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Q: What is the connection between a former British Prime Minister, Communism, the EU and subversive Common Purpose that masquerades as a ‘charity’ ?

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Ex-BBC Journalist Exposes Former British Prime Minister as a Communist

 If you click on the website link below, you will see and hear some very dramatic news about a former British Prime Minister and of how Communism has embedded itself within all of the main political parties and the British Establishment.
 A brief synopsis of this news is;

A former high profile BBC journalist was commuting to London in the 1990’s and he was sitting beside a regular passenger whom he had come to know quite well. This lady was an Oxford Don (a teacher / lecturer at Oxford University) and she told the BBC journalist about a letter of complaint she had just sent to the Parliamentary Standards Committee. She went on to explain that back in the 1940’s, when she was a student at Oxford University, she had attended a meeting of the Communist Party of Great Britain (known as the CP) at an Oxford venue.

The journalist was shocked by this announcement and responded by saying that he was surprised to hear that she was a Communist. She corrected him by saying; “No, I’m not a Communist, but I was intrigued as to why they would invite ME to such an event – for some reason, they must have believed that I was one of their own”.

This Oxford Don went on to explain that she had attended the CP meeting out of curiosity and was intrigued at what she heard spoken by the main speaker. Little did this Oxford Don know at that time that this speaker would become a future Prime Minister of Britain on two occasions; from 1964 to 1970 and from1974 to 1976.

Less than twenty years after this meeting the man who had been the main speaker at that Communist Party meeting became an extremely well-known household name in Britain.  As stated above he on to become the Prime Minister on two occasions, but NOT under the name of  the Communist Party.

This Communist speaker who would subsequently become PM went on to explain that he represented a highly sensitive and private organisation which had two wings; there was a political wing and a biological wing, he said that he was head of the political wing and therefore, at some point, he would become Prime Minister of Britain. He said that what would happen is that politics would be pushed onto a middle ground so that basically there was no difference between the parties. He then explained what they were going to do (bear in mind this was in the 1940’s). They were going to put their people on the right wing of  the Labour Party and the left wing of  the Conservative Party, because British people instinctively don’t like extremists.
The speaker who gave the above speech that night, on behalf of the Communist Party, was none other than Harold Wilson, Labour MP for Huyton, Liverpool , who served two terms of office as the British Prime Minister.
Here he was secretly conspiring to bring about a Communist government regime ‘through the back door’ of British politics. The reality was he was not only a Communist in the 1940’s, he remained a Communist throughout his whole life, even when he was pretending to be a “Labour man”.

