Sample letter to your MP re our higher laws

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Sample letter to your MP re our higher laws
« on: August 13, 2014, 11:44:57 PM »
Can the group top and tail this to their own MP and send it and let me see any replies. Albert



Dear ======

I would like to bring to your attention three extremely important pieces of our major higher laws.

Magna Carta 1215 which is seen as what it is the bedrock of our rights and freedoms. Large parts of this contract between the King and the subject would appear to have been repealed by Parliament. I would most respectfully point out that a contract between the King and his subjects is a legally enforceable contract and article 61 lays down the legal route for enforcement. As a contract made directly between the King and his subjects this is beyond the reach of Parliament. Should Parliament alter this contract in any way they have imagined the death of the King as a fully Sovereign King whose Royal Prerogative can only be restrained by the Common Law and only in so far as the Kings Prerogative does not extend to any act which causes even one of his subjects harm.

The same legally sound argument extends to the 1689 Declaration of Rights a contract between William of Orange who on accepting its terms was offered the Crown as King William III along with Queen Mary. William III called a Parliament who passed this contract into law as the 1689 Bill of Rights which can never be amended or repealed in part or in whole. Because the Parliament which passed this Bill comprised the representatives summoned to Westminster as the representatives of the people and not as elected politicians, William co-opted them as his first Parliament as such the Bill was passed by the elected representatives of the people whose will is supreme over the King and Parliament.

The Coronation Oath is a fully legal oath by which the King swears to rule us justly in accordance with our Ancient Laws and Custom's as a direct result of the unlawful acts of Parliament Her Majesty has been forced to break her sworn oath to her subjects, Parliament has therefore imagined Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by passing legislation directly contrary to our Common and Constitutional Law and the Custom and Practice of England contrary to the Common Law of England and the 1351 Treason Act.

I require your views on this matter and your assurance that you will use your utmost endeavours to rectify this situation and to ensure that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the sole custodian of the Royal Prerogative and her position as the supreme governor of England is unchallenged.

Respectfully Submitted



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