I have launched a new website – Ashley Mote - Facts Wikipedia Refuses to Publish.


This is the link  :  Its purpose is no more nor less than to set the record straight.


(Please feel free to circulate)

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