The Truth about Common Purpose
 You may be wondering how these people have managed to subvert our country, our standards, our democracy and our freedom right under our noses. If so you will need to understand that there is a secretive and extremely sinister and subversive organisation called Common Purpose (CP) that has infiltrated every aspect of British society and Establishment since the 1980’s. Its function is to control the will of the people and to make us follow their ideology, whether we like it or not.
 This Common Purpose organisation, registered as a Charity (so that means you are not allowed to do a Freedom of Information search on them) has people  in place that have direct control of around £230 billion of the UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Also, because some of their people hold the highest positions in all the main (Parliamentary) political parties and several in the Government Cabinet, they arguably control the whole of the UK GDP. Their members meet in secret and are bound by an agreement known as the Charter House Rule, which forbids them to discuss any CP policies with non-CP people. They cannot divulge members of the organisation, or guest speakers at meetings.
 Watch and learn about Common Purpose, here.....
Brian Gerrish - State of the Nation Part 1/6
History of Common Purpose
 For a long time this secretive organisation’s HQ was at John Prescott’s Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The organisation’s ethos is based on a combination of cultural Marxism and Communism and is the main driving force within the European Union (EU). This subversive group, which includes a disproportionate amount of homosexuals and paedophiles, has been established in order to undermine and ultimately take full control of Great Britain and Europe.
 It has been bringing this about over many years, mainly under the guise of political correctness, which is a Communist Frankfurt School technique, designed to control our thought processes; to the point where we will be forced to agree with everything that they say, and demonise any organisation that opposes their ideology. The idea is to force particularly the English into moral bankruptcy. The end result being that the people will eventually accept the unthinkable as a gift! The unthinkable being total state control.
 You may have wondered why the Opposition leaders, Police, Armed Forces, NHS, BBC & Media and seemingly the whole establishment is in agreement with the outrageous policies of the previous and current extremist government’s, and why so few of them openly oppose their totalitarian policies.
 Now you know the reason why; it’s because most of their leaders are involved and are active members of Common Purpose. And have, in many cases, been given their jobs as a result of being CP members, in order to control the British people.
 The whole EU movement was established with the full intention of bringing about world domination. Also, the EU was created by ex-members of the Soviet leadership and many leaders of western governments. So, despite the fact that our forebears laid down their lives to defend this country, during WW2, we have now allowed the enemy to rule us.
Common Purpose (CP) = Communist Party (CP)
 The initials ‘CP’ were consciously used by the founders of this organisation to secretly continue with the works of the disbanded Communist Party (CP). Here is some background information as to how Common Purpose became established;
 As we have all seen over the past fifty years the Communist’s did indeed infiltrate the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties, and more recently, the Green Party. The evidence of this has been shown in the shocking demise of moral standards of behaviour and the complete annihilation of the British education system This now replaced by the current national curriculum, which includes all of the tenets of the Communist Frankfurt School (see below). All the way through the Cold War of the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s, whilst millions of people were being systematically murdered by Communists (and still are today!) some notable British politicians were secretly conspiring to enslave the British people, in this world wide Communist plot, to remove our borders and destroy our great country.
Sexual Deviants Running the Education System
 Not too long after Harold Wilson’s reign as PM the Common Purpose organisation was established. This would become the mainstay of this Communist subversion and its members would ‘police’ this new set of Orwellian ‘standards’ that was to be inflicted upon the people of Great Britain. Under this new scheme, which would outrageously be named ‘Political Correctness’, the British people would be subjected to a concerted and deep seated attack on everything we hold dear and believe in; from the breakdown of our family values, to the teaching of perverted sex to infant school children.
 These are not the thoughts and actions of normal British people, and those who would distort our inherent value systems are nothing less than traitors. British value systems revolve around caring for our families, our neighbours and our communities.  Our education system should reflect the views and aspirations of the vast majority of British people and not those twisted perverts who are continuously lowering the age of consent to enable them and their ‘friends’ to avoid prosecution. Due to the perverted Sex Education programme, Britain has the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies in Europe. Indeed, in this twisted society brought about by Communist subversives, the youngsters who choose to ‘save themselves until they get married’ are considered by their peers and teachers as strange.
 In Britain today all manner of sexual deviants, left wing Communist extremists, Islamic fanatics and members of secret organisations are allowed to teach your children. These weirdo’s can also become Police Officers and hold high positions of power – Mandleson, for example. But these same people will argue that British National Party members should NOT be allowed to teach, or be members of the Police. What a bunch of hypocritical perverted creeps. Anything goes, as long as you agree with their mantra. Once again, this is an Orwellian standard straight out of ‘Animal Farm’;
“All pigs are equal, but some pigs are MORE equal than others”!
Gordon Brown Gives the Green Light to Common Purpose
 When Gordon Brown (whose election to Parliament was financed by the Communist Party of Scotland) became Prime Minister in 2007, he gave a very obvious signal to Common Purpose allowing them a free rein to essentially do as they liked. In his maiden speech at the Labour Party Conference that year he mentioned the term “common purpose” several times, the obvious green light. If you visit the ‘stop-Common-Purpose’ website link below you will see the evidence of these traitors, along with lists of thousands of names of CP subversives.
 Check the list of Common Purpose names to see if you know any of them. Some of the top Police Officers are now coming out and admitting it, but very few.

