Teach preschool children to celebrate being gay...

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Teach preschool children to celebrate being gay...
« on: August 03, 2014, 08:57:56 PM »

New Stonewall chief Ruth Hunt: Teach preschool children to celebrate being gay...

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Re: Teach preschool children to celebrate being gay...
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2014, 09:29:30 PM »
Thanks to a friend in America.
Ask your children what they are being told - please, because we know that this is global educational policy.

You will not believe what children are being taught is NORMAL sexual behaviour.........................!!!!!

> Hi, you probably know about this organisation, Plannedparenthoodexposed.com,
> but then again you might have missed it, because the umbrella organisation
> Live Action is geared towards being pro life in the US. They have filmed
> lots
> of undercover films exposing Planned Parenthood, a state endorsed and
> funded
> organisation, for abuses such as covering up the pimping out of underage
> girls, offering abortions to cover up statutory rape, and for 'educating'
> girls posing as being only 15 into BDSM practices including asphyxiation.
> Obama endorses them: video after video have been produced of undercover
> stings and yet still very little if anything is done. This seems to me to
> be
> horrible evidence of systematic sexualisation and abuse of children and
> educating them to think that sex is closely connected with abusive
> practices
> such as inflicting pain, i.e., grooming the  children of the US in a
> systematic way.
 See their website, http://plannedparenthoodexposed.com/

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