All The Main Parties Are Involved In This Treasonous Scam
 However, if you think you are safe, now that the Labour Party has been kicked out, you can think again. As the other parties; Lib-Dems, Conservatives, Greens and even the phony UKIP are all the same. Like the mythological Hydra, they are merely different heads on the same serpent. This is why we have NOT had an effective opposition in recent years and the reason why the vast majority of the 649 MP’s, or the 780 members of the House of Lords, no longer bother to attend Parliament. They just take the money and fiddle their expenses, but do nothing for their constituents.
A One Party Police-State System
 We have a One Party system, with the pretence of democracy and the politicians are only concerned to get their snouts in the trough. They will tell any amount of lies about people that disagree with their mantra. The classic lie is the use of the word ‘Racist’ or ‘Racialist’. This word was quite literally invented by one of the many infamous murdering Communist’s Leon Trotsky. He invented this word purely as a weapon of hatred to be used to denigrate those that disagreed with him and his Communist colleagues.
 These totalitarian Communists have struck a deal with their bankster friends  so that they can get rich and live a life of luxury while the rest of us suffer in a 3rd world hell. Instead of providing for the needs of our own British people, the ruling classes have accepted the pay of the banksters and have flooded our country with immigrants and turned Great Britain into a 3rd World Slum. This country is our inheritance and our birthright, which was bought and paid for many times over with the blood and sweat of our ancestors and it has now been taken from us. Ask yourself THIS QUESTION; DID ANYONE EVER ASK FOR YOUR PERMISSION TO FLOOD OUR COUNTRY WITH IMMIGRANTS?
 This question has absolutely nothing to do with hating foreigners, or anyone else for that matter. Whether you realise it or not, it’s a fact that the ruling classes have NEVER asked for, and NEVER been granted this permission from the people of this country.
 So, by giving away our country, our land, our freedom to anyone who will pay them enough money, or for their own political ends, they have committed HIGH TREASON.
 What’s more, they know it!
 In 1998, not long after Tony Bliar and his New-Labour phony’s came to power, one of the first laws they repealed was the ‘Treason Act’. Right up until 1998, traitors could still be hanged for Treason in this country and Blair was determined to remove this obstacle, before he and his traitorous allies were found out. However, phony Tony and all of his treacherous buddies on both sides of the house can ‘rest assured’ that the people of this country are now aware that WHEN THOSE POLITICIANS COMMITTED THESE TREASONOUS ACTS THE OLD LAW WAS STILL IN PLACE AND THIS IS WHAT MATTERS.
Blair and Brown Sell Britain’s Gold Reserves to the European Union
 Another act of Treason occurred in 1999, when Blair and Brown conspired to sell our Gold Reserves to the EU at a time when our economy was quite stable and the price of gold was at rock bottom. In other words we were NOT in a dire position and did NOT need to sell our gold. Without any gold reserves a country’s economy and currency stand on very shaky ground. This was part of the conspiracy to bankrupt our nation, whilst at the same time, strengthen the EU, so that Britain would be forced to join the Euro. They then borrowed and spent £billions that we could not afford, building apartment blocks to accommodate the millions of immigrants that they’re welcoming to our beautiful island home.
Illegal Ponsi Pyramid Scheme
 Brown used an illegal ‘Ponsi’ pyramid scheme, which would’ve landed anyone else in prison. He called it the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to finance these projects. This basically meant that any property developer could get a loan from the bank and build, build, build. They didn’t have to worry about going bust because this so-called PFI was guaranteed by the government so they could not lose. Furthermore, there was an endless supply of immigrants arriving to take up as many apartments as they could build. Also, to add insult to injury, the developer was then allowed to negotiate with different banks to get FAR more money than was used to build these properties on the basis that the banks would make an absolute killing on the future government repayments of these loans. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SINGLE REASON WHY BRITAIN IS TOTTERING ON THE EDGE OF BANKRUPTCY.
Our country is now technically bankrupt. As, thanks to Gordon, Tony and the feckless crowd known collectively as Her Majesty’s Opposition , we are in dire straits and we ‘owe’ the banksters £billions. This means that we must all tighten our belts and suffer – oh sorry, not ALL of us, just the ordinary people; the ones that don’t seem to matter to these traitorous creeps, that continue to be elected to play at running our country. All they’re doing is running Britain into the ground!
Ring Fenced Payments for Foreign Aid
 Despite our desperate situation, where we’re repaying mega £billions to banks (thanks to Gordon the Moron) we are STILL giving £billions away, to other countries. Yes. Cameron and Clegg have ring-fenced Foreign Aid and committed Britain to giving away around £20 billion this year alone. In fact, whilst Cameron and his Cabinet were debating their plans for the harshest spending cuts we have ever known, the Deputy Prime Minister Clegg was at the United Nations Conference in New York bragging about how much money Britain would be giving away this year.
We are borrowing £billions, merely to give it away! It is one thing to have to borrow to keep your head above water, but to take on massive loans, just to give it away, is absolute lunacy. Nobody in their right mind would run their home or business in this way, let alone your country. This is what these clowns call ‘running the country’.  Who are we giving this money to, you may ask?
 Well, just to mention a few of them; there are Russia, China and India. Yes. You read correctly;
China has the world’s strongest economy and is now the workshop of the world, thanks to its slave-driven industry, where their workers are paid slave wages;
Russia is selling gas and coal to the world and is doing very well;
India has an economy which is a 3rd larger than that of Great Britain; plus they have more millionaires than we do; plus they have a state-of-the-art nuclear weapons programme, whilst ours is 60 years old; and to cap it all, they have their very own Space Exploration Programme, we could never afford one of these even if we wanted one!
 Yet, last year 2009 - 2010, at a time when we are financially ‘on our knees’, Britain gave £1.9 billion, just to India and £15 billion in total in Foreign Aid.
 Also, in the last month or so, poor old Britain (or as my Mother would say, “Soft Johnny English”) gave £7 billion to Ireland, to prop-up their ailing economy. Why?
 Many years ago, Ireland was part of Great Britain, but it is no longer part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. So the British people should not be bailing them out. The EU bribed the Irish people to join the Euro, so the EU should bail Ireland out.
The British government could not find the money to save the lives of 35,000 elderly British people who died in Britain, in 2009, from hypothermia and malnutrition – cold and starvation. Yet, the same year, they gave £15 billion of OUR MONEY away to foreign countries, without so much as a by-your-leave!
 Why, oh why, oh why, does the British government treat our own people FAR worse than they treat those from other countries?
 Many of the answers are from the Frankfurt School.
What is or was the Frankfurt School?

“Political Correctness” – where did it come from?                                                                                      Is it just a ‘phrase’ that’s become common?

Political Correctness started in a Communist think-tank, called ‘The Frankfurt School’, in Germany in 1922. The purpose was to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of Communism in Europe and their question was; “why isn’t the ‘wonderful’ idea of Communism spreading?”

The Frankfurt School, recommended the following list of actions;

(Read carefully and see if any of these things seem familiar...)

1. The creation of ‘Racialism’ offences - to break down Nationalist ideals.
2. Continual change to create confusion – and destroy morale.
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children – to break up families and destroy moral values.
4. The undermining of schools and teachers’ authority – to encourage unrest and insurgence by youngsters.
5. Enforce mass-immigration to destroy national identity – and the destruction of national borders.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking – to induce a helpless, alcoholic nation that can easily be controlled.
7. Empty the churches – to remove all belief systems that challenge the state’s authority.
8. An unreliable legal system, with bias against the victim of crime – to instil anger, resentment and despondency.
9. Dependency on the state (or state benefits) – for total control of the masses.
10. Control and dumbing-down of the media – only propagandist news would be allowed.
11. Encourage the breakdown of the family – as the family and its roots are the links to a nationhood, which conflicts with the border-free ideals of Communism.
 This all sounds horrifyingly familiar, doesn’t it? This un-natural order must be reversed.
Jack Jones Exposed as a Soviet Spy
 Following on from the above news about Harold Wilson we can now tell you about another Liverpool Communist, Jack Jones (who has the UNITE Trade Union building named after him, in Islington, Liverpool) was recently exposed, when a 50 year old gagging order on the media was lifted. Newspapers were finally able to report on something they had known about for 50 years, but were not allowed to print – that Jack Jones was a Soviet spy and had been for many years.


 MI5 had known of this all along and allowed him to carry on passing secrets to Russia; presumably, because to expose him, would’ve caused a great deal of embarrassment to our country and perhaps exposed other deep-seated Communist spies.
 For many years throughout this time, Jack Jones’s very good friend and Communist ally, Harold Wilson, was the leader of the Labour Party and the British Prime Minister. Also, Jack Jones was the boss of the Transport & General Workers Union (now known as ‘UNITE’). They both claimed to be men of the people, whilst stabbing British citizens in the back.
Communists ‘Hidden’ in Plain Sight
 Jones clearly never gave a damn about the British people, except to the extent that he could manipulate them for his own Communist ends.  Throughout his career, he ignored the plight of our pensioners, particularly when the Union he led was feathering their own nests, at the expense of the pensioners. After he retired from the T&GWU, he suddenly noticed that the old aged pensioners in Britain were getting a raw deal, and he became a campaigner for them (it’s incredible that he never noticed this until HE became a pensioner). This suited his plans to remain on the centre stage, as the appalling hypocrisy of this man knew no bounds.
 The treacherous lies and deceit of these hidden Communists continues throughout all of the main parties to the present day; Blair, Brown, the Miliband’s, Cameron, Clegg and a great many of their colleagues have Communist ‘backgrounds’ and allegiances, including Conservative Party Chairman, Eric Pickles.
 Remember this maxim: ‘Once a Communist, ALWAYS a Communist’.
Politicians are Guilty of Genocide
 By the selling of our nation to a foreign power (the EU) and the systematic destruction of our country and people, many British politicians, from all the main parties, are guilty of genocide. This is an act of High Treason, which these people will ultimately be tried for;
Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide
What Can We Do About It?
 We must move back towards the land, and re-establish the natural order of things. Britain must stop the ruling class’s vision of a “New Global Order” and we must all look to our roots, in these ancient and historic magical islands of Britain. Whether we are from England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, we must realise that only one party will give us freedom, and that’s the British National Party.
 Only the BNP holds this vision of a truly independent, ‘green’ and sustainable Britain, whose people are concerned for the well-being of, and share a responsibility for, all of their extended families and fellow patriots, as our fore-fathers did during World War 2. With a government that serves the people, rather than itself, by creating national wealth, productivity and full employment. British National Party members are definitely NOT in it for the money. Unlike all of the self-serving Parliamentarians that are ALL guilty of Conspiracy to Defraud the British Public.
Re-Awaken Our National Pride
 Years ago, the words ‘Made in England’, or ‘Made in Great Britain’ really meant something of value; to be proud of and would make you feel good about your British nationality. But these days, the ruling classes do everything they can to destroy our ancestry, heritage and history. The current educational curriculum is designed to make the British people (particularly the English) feel ashamed of our past and to replace this feeling of pride, with an alien and distorted internationalist view of world.
 Our national religion, Christianity, is being sidelined and replaced by Islam.  Mosques are being built everywhere. Our school children are being forced to attend Islamic services at Mosques, often against the wishes of their parents. To avoid offending other religions, Christmas festivities are being re-named as ‘Winter’ festivals.
 How have they managed to do all of this, under the noses of the British people? The answer is that we Brits are a trusting lot; we are not too interested in politics and are somewhat apathetic when it comes to deciding which party should run our country. Also, many people are locked in a time warp of thinking that, ‘because their parents voted a certain way’, they must continue to do the same, no matter what.
 The traitorous news media (led by the BBC) print and broadcast lie after lie, to mesmerize people into doing exactly what the New World Order wants. This means that the globalist billionaires, the Communists and the Islamists get everything they want, while the rest of us just get Big Brother telling us what we must do and spying on our every move.
 When YOU finally wake up from the Matrix that you’ve been trapped in, you may want to do something about it. Well, when this comes about (and it might be today or a year from now, when the penny finally drops) we would recommend that, instead of getting angry, you get even, and help us to expose the lies and treachery that has taken a stranglehold of our people and country.
 The essence of Nationalism is nationhood; a national pride in ourselves, our families and our extended families. This love for our own people does NOT mean that we hate anyone else, as we are NOT driven by hatred, but by an enormous amount of pride, passion and belief in OUR OWN LAND AND PEOPLE. The main parties are evidently quite happy to see Britain’s dole queue stretch way beyond three million, as they’re doing absolutely nothing to re-invigorate British Industry. At the same time, they’re allowing millions of foreigners to come to our country, which only serves to compound the unemployment problems.
 Regardless of the lies the media spread about us, the British National Party is very proud to stand up and speak on behalf of our fellow British patriots. We will continue to do so, come-what-may. We trust that YOU will have the courage to stand with us, in support of our people, our blood and our roots.

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings very soon.
 If you agree with us please get in touch.
 Yours sincerely,
 Mike Whitby
 Liverpool British National Party Organiser

Follow us on twitter – http://twitter.com/LiverpoolBNP